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  1. So where can we classify this as a Williams piece? Playing next to Happy Birthday Variations?
  2. yeah SAE replied to me they'd send one but they have to get it from Intrada. I'll let them that care of it , they were very nice about it. This might be an underlying issue affecting many c.d.'s since my scratches aren't very big and SHOULD have played anyways
  3. My PC is brand new and I ripped old and badly scratched c.d.'s fine I dug out my old Windows 7 PC and it seems to have ripped it correctly but that doesn't reassure me fully as I don't think my new PC's disk drive is broken. I'll try ripping different c.d.'s with my new PC to see if the drive rips them properly. If it does it means the WotW c.d. is iffy and can work sometimes or sometimes not.
  4. Error Correction reduced the amount of skips but there are still a lot. Why would it only be this c.d. of all the expanded editions we got? If your c.d. is pristine and skipping I think there's a more serious manufacturing issue with this disk. Disk drives normally work, why would it be the drive's fault all of a sudden
  5. I tried ripping it twice on my PC and the last 6 tracks skip badly. I don't care if it works on a c.d. player that only reads c.d.'s and can't rip them I 'm not sure why is anyone saying it's my fault I'm trying again using Error Correction
  6. no. My PC can't rip the tracks . I have older c.d.'s that look a lot worst that rip correctly so it's not a normal scratch. More like little pits in the plastic
  7. Actually my Dr Martens winter boots are an exception to my curse. I've had mine for 8 years and still going strong. Best boots I ever owned but if I replace them one day I'll check where they were made (but my current ones are from China!)
  8. I think it's becoming a curse for me. Almost exerything I bought in the past 2 years had a defect and I had to ask for a replacement: Sony XBR TV: Had a bent frame and light was leaking on the edge of the screen HP Desktop computer: Was missing accessories in the factory sealed box! Sony PS4 Pro: Shut down by itself a few times while playing games and had to exchange it in the initial 30 days period. Apple ipod touch : Apple store replaced twice because of battery problems Pioneer receiver: Speaker set up microphone wasn't working C.D's Scratches on Potter set and WotW Action figures : Gentle Giant Darth Vader figure replaced 2 times had broken part Hot Toys Stormtrooper had paint glitch unacceptable at that price point. Neca Aien figure :Crooked and badly moulded lower jaw. When I predicted my WotW copy would skip it was because of my curse. I now dread every new purchase.
  9. Just make sure because the scratches on mine are small but the c.d. is skipping (badly) . The disk drive paused for several seconds and had trouble reading it. Used a soft cloth to clean it but doesn't go away
  10. The over the counter stuff doesn't work very well and using it too frequently can lead to sensitivity
  11. Yup my c.d. 1 has scratches. Not as bad as the one pictured before but in the same general area. I ripped it and there is bad skipping in the last few tracks. Of course I knew 100% this was going to happen as soon as there was reports of some defective disks. I asked SAE for a replacement we'll see what they say.
  12. That site looks a bit shady and it seems good for US only too Why isn't anyone else playing Genshin Impact? It's one of the best games ever . There is no real pay wall after all since you can't buy the materials to upgrade your characters and weapons. People complain it's difficult to upgrade characters after all the contents is finished but It's more like a level cap preventing you to get too powerful before the next regions are added .Like Bordelands expands level cap after a DLC is out
  13. But you'll ruin it. Needs to be played on a big TV
  14. Genshin Impact is really amazing on all levels and really sets the new standards for JRPG's .I've been playing a week and still have loads of stuff to do. I'm not feeling at all I'm playing some FTP game but something I might have paid 80$ for. The only game that looked the closest and almost as beautiful was Dragon Quest XI but the world in that game was really empty and full of invisible walls and you could only interact with specific things. Tales of Zestiria also had a similar look but also very limited in what you can do. Most other JRPG's have small "corridor areas" that look pretty but all the scenery is just decoration where you can't go. Still no use for the Gacha system and I have more than enough characters and weapons and no need for more. I'm a bit worried for those that are late to the party and the launch freebees go away though. You really need one of the healers that are available now with no hassle. Barbara is still free if you reach Adventure Level 20 before mid November before the next update There's one free character you get at the end of a dungeon but it was really HARD so this game requires some skill. My plan is to do all the available contents then wait for the next regions to be accessible
  15. Depends of how fussy you are about your collectibles. Some people have a lower tolerance for defects like this. If you don't care fine but I do. "As long as you can rip it" doesn't fly with me I asked for replacements of 1 disk of the JP set and one of the HP set
  16. hmm, no, A scratch like the one in the picture you have to ask a replacement disk
  17. Finally! My ultimate recordings of these 3 pieces! I'll cherish them forever We need an entire c.d. of this
  18. oh no. That's unacceptable. I have very bad luck with these things so 100% chance mine will have the scratch
  19. After playing Genshin Impact for a while I can see where the roadblocks are. It's NOT the Gacha system because getting several extra characters is basically useless. There is only enough resources in the game right now to upgrade ONE or TWO characters (and their weapons and accessories) which will be your main damage dealers. The other ones are only there to inflict status effects and elemental synergy. I have 2 extra characters outside of my main party and they will be benched permanently. And all the good weapons can be acquired in game . So DO NOT waste your resources pulling the Gacha lever EXCEPT the one pull (using the registration gifts) that guarantees Noelle the Healer (for now) . You'll need those gems (used both to pull the Gacha lever and buy upgrade materials) for the characters you already have. Upgrade the MAIN character first, it's the only one you can fully upgrade without excessive grinding, THEN you can focus on your second favorite/most useful one. Upgrade the free 4 star sword that comes with the PS4 edition, it's better than the other ones you can get in game
  20. I'm not going to. The odds of getting something you specifically want though Gacha is pretty low. But for anyone interested I'd download the game now and get that free guaranteed healer because it looks like the window for that is over in 4 days. You get free token for registering for the game now since it's new and they want to lure people in and you can use them for that. Or your going to be cooking food a lot. The first few hours were a lot harder without a healer
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