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  1. Did Demi Roussous wail on the blade Runner score?
  2. No the MCU wasn't quite in the public consciousness yet when the JJ movies were made. They just wanted to have a successful big budget sci-fi franchises.
  3. Look beyond that veneer and Black Panther does try and say a few things which have meaning. Also, its a big budget film with a predominantly black cast, dealing with a political subject and it made a huge amount of money. I would say its significant.
  4. After 3,5 years it's kind about time. Typical British though, much ado about nothing.
  5. I don't mean "show us more under a black-light"!
  6. We have no reason to assume this wont look and sound stellar. They're no LLL, but Deutsche Grammophon probably know what theyre doing.
  7. Game Of Throne made bad language cool in Peak TV.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/BBCNWT/status/1222938403320320001 One day before BREXIT!
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