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  1. It's not unusual to conduct without a score. If I remember right, Karajan was the first to conduct "from the brain" and some other conductor then said, that now because of Karajan everyone has to do so, but I don't remember who it said, maybe Bernstein. I recently attended a concert conducted by Roger Norrington. He also conducted Beethoven's 2nd Piano Concerto and Brahms' second Serenade without a Score.
  2. I took the second option. The problem is, that one can not compare Bach and Williams (or Mozart and Williams, or Beethoven and Williams, or...) Personally, I love many of Bach´s works, and many of Williams´ works. But they lived in different times with different background. Williams is writing music for film, Bach wrote mainly Church music. I guess every century has it´s great composers and for me, Williams is one of the best of the 20th/21st century, along with Copland, Mahler, Strauss, Takemitsu and others. Btw, did anyone notice that Bach has not scored a single major blockbuster?
  3. With joe and the likes arround, i dont think it would be a pleasant visit anyway... I just asked myself something similar. What would JW think reading all the posts? Male Poll: Circumcision? (JW: "Hm, let me have a quick look...") Poll: Do you prefer ESB or food? ("Good question...") Poll: Favourite "Star Trek" Theme? ("So GL also edited the title, not only my AOTC battle music...") Scoring King Kong - Web Diary up now ("Web Diary up now? I didn´t compose a single note at the moment...") Will JW score Stone´s 9/11-project? ("So, that´s why Oliver is not picking up the phone...") What is the last score you listened to? ("Hm... I guess ESB while having food delivered to the Boston Concert Hall...") Would you buy WOTW DVD or Memoirs CD? ("I guess I will get both for free..., I can spend my money for the new Zimmer CD ) to be continued...
  4. No, I´m sorry, but it´s five years since I´ve been to the Netherlands...
  5. Ask him why Howard Shore has been replaced by JNH. (and if he hopes to be quoted when the TRex attacks King Kong...)
  6. I voted for BOTFJ as this is the score that lead me into "soundtrack business". When hearing this melancolic trumpet tune in cinema I was fascinated and bought the CD some days later. One of my first CDs in general... Some days/weeks later a friend of mine gave me copies (on tape!!) of the Star Wars soundtrack... After listening to it for days (or weeks?) I bought the 2 LP-set and realized that both soundtracks are Williams! Just at the moment, sitting at the computer I asked myself: "How old have I been, as BOTFJ came out." I checked that, and guess: I´ve been 15 years. Now I´m 30. So, at the moment, I spend half of my life with Williams, isn´t that interesting... BTW, some days ago I thought about times without Internet (yes, I can remember)... Times, where I thought, that I´m the only one buying JW soundtracks (except Star Wars)... Times, where Williams had no face... (I guess the first photo I saw is on the ESB/Gerhardt recording) Times, where I had no clue - which scores Williams already did - which scores he was just doing (I always had an eye on movie posters and teasers and had to search the hole soundtrack section in stores...)
  7. The regular price is alomost $60 for 3 CDs and a single DVD... :?
  8. Anyone ever seen this? The price is outrageous, but I would be interested in the movies. I guess it´s usual stuff available on the internet and someone is trying to make money out of Williams. -Alawill
  9. I´m not sure if someone allready posted some information about the DVD movies, but if not, here we go: As I just got the CD and Bonus DVD, I took a quick look at the DVD... I haven´t watched the whole DVD, but have been browsing through the movies. The beginning is really good. Ian McDiarmid beeing filmed at the recording studios of Abbey Road, London talking about "we are here at the abbey - blablabla - where in a few minutes musicians will come in -blablabla - and record the music - blablabla..." I thought "Oh, good, let´s bring in the musicans, plus John Williams conducting and recording all the stuff...", but: NO WAY As far as I´ve seen it now, all the 16 tracks are just movie cuts from the films with music. As far as I´ve seen, there is only one or two (no so good) pictures of JW, that´s it. At least the pictures of JW are not as bad as in the booklet... :roll: -Alawill
  10. Just for your information: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...me=STRK:MEWA:IT Pressed Hook 3-CD-set sold for US$ 306,00 (!!!) That´s insane... -Alawill
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