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  1. you mean the 1 minute edited down version. I want this concert version he just conducted
  2. Amazing. Can't wait to hear it in studio quality. I predicted right that it would be some sort of reflective theme in the line of Jedi Steps and not a heroic theme. And that it would be a 4-5 minute concert version
  3. oh yeah.That Tintin track=insta skip. Several minutes of wasted album space where he could have put something else
  4. He probably doesn't remember scoring this movie
  5. Added Banjo. I don't like any of the tracks that use this instrument...Reivers,Missouri Breaks and the other Williams "country" scores
  6. For me there's a few I find annoying . Sometimes it "works" but I'd rather hear the same tracks without them. 1-Saxophone (often used for a "jazzy" flavor but I tend not to like it and no Saxophone dominant tracks are in my favorites) 2-Accordion (please ban this instrument) 3-Harpsicord (I dunno, sounds kind of annoying and cheap...one of the reasons some of Williams 70's pre- Star Wars scores don't sound as good as they should) 4-Accoustic Guitar (Should remain in pop music and songs) 5-Harmonica (irritating sound) 6-Synthesisers (especially Goldsmith's Drum Machine) I might have forgotten a few. Added to original list: -Banjo.
  7. I got nailed once with the Disaster box set. There might have been an extra c.d. in there but that's about it
  8. I was already preparing for Williams last score with Indy 4 in 2007
  9. Damn I wish they announced it at the same time as Spacecamp so I could order all my c.d.'s together. I guess I'll just get it with the next release then. Probably my least played JW OST but there seems to be a lot of unreleased music so I could change my mind
  10. I also want to say "The Flying Theme" is in my bottom tier of Williams concert versions for some reason . i never liked it much and prefer to hear the theme within the score like E.T.'s haloween and Adventures on Earth
  11. I think it'll sound like Jedi Steps or A New Home. Somewhat understated theme about a Jedi in exile. Nothing too heroic.
  12. ooh just like It Can't Be Maybe I should have just downloaded the sound sample and save 30$
  13. To be honest I don't remember any of the unreleased cues apart from the docking fanfare
  14. Ordered from SAE along with Eiger Sanction.
  15. I hope he's still unhappy with this latest arrangement and writes a fourth one!
  16. This is a good release. I love Spacecamp which I consider among the best showcase of Williams 80's style.At least it's not the OST re-issue I feared. I'll catch up on my orders by getting Eiger Sanction with it
  17. well were already lucky we got the Potter scores as such. It's still one of the most comprehensive and well made Williams box set we ever got I wouldn't be upset if they just dumped the SW sessions on digital release and wait for an archival set later. At this point it's taken so long I'm not sure it's worth hoping for a super comprehensive set. Just the TLJ isolated score is one of the biggest blessings we ever got in JWfan history
  18. I was shocked when they released the Galaxy's Edge suite. I thought I'd be stuck for a decade straining to hear the unreleased bits playing in that SW Celebration video
  19. I kind of hope he can also record the 2018 version Also didn't he record HSATP for the first album and it just didn't make the cut? If so why use this new one?
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