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  1. I don't remember her ever mentioning or praising JW's music in an interview. So I'm guessing he wasn't her first choice
  2. Another John Williams racist score! I hope he finishes recording it before the Washington Post tries to cancels him for cultural appropriation.
  3. I hope it sounds more like his film music than his concertos
  4. weird I dont remember this. K.M,Who bets Jay will find a thread where I commented on it
  5. I remember the score in the cinema was really mixed loud, contrary to what some say. Check out The Computer Room and In Orbit in these clips
  6. Ok I finally listened to this release attentively, some thoughts: 1)Sounds fantastic. The sound quality upgrade is enough to buy this release 2)My favorite unreleased cue is Jinx Commits which I think it hauntingly beautiful. It's the prefect extension to The Computer Room reprising the theme. I don't remember the movie well but I suppose it scores the scene where Jinx reprograms the computer to launch the shuttle during the simulation. There's an ominous tone to the music that says "well intended robot makes catastrophic mistake" . 3)The Arrival at Daedalus cue should have been separate and the added material at the end a different track. 4)Track 12-16 are still a boring stretch to listen to
  7. I kind of agree with that. I'm a bit pissed off the "ultimate" box set we bought 5 years ago is already surpassed by a better version. The fact they say "improved" might be annoying enough to buy it again even If I don't feel like it .Superman might have been warranted but they had the material to make JP the final version 5 years ago. what's next , each Harry Potter scores released individually with music they didn't include in the box set? Also it "wastes" one of the anticipated Williams releases this year. Patriot? no...just an "improved" JP I feel forced to buy because of collector OCD Also, with all this we still don't have proper releases of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones scores, making things extra frustrating
  8. more importantly, they passed away before the Prequel scores got expanded (might happen to me) it's funny when this thread started I was hoping Williams wouldn't die before recording Episode 3 Now will he make it to record the new 2028 Los Angeles Olympic theme?
  9. I can't wait for this Jacob Ceelaster score
  10. Nobody has mentioned Dear Baskettball yet. was it narration free? How about TROS, was it the same as the OST or a new revised version?
  11. One of Williams most beautiful themes of all time. This seems just like the OST track played slower. I wonder if JW made some tweaks for the upcoming June 23 performance
  12. yeah all instrumental Thomas and the King. I can hear some great underscore yearning to be heard properly. It's full of regal sounding music with sparkling orchestrations.
  13. if the underscore was recorded separately from the lyrics I'd love an underscore album only
  14. Hector J Guzzman? Yes it sounds better than the other ones. Too bad there's a girl talking to someone in the beginning. Maybe someone can make a patchwork version using all the videos to minimise ambient noise and people talking
  15. I figured out why I can;t get into Eiger Sanction. Too much harpsichord, then you get a few tracks played with Saxophone and even accordion. A lot of my unwanted instruments
  16. I need better sound quality to fully judge Overture but ObiWan sounds more like a classic Williams theme I won't get tired of hearing
  17. There's just no real reason to do a studio recording as it was an event specific piece.Or to even perform it again and there was no radio broadcast
  18. I like it! Too bad we'll never hear it in good sound quality. A lot of these Hollywood Bowl /Tanglewood special concert versions survive only in crap quality bootleg form, and I can predict this will be one of them. Hopefully a few people made videos and we'll get a slightly better sounding one to pick from
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