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  1. Like how Shatner suddenly swore in Star Trek 4 and 5? Cool!
  2. In season 1 of TNG Picard says "merde" a few times.
  3. Information shared on a need to know basis, in a para-military situation? Really?
  4. She's not keeping a secret, she basically has no intention of sharing her plan with a hot head Leia just demoted.
  5. No, she's there so Poe can experience conflict and grow as a person.
  6. More people will die from these! And from 5G.
  7. It has cool action Picard who shoots members of his own crew! He reminds me of the Batfleck!
  8. First Contact is the one thats really good, and perfectly watchable for the average public. The other 3 are glorified TV eps.
  9. I'm sure Alan Moore disagrees.
  10. The structure of Tolkien's chapters are one reason why it was considered unfilmable for decades. I can't blame PJ for restructuring that. Imagine an hour of straight Ent scenes?
  11. As a rejection of modern, wasteful and pollutive society!
  12. Deaths are barely above average of a regular flu season!
  13. That's what stops it from being a near perfect album. Still better than the subsequent two though.
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