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  1. Nobody has mentioned Dear Baskettball yet. was it narration free? How about TROS, was it the same as the OST or a new revised version?
  2. One of Williams most beautiful themes of all time. This seems just like the OST track played slower. I wonder if JW made some tweaks for the upcoming June 23 performance
  3. yeah all instrumental Thomas and the King. I can hear some great underscore yearning to be heard properly. It's full of regal sounding music with sparkling orchestrations.
  4. if the underscore was recorded separately from the lyrics I'd love an underscore album only
  5. Hector J Guzzman? Yes it sounds better than the other ones. Too bad there's a girl talking to someone in the beginning. Maybe someone can make a patchwork version using all the videos to minimise ambient noise and people talking
  6. I figured out why I can;t get into Eiger Sanction. Too much harpsichord, then you get a few tracks played with Saxophone and even accordion. A lot of my unwanted instruments
  7. I need better sound quality to fully judge Overture but ObiWan sounds more like a classic Williams theme I won't get tired of hearing
  8. There's just no real reason to do a studio recording as it was an event specific piece.Or to even perform it again and there was no radio broadcast
  9. I like it! Too bad we'll never hear it in good sound quality. A lot of these Hollywood Bowl /Tanglewood special concert versions survive only in crap quality bootleg form, and I can predict this will be one of them. Hopefully a few people made videos and we'll get a slightly better sounding one to pick from
  10. This one shall remain in bootleg cell phone quality for decades at least
  11. Just watched Obi wan Well the first episode started off promising but the second episode was one of the worst TV episodes I've ever seen. Not sure how they can redeem this. And I liked both Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett series.
  12. 1-Galaxy's Edge .One of my favorite JW compositions not just SW 2-Obi Wan .Sweeping and epic. Sounds fantastic 3-Adventures of Han . Still very good but more middle of the road SW piece
  13. It has a sweeping melodic string passage starting at .40, then a cool secondary motif in the middle , then a beautiful horn section at 2.50 and then a kick ass epic full brass finale. What more do you want in 4 minutes
  14. Agreed .The first episode started off on the right foot because they used Williams theme a lot. But the score to the second episode was so noticeably bad that it sucked the life out of the episode. It didn't remotely sound like Star Wars and felt like I was watching some low budget cop show. The scores to Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett weren't great , but not noticeably bad either and even some moments where they were pretty good. I'm beginning to understand why they got Williams on board to salvage things a bit at the last minute
  15. yeah I really hope there's somekind of professional recording they'll show. It's a shame only having these cell phone recordings
  16. THIS You all realise he's freaking 90 right. We're all happy he's working on Indy 5 right now , but we could also visit this site tomorrow and find out he passed away. ObiWan is a perfectly good theme that has it's place in any SW theme compilation.
  17. Williams original version has a lot more impact. Same can be said of the Solo theme
  18. I don't really get some of the comments in this thread . I think it's really good and I rank it pretty high in his SW concert pieces overall. Sounds like classic Williams and it's a lot better than I expected . And why do people keep bringing up those vague similitudes to the Spiderman 4 theme which obviously Williams knows nothing about.
  19. I got my copy I kind of envy those who are hearing this for the first time
  20. hey the "ostinato" part in the ending is different in the single and the live version so there's already a "revised" version with alternate ending
  21. Harrison ford almost looks older than JW
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