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  1. Just saw that film last night. Yoda is very cool in TESB, almost as cool as in AOTC. Stefancos- who hopes the new version of TESB will have Yoda wielding a lightsabrer.
  2. This thread is nice.....FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!! Stefancos- saddened that they cancelled NBC Europe. :cry:
  3. Well, the ones I have were taken from the asian laserdiscs, they have several asian subs, and english. Dutch sounds like English? Hmmm...├žan't imagine that myself. Stefancos- who thinks german is a more "throaty" version of Dutch, with overpronounced R's and G's, not to mention redundant letters.
  4. Yeah....right. It's certianly a very romantic theme, more romantic then Leia in ANH. And is Luke and Leia a love theme, not romantic love, but still. Stefancos- who wonders if that sad music from TESB, when Chewie is puttinng 3PO back together, is a love theme...gotta be open minded.
  5. I got mine from eBay.nl. took a bit of searching. eBay.com or eBay.de are much bigger, so i'm sure it will be easier to find them there. Stefancos- who tried eBay.de, but gave up. (who ever said German and Dutch were the same is an idiot) :?
  6. ...it's no longer my problem. after months of looking i finally recieved a great set of DVD bootlegs of the pre 97 versions, great picture, great sound. Contrary to expectations I can now die a happy man. Stefancos- who will now watch TESB, without Luke screaming like a girl when jumping in the deep. 8)
  7. According to Lucas and Williams himself, the Love Theme from AOTC is the first love theme in the Star Wars saga. However, for many years Han Solo & The Princess has been labeled as such. What do you think? Stefancos- who thinks williams and Lucas are wrong.
  8. NOOOOOOO!!!!! :evil: :twisted: :x Stefancos- testing angry/sad type emoticons.
  9. I personally like that a lot. Testing colors Testing colors Testing colors Testing colors Testing colors Testing colors Testing colors Stefancos- testing the waters. 8)
  10. And we now have a DELETE button!!!! Stefancos- I....Really....Like....That!!!
  11. Finally Alan can feel himself at home again. Stefancos- who's starting to like this place.
  12. Well, it's not a radical a change as last time, i kinda like the colorscheme. I'll probably have to start posting like wildfire, so that Harry Potter won't be able to beat me....oh wait, i don't care for such trivial things any more. 8) Oh yes, i like John Williams (just wanna start of on topic) Stefancos- who hopes this will be the last move for a long time.
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