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  1. So looking forward to this:
  2. Borderlands 3 doesn't seem very different from the past 2 games, though it's the first one I play on the PS4 and it does look good
  3. PS5 price vs Xbox is not a main consideration to me .Sony has more RPG's so I stick with them And I'm not getting a launch model for sure. I'll finish my PS4 game back up (quite considerable and at least a years worth) and then get the quieter, cooler and more stable model revision of the PS5
  4. Seriously that west Side Story thing would be a total waste of time for Williams
  5. Well it does mean you can't really make a movie like you want to if you have to meet a bunch of inclusion and diversity criterias. Then anything mildly controversial is going to be censored out if it possibly offends some people I dunno about historical dramas suddenly showing minority groups that weren't there at the time.
  6. I have a PS4 pro that was made about 2 years after it came out and I rarely hear the fan. I remember they just revised the hardware on the model I bought and the noise issue was fixed My PS4 controler lasts about 8 hours. I dimmed the front light panel to minimum in the settings
  7. I finished The Outer Worlds (42 hours playtime) .Pretty great game with interesting story and characters but like Fallout a bit too much of your time is taken by inventory management. I have Borderlands 3 next
  8. Cool !Revised Face of Pan! One of the few missing from my Revised Concert Arrangement playlist Now we need that new Leaving Home arrangement (hint)
  9. No. A lot of videogame music is better than current film scores!
  10. I dunno. what if VPO and Deutche Grammaphone execs read it can they be influenced into thinking they were wrong doing this concert or feel guilty about it ? He's basically accusing them of commiting somekind of great sacrilege against the classical elite
  11. Hmmm playing Outer Worlds on normal difficulty and it's just too easy . I also collected hundreds of food items and medecines and never used a single one in the entire game. I'll try to finish it on hard but not Supernova where your companions can perma death
  12. i wont read it then. I guess he's be pissed if Williams writes the new theme for the orchestra ok Il'll stop at the first paragraph "Here’s a first – a record that resists categorisation. To give it one star would be an insult, two stars a gross over-estimation. No stars is as close as I can get to describe the distinctly uncomfortable feeling I get from hearing John Williams conduct his film scores with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra."
  13. wait isn't he the guy who hates Williams? That name seems familiar
  14. True but my basic concern is that it will eventually kill purchasable music altogether and we won't have that choice eventually
  15. No the fact that you can't stream the RCA/ Sony expanded Star Wars OT scores because the rights "expired" is a case in point against streaming service. They COULD remove your favorite album at any time .Maybe not now but eventually. Can't live with that possibility
  16. RPO could have been the ultimate Williams fantasy/action score .So pissed Spielberg had to do it at the same time as Williams Star Wars schedule. Like he did several time in the past interfering with a major Williams project ( Chamber of Secrets...). I mean he won't do a movie for 4-5 years then times it exactly when Williams is scoring something else important.Maybe the SW Prequel scores were rushed too because Spielberg released something at the same time as Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the sith
  17. I'd say 1)Patriot .Missing so much music 2)Tintin . I feel this would be a better listening experience complete but overall like it less than Patriot Hook is sort of fine as it it . Mix good sound bootleg and LLL is ok. Did a good enough edit of the feast insert using the Concorde boot segment (appears twice on the boot, one of them is easier to edit)
  18. Still #1 on my Williams non Indy/SW wish list for expansion
  19. that's one of the things sorely missing .To me the original recording can't be beat because of the choir ending the film, the opening of the End Credits on the OST has a more flourished version of the 5 note fanfare (similar to the Ouch alternate moment in E.T.), I can't live without the Special Edition interpolation of When you wish upon a star and the soft choir for the 5 note ending. Also I think this concert proves that JW's legacy is his FILM themes , which will be considered the equivalent of classical music in the future. They didn't ask him to conduct his horn concerto or w
  20. We can thank our lucky stars Williams finished the SW sequel scores and wrote a few top 20 themes in the past years. Yes I consider Rebellion is Reborn,Rise of Skywalker and Galaxy's Edge some of the best concert versions he ever did But I'd hate that he'd retire from film scoring while he's still at the top of his game .Even if it's forced by Covid 19 related events. And if they make a 4th Spielberg/Williams album for god's sake check the cables carefully on the recording equipment
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