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  1. The mudslinging in the British press continues.
  2. CBS All Acces makes Star Trek. And DSC and Picard are made by the same people
  3. I don't understand why the Federated created Androids aren't programmed with Asimov's Third Law like Data was?
  4. Roddenberry would have vetoed the casual racism by Federation members, or the androids killing. And the depictions of suicide!
  5. My sister showed me some of the texts she got. Men are pigs!
  6. Free sites like Badoo are a pain in the ass but workable if you put in the time and effort. The main problem is the women on their are naturally cautious or suspicious. Its hard to connect.
  7. I read he was here, so cool someone from JWfan got to interview him.
  8. Don't ever send money to a person you haven't actually met for real. Don't actually show them your junk through pictures or video before you have met them and before you know its appreciated and reciprocated. Don't blindly trust everything the person is telling you. Online dating is easy and safe if you stick to these principles.
  9. Always make sure you have a dick pic ready when needed! This is mine:
  10. The British Empire has been in decline for a hundred years now. There's no reason to assume this atrophy won't continue. Isolating themselves so they can "dictate" the terms for which they want to deal with the outside world and chose their own destiny can even be seen as noble. In today's world though? We'll see. Does Britain still have the actual clout, financially I mean, to compete with the world powers, including the one they just divorced? Again...we'll see.
  11. No, not at all as far as I know. He's moved on.
  12. And actress who was in the most successful film of all time, amongst others.
  13. Who says China has anything to do with this?
  14. Do you know that for sure Alex? Or are you just going by what the Governments and Big Pharma are telling you.
  15. Post-BREXIT sugar rush I assume. It will fade once Richard realises he's still just living in fucking Scotland.
  16. Honestly I'm glad it's all over and done with. The whole process has been to toxic and biased for the British amongst themselves to that the phrase "stiff upper lip" should be stricken from their vocabulary. I'm sad that it cost me a good mate who, as far as I'm aware couldn't deal with the fact that I saw things differently on the subject of BREXIT. Oh well. Brave new world and all that.
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