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  1. The stuff that annoys me is the "messy bootlegs" like War of the Worlds where I had 4 different downloads with various track names and some incomplete and all lossy in various quality. -Kept : HPSS Schindler's Hook Laserdisk rip of E.T. -Discarted: WotW(except Pullback shot 2) Minority Report Far and Away CoS Black Sunday Family Plot Cowboys -Wish List to Delete: SW Prequel edits Witches of Eastwick Born on the Fourth of July Last Crusade -Could live with no expansion because boot is good enough Crystal Skull War Horse Last Jedi Edit with Iso Score Rip I'm not counting the releases that had FYC's with extra music likeTintin, Rise of Skywalker because it's only bonus tracks to the OST's
  2. Well , I did need a healer character that wasn't in the story progression, and I did have to use the Gacha but for free using the bonus rewards they give you . and i also unlocked one of the strongest characters in the game the same way. Basically I have enough characters in various roles to level up for the rest of the game, which is 6 right now. It's a bit like Black Desert where I got so much free stuff just logging in
  3. Michael Giacchino. I'm not knocking him. He has some great moments but I never considered him in the leaguer of Williams, Horner, Goldsmith...
  4. I listened to it once and it sounds fantastic but In couldn't figure out the unreleased music that's not on the OST and the Sessions. Is there a notable cue I should have noticed?
  5. Check it out it's free! Played a bit more...seems like a lot of fun and a lot of things to master. Combat seems very interesting and complex . World is gorgeous and character conversations like a real JRPG. It's the kind of game I feel immediately drawn into I have to watch a few YT videos to avoid making mistakes that will waste resources and stuff and getting myself stuck or screw up progression
  6. Last Crusade is annoying because we have that bad sounding bootleg for the unreleased cues that's begging for the recycle bin
  7. For me it's the damn Star Wars Prequels. I have a huge folder (copied to multiple hard drive) containing rips from various videogame scores, confusing spreadsheets telling me where the music goes, various fan edits most still containing jarring blu ray rips for the missing bits, and my own edits in varying quality that never seem quite finished. Can't wait for the proper release to put all those untidy files in the recycle bin then wipe them permanently
  8. I kind of liked the Pull Back Shot # 2 from the sessions isolated instead of Closing Montage, but there's a silence in the cue so I guess you could edit it out if you want. K.M. Who had deleted the sessions but dug out a old hard drive to check again
  9. So if I make a playlist of just disk 1 and the alternates on disk 2 , do I get all the music? Is there music exclusive to the OST presentation? and there's absolutely no music on the recording sessions leaks that's not on this set?
  10. Genshin Impact You can only navigate in game menus with the left stick .Weird. For a few minutes I couldn't do anything and wondering if it was a bug Attack = O . whaa? Can't re-map buttons in game. Did a bit of remapping in console settings so square = attack, O = dodge/sprint and right bumper = interact. I remember i had to do this in Outward which had a weird control scheme too. I hope there's no intricate combos , QTE's or prompts in the game using those buttons that will screw me up. So far the game looks really good and like a single player JRPG
  11. I'll start it tonight and find out for myself and report my progress. Keep in mind I tried a MMO (Black Desert) and didn't like it because you just do random useless and boring stuff , but apparently Genshin Impact plays like a single player game and the gameplay and story is actually good.
  12. yes, but if the game ends when you run out of quests, you stop playing until the next update and more quests and areas are available? What the reviews are saying is that you don't need to grind bosses "post game" until they add more contents .The 3 locked regions won't open up if you grind your characters anyways. Games like Borderlands 3 aren't much better. I grinded all the best weapons in the base game but the ones that could top them are locked behind DLC's that cost 20$ each..so I just stopped playing
  13. Resident evil is one of the few game franchises I never played. Deciding between Ashen and Genshin Impact now. Maybe I'll get the shorter Ashen out of the way first.
  14. Borderlands 3: Finished grinding guns at Mayhem 10 and can finish trials at that level. 126 hours total playtime. Time to move on.
  15. I finished Borderlands 3 but grinding post games for guns and mayhem challenges are kind of fun.
  16. Nioh 2 is 50% off on PSN...might go for it
  17. I love Horner but I don't like his new agey 90's period. Titanic, Apollo 13, Braveheart are all on the bottom for me
  18. for me the time between Jurassic Park and Phantom Menace was like a walk through the desert
  19. 1994-1999 is the only period I almost lost faith in Williams
  20. for me it ranks slightly higher than Minority Report , which I haven't warmed up to despite the expansion. Saw the film once, don't remember it too much
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