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  1. You guessed it,I am Darth Williams,and the dark side is with me.I have been secretly planning to take over this board for years now. K.M.Sith lord of the separatist Williams movement. P.S.Chris,PLEASE change that avatar,I really do look evil there.
  2. I don't know,if they release an UE as heard in the film I'd skip it this time around.I mean,whatever unreleased music came before the end battle didn't seem all that entralling or drew my attention in any way,mostly short cues for dialogue scenes(do you REALLY want the music for Corde's death?or whatever was playing when Padme and Anakin speak in front of a log fire or are eating a pear...)...and if we get the end battle tracked from TPM,then what's the point.I think we probably got the best of whatever Williams wrote on an already pretty long 1 c.d. release,and as for the end battle,maybe in 20 years we'll know what he intended really. On the TPM UE,we at least had tons of GREAT unreleased cues that were OBVIOUS upon a FIRST viewing of the movie. -Fighting the Destroyer Droids -Trade Federation landing -Escort of the Queen -Entering the Hangar -The Pod Roars to life -Midichlorian count -Watto's roll of the dice -Talk of pod Racing -Hail to the Winner,Anakin Skywalker -Anakin is Fee -Desert Duel -The Senate -all the funky tatooine source music -The Tide Turns and that's only on top of my head.......and why I wanted SO much for Sony to release a TPM 2 c.d. set. ANYBODY heard anything as striking or interesting as these or blatantly missing from the c.d. while watching AOTC?????(I'm talking about whatever unreleased music before the end battle of course) K.M.
  3. I think anything said in this thread is purespeculation.To me,Indy 4 will never happen..and Amidala won't be in ROTJ. K.M.
  4. King Mark


    I never appreciated the score THAT much with the single c.d. initial release(you could say I'm saying something a less harsh than JoeinAr).There were so many condensed themes that it was more confusing than anything else. With the double c.d. boot and DVD extracts ot the ultimate war,I changed my mind completely.The themes now seem to breathe more,are more developped,and now I do love the score.It's a bit like the original E.T. c.d. compared to the new more complete one which I MUCH prefer.The same applies to the score to Indiana Jones and Last Crusade. Hook the movie..it not very good,and i saw it a few times over the years K.M.
  5. I bashed it,sorry. When I saw it 2 days ago I was VERY sick for reasons I will spare you of on this board(no Stefancos,I wasn't on "drugs" or drunk).... I saw it again today in a clear state of mind,paid attention and...... IT'S A VERY GOOD MOVIE(Well except with the obvious hack of the score)I still maintain that Hayden Christenson wasn't very good as Anakin in some of the scenes though not that bad overall, some of the editing a bit choppy,and some visuals overwhelming in the end battle. I might not go see it as often as TPM....mayby once more in a few weeks. As for the music edits ,the FSM article sums it up,but in THX,I found the sound mix of the music louder than it was in TPM,so not AS bad as TPM.I'm still pretty sure that Yoda's theme poping up in the conveyor belt sequence(???) is tracked from ESB. K.M.Who now figured out that Obi wan had put a tracking device on the Slave One to lead him to Geneosis. End of Review. K.M.Felling better now.
  6. "Williams works by himself. You give him a film and he takes it and delivers the final product. He doesn't like interaction and says he knows what the film needs. I don't work that way, I need more collaboration. Luckily what he came up with was good, but I can't work with someone like that again." From his mouth, to mine to yours... If that is true,then that would give Lucas the right to do anything with whatever competed score Williams wrote if he didn't like parts of it... K.M.Now a bit confused.
  7. Of course Stefan is joking It's a old inside joke since there was this huge debate a while back wether Augie's Municipal Band in TPM was really the Emperor's theme played fast. k.m.
  8. Names for things seem to come after.In ANH,Star Destroyers are called "Crusers",and the Death Star a "Space Station".In Esb,they never mention the name AT-AT. K.M.
  9. Is there a cooler scene with Vader than when he just instantly neutralises the usually elusive and clever Han Solo on Cloud City with a few effortless gestures. K.M.Who loves that scene.
  10. Why does on every c.d. release,people start to hear deafening background noise or hiss or whatever....there was the same complaint about A.I. The sound on AOTC is fine,and I have quite good headphones. K.M.
  11. Well,Dooku will be back it seems.I hadn't read the whole script andthought Yod wouldhave finished him off in EP2. K.M.
  12. I eat nothing but europeean dark chocolate with a concentration of 70% or more of pure cocoa. K.M.Who thinks he might get heart problems if he eats too much of that.
  13. I like him a lot,but I think he should stick to adventure,fantasy or sci-fi films.I didn't like such of his films as Amistad or SPR for example. K.M.
  14. I would like him to expand on old themes while introducing new ones,just like he does for every sequel he scores. K.M.
  15. I listen to a lot of Williams in the car,with my Diet Coke bottle besides me(I have truckloads of Williams Minidisks in the car),but when I listen at home,ehhh...I don't think I,ll answer this. At the movies,I drink Diet Coke also,The HUGE one,no ice ,and ask for a refill too..of course I often miss parts of the movie due to an overfilled bladder.I also order Nachos with double cheese sauce and salsa and those peppers too. K.M.Who can go through 4 or 5 liters of Diet Coke a day and buys it in bulk at Costco.
  16. I must have missed some news...is it confirmed Williams is dooing Potter 2 K.M.Asking a stupid question.
  17. 1-John Williams 2-Jerry Goldsmith 3-John Barry 4-James Horner 5-David Arnold 6-Bruce Broughton 7-Alan Silvestri. 8-DannyElman 9-Ennio Morricone 10-? K.M.Who mostly has almost all Williams albums and boots,lots of Goldsmith,some Horner and a few Barry...the rest is a mixed bag which I don't listen to often.
  18. I must have been a bit spaced out when I saw the movie. K.M.
  19. Stefancos- who wonders if anyone heard The Emperor's theme in Yoda and the Younglings. I'm sure Roald does!
  20. For the umpteen time I've answered the question,it was an LP of the Zubin Metah suite of Star Wars and Close Encounters.It was a gift.The first soundtrack I bought myself is the cassette of the TESB score. K.M.
  21. Acctually in the end conversation between Dooko and Sidious I believe Sidious calls Dooko "Lord Tyranous" Justin - I was specically looking for that ,but I do believe my ears that he said,"Well done,Dooku" K.M.
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