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  1. Update on ripping:


    1-Current new computer :Last few tracks unrippable, skips like crazy.

    2-Old Window 7 computer :Seemed to have ripped correctly but I haven't listened to all of it.

    3-Other computer I found in another closet :  Did a better job than computer 1 but I heard some skips.


    So 2 out of  my 3 working CD rom drives rip it with skips , now making it official the c.d. is defective.

  2. 5 hours ago, Bayesian said:

    That’s bad luck, to be sure. Sorry to hear it.😟 Given the number of people reporting the issue, you’ll unlikely to have any problem getting SAE to replace it. maybe you’ll get faster service by emailing Intrada instead, since that’s where SAE is getting their supply.

     yeah SAE replied to me they'd send one but they have to get it from Intrada. I'll let them that care of it , they were very nice about it.


    This might be an underlying issue affecting  many c.d.'s since my scratches aren't very big and SHOULD have played anyways

  3. My PC is brand new and I ripped old and badly scratched c.d.'s fine


    I dug out my old Windows 7 PC and it seems to have ripped it correctly but that doesn't reassure me fully as I don't think my new PC's disk drive is broken. 


    I'll try ripping different c.d.'s with my new PC to see if the drive rips them properly. If it does it means the WotW c.d. is iffy and can work sometimes or sometimes not.

  4. Error Correction reduced the amount of skips but there are still a lot.

    11 minutes ago, Spider-Fal said:

    It's not your fault, its your drive's ;)


    Thats pretty much what happened to me, and the CD is pristine.


    Why would it only be this c.d. of all the expanded editions we got?  If your c.d. is pristine and skipping I think there's a more serious manufacturing issue with this disk.


    Disk drives normally work, why would it be the drive's fault all of a sudden 

  5. I think it's becoming a curse for me. Almost exerything I bought in the past 2 years  had a defect and I had to ask for a replacement:


    Sony XBR TV:  Had a bent frame and light was leaking on the edge of the screen

    HP Desktop computer: Was missing accessories in the factory sealed box!

    Sony PS4 Pro: Shut down by itself a few times while playing games and had to exchange it in the initial 30 days period.

    Apple ipod touch : Apple store replaced twice because of battery problems

    Pioneer receiver:  Speaker set up microphone wasn't working

    C.D's Scratches on  Potter set and WotW

    Action figures :

    Gentle Giant Darth Vader figure replaced 2 times had broken part

    Hot Toys Stormtrooper had paint glitch unacceptable at that price point.

    Neca Aien figure :Crooked and badly moulded lower jaw.


    When I predicted my WotW copy would skip it was because of  my curse.

    I now dread every new  purchase.


  6. That site looks a bit shady and it seems good for US only too


    Why isn't anyone else playing Genshin Impact? It's one of the best games ever . There is no real pay wall after all since you can't buy the materials to upgrade your characters and weapons. People complain it's difficult to upgrade characters after all the contents is finished but It's more like a level cap preventing you to get too powerful before the next regions are added .Like Bordelands expands level cap after a DLC is out

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