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  1. That theory does not stand because the SW prequels have boots and no efforts whatsoever to release them. i just think they release what they can
  2. Williams probably vetoed the narration free version of the opening and closing tracks
  3. superstructure chase is a useless track anyways
  4. several reviews say you don't need to do the gacha stuff to complete the single player mission and never felt tempted to do so and it's VERY optional only to unlock characters that give non essential boosts .There's no roadblocks to completing the story behind something you have to pay. I downloaded it so we'll see. I remember Mass Effect Andromeda had these optional multiplayer loot boxes but it didn't affect the single player story at all
  5. yes, one of the cues that should be in the thread "music you wished Williams done differently". I remember thinking it was lame the first time I saw the movie
  6. Genshin Impact. This looks like a fantastic open world JRPG with BotW style graphics. It's free to play but apparently you don't need to spend a dime to complete it or feeling like your missing out on anything . It's a single player game with optional multi player not an MMO .Glowing reviews. Might play this next or after Ashen.
  7. I have Bastion on my Playstation but haven't played it yet after I finish Borderlands 3 I'll play all these lesser known games I bought from PSN
  8. Call of the Champions comes to mind. Sounds like the microphones were in another room or something. any others?
  9. I bet Williams never heard this obscure piece of music. I believe the inspiration for the JP theme is Beethoven's 6th symphony , in the passage below. It's not a direct copy, but the structure is very similar and you can almost hear the pastoral JP theme in there. Curiously that's the piece Williams recommended in an inteview with Dudamel after he played the JP theme
  10. no I bought it last year 8gb ram, 128gb ssd
  11. Every major computer problems i've had were caused by antivirus software
  12. I've just had a major problem with the latest update of Avast Free. Caused a memory leak and RAM memory usage on my PC would go from 50% to 100% within a few hours and freeze. It also used 25% of my CPU by itself. Reverted to Windows Security for now (memory usage on my PC now stable at 29% and CPU at 0% with no programs open). I've had issues with AVG in the past so I dunno Is windows security ok to keep?
  13. they had slaves any reference to the romans should be erased from history books and all roman statues destroyed
  14. And he didn't have time to score Ready Player One I would have liked a full concert version of Rose's Theme, Sophie's Theme and Tintin's Heroic Theme . I don't especially like the Main Titles to Tintin either . BFG should have been less restrained in general.
  15. nice to see they prioritize this over the sequel scores And I'm sure the 3 c.d set of Rogue One will be out 10 years before expanded editions of Williams scores
  16. I'm mostly concerned about the next Elder Scrolls, but all these Bethesda games take about a year's worth of patches before being playable so by that time I'll be on the PS5 Plus there might be a general gaming outrage if the next Fallout and Elder Scrolls is exclusive to the xbox
  17. Ancestral Home 5 stars Rest of the score 3 stars Will get expanded when I need to order something else
  18. I got this Alien. Closest to the actual film costume so far.awesome
  19. I used to like Kotaku, but lately all their articles and reviews are too infused with woke elements like trashing a remaster of a 10 year old game because the character creation tool doesn't have enough skin color options . Like they literally spend\t half the review on that point alone. Or if a new game doesn't have characters from every minority group it's the first thing they'll bring up to decide if the game is good or bad. And if there ARE minority group characters, then there's something wrong with the way they're portrayed.
  20. I dunno, sometimes it's " Game director who said mildly sexist comments in the presence of female employees.." that become the headline "Game director who sexually assaulted several female employee..."
  21. I notice a lot of game reviews for the past year or so on Kotaku are tainted by the reviewer saying " I can't enjoy the game because some guy on the production team's view on this or that social issue is opposite to mine"
  22. The problem is this. Articles starting with a big headline stating that she is Transphobic and evil as an immutable fact with no regards of what she actually said. People only read headlines right? https://kotaku.com/transphobic-creator-j-k-rowling-not-involved-in-new-ha-1845094502
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