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  1. Elba is simply a bit too old now. 10 years ago, sure.
  2. I agree with Trent about Russo. His themes are generic and dont go anywhere. The Picard one is actually shapeless. Ending on Jerry's theme feels forced.
  3. No. Not by a long shot. Boston Pops performances were filmed at times too.
  4. And those albums and many others is why he is missed.
  5. That looks like a 4am session where everyone is fucking drunk. That's when you start to shoot videos through a glass.
  6. Zis is how Austrians say goodbye! XXL It occurred to me that I have now heard Williams music performed in Het Concertgebouw, Boston Symphony Hall and the Muzikverein.
  7. The version on the Gerhardt rerecording is all you need!
  8. The producers of the 1997 SE simply didn't have access to the same material for ROTJ as the 1993 anthology. Its a pity. And the biggest reasons a redo of the Original Trilogy scores are long overdue. Still a landmark album though.
  9. Frau Mutter helped him of the conductors stand a bit near the end. But John looked fine.
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