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  1. yes, but if the game ends when you run out of quests, you stop playing until the next update and more quests and areas are available? What the reviews are saying is that you don't need to grind bosses "post game" until they add more contents .The 3 locked regions won't open up if you grind your characters anyways. Games like Borderlands 3 aren't much better. I grinded all the best weapons in the base game but the ones that could top them are locked behind DLC's that cost 20$ each..so I just stopped playing
  2. Resident evil is one of the few game franchises I never played. Deciding between Ashen and Genshin Impact now. Maybe I'll get the shorter Ashen out of the way first.
  3. Borderlands 3: Finished grinding guns at Mayhem 10 and can finish trials at that level. 126 hours total playtime. Time to move on.
  4. I finished Borderlands 3 but grinding post games for guns and mayhem challenges are kind of fun.
  5. Nioh 2 is 50% off on PSN...might go for it
  6. I love Horner but I don't like his new agey 90's period. Titanic, Apollo 13, Braveheart are all on the bottom for me
  7. for me the time between Jurassic Park and Phantom Menace was like a walk through the desert
  8. 1994-1999 is the only period I almost lost faith in Williams
  9. for me it ranks slightly higher than Minority Report , which I haven't warmed up to despite the expansion. Saw the film once, don't remember it too much
  10. That theory does not stand because the SW prequels have boots and no efforts whatsoever to release them. i just think they release what they can
  11. Williams probably vetoed the narration free version of the opening and closing tracks
  12. superstructure chase is a useless track anyways
  13. several reviews say you don't need to do the gacha stuff to complete the single player mission and never felt tempted to do so and it's VERY optional only to unlock characters that give non essential boosts .There's no roadblocks to completing the story behind something you have to pay. I downloaded it so we'll see. I remember Mass Effect Andromeda had these optional multiplayer loot boxes but it didn't affect the single player story at all
  14. yes, one of the cues that should be in the thread "music you wished Williams done differently". I remember thinking it was lame the first time I saw the movie
  15. Genshin Impact. This looks like a fantastic open world JRPG with BotW style graphics. It's free to play but apparently you don't need to spend a dime to complete it or feeling like your missing out on anything . It's a single player game with optional multi player not an MMO .Glowing reviews. Might play this next or after Ashen.
  16. I have Bastion on my Playstation but haven't played it yet after I finish Borderlands 3 I'll play all these lesser known games I bought from PSN
  17. Call of the Champions comes to mind. Sounds like the microphones were in another room or something. any others?
  18. I bet Williams never heard this obscure piece of music. I believe the inspiration for the JP theme is Beethoven's 6th symphony , in the passage below. It's not a direct copy, but the structure is very similar and you can almost hear the pastoral JP theme in there. Curiously that's the piece Williams recommended in an inteview with Dudamel after he played the JP theme
  19. no I bought it last year 8gb ram, 128gb ssd
  20. Every major computer problems i've had were caused by antivirus software
  21. I've just had a major problem with the latest update of Avast Free. Caused a memory leak and RAM memory usage on my PC would go from 50% to 100% within a few hours and freeze. It also used 25% of my CPU by itself. Reverted to Windows Security for now (memory usage on my PC now stable at 29% and CPU at 0% with no programs open). I've had issues with AVG in the past so I dunno Is windows security ok to keep?
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