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  1. I was baking during the concert. Of course i was wearing a suit, and thermo underwear. It was snowing!
  2. They were very strict during the concert. I got a few snaps after the encores.
  3. Nice! It was a wonderful weekend. Vienna is a beautiful city to stroll around in. And the concert was great. Williams looked great for an 87 year old.
  4. Why would you assume every musician would make the same mistake? Its not unusual for Williams to tinker with an arrangement for concert performance. I would the shortening of Luke and Leia more jarring.
  5. How about we all swing light sabers rhytmically when any Star Wars Music is being performed, Herr Shedenig?
  6. Spiner is ofcourse incorrect, since the season 7 episode Inheritance states that Data does age physically.
  7. I reckon it will be mostly Second Age stuff. Which is closest to GOT.
  8. Its less than 1,5 years and stop jinxing! Stefancos - checking www.dirkbrosse.com every hour
  9. I guess i was lucky. When i arrived at Schiphol my flight was delayed for an hour, and suddenly it wasn't.
  10. Its incredibly foggy. I literally couldn't see the ground until 20 seconds before landing. Oh yeah, and its cold!
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