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  1. Because of the orchestration. I played a rip of it back to back with the ANH and Vienna performance of that section and it sounds far more heroic and glorious in Lando Returns. They might sound same-ish when you don't compare them directly. and also the rest of the cue develops the main B theme in new and exciting ways
  2. yeah I thought about The Patriot but didn't remember which cues
  3. The rest of the game is interesting enough apart from the boss fights.The final boss makes me feel like I never learned the game properly and just luckily won all the previous boss fights. Like a punishment for making it all the way to the end but not playing flawlessly all the way through (beating the previous bosses without taking a hit) . I did win fairly though but this is just 10X harder than anything else in the game.Like a gigantic fuck you for playing the game. It's like other games hardest bosses on "nightmare" difficulty and I never played anything beyond "normal" or "hard". Or the hardest of hardest the Post Game stuff but they decided to roadblock the ending of the game instead so you never get to the Credits and say you finished it. From what I read about 10% of the people who own the game beat it also, it seems that From patches the game to defeat the cheese strategies on YouTube
  4. NOT on FYC's or Sessions Leak or SW videogame rips 1-Lando Returns (Rise of Skywalker) 2-Rey and Ren Team Up (Rise of Skywalker) 3-Padme's Funeral and Finale (Revenge of the Sith) 4-Rey Crashes the Party (unused Last Jedi) 5-Alternate Finale (Attack of the Clones) 6-Inscription on the Rock (Last Crusade) 7-Yoda's Departure (Revenge of the Sith) 8-Space Station Docking Fanfare (Spacecamp) 9-Never Feast Film Version with Insert (Hook) 10-The Fathiers complete (unused Last Jedi )
  5. I want the ANH "end credit opening" Star Wars theme in unreleased Lando Returns. Best orchestration ever of the main theme yeah I hate that it's shortened in all subsequent SW End Credits and even re-recordings of the main title
  6. I spent 5 hours on final boss so far and made it to phase 3 a few times then he wrecks me. I even tried the "cheese" method on You Tube and it got me killed even faster . I don't think I can beat it. It's pretty bad they made a game only a few people can finish and it'll leave a bad taste in my mouth for a long time. It's not the matter of distinguishing "casuals" from the "git gud" people , I've played games on console for the past 15 years and never encountered something like this
  7. it says Johnny Whitaker (the kid from Family Affair) is suppposed to be in this .didn;t see him so maybe it's still missing scenes
  8. OK final boss Sekiro. I have 6 days to beat it. Koray I understand why you quit this game. I didn't like it very much as it's difficult to the point of not being enjoyable. I hope From Software tones it down for Elden Ring
  9. I got lot of the free PS+ games . When the subscription went on sale on Black Friday I bought a bunch of cards and stacked years until 2025. i still buy a few games especially the ones I want when they go on sale 50-70% off. Most of what I play is free and borrowed from the library , like Sekiro right now. Only I have to finish it in 3 weeks because someone reserved it after me. I'll have The Outer Worlds soon Inching close to final boss and for the first time I have doubts I can complete a game. 4 phases and apparently like fighting Sigrun (final Valkyrie) on Give Me God of War difficulty
  10. I don't know if I'll be able to finish Sekiro. I know a 4 phase boss that requires no mistakes awaits me at the end and I've already pushed the limit of what I'm able to do in gaming. I can't even kill regular enemies in the last part of the game. I have about 3-4 bosses left but it's become next to impossible. i'm not sure what From software was thinking. It's seriously undermining all the respect I had for them and the Dark Souls series and I'm not sure I'm looking forward to their next Souls game anymore it they make it unplayable except for the most elite of the twitch gamers. It's like 10X harder than the final Valkyrie Sigrun in God of War and required to beat the game not an optional side boss.
  11. I'm pretty far into Sekiro now. I didn't have as much problem with the further bosses but they were still hard, but 4-5 attempts not 50. Some were more Dark Souls like, and since there's no stamina bar in this game maybe a bit easier than in those games.
  12. I like having this slightly different version than the OST I haven't heard any noticeable flubs on these performances apart from the one in Star Wars.
  13. Yep, I listened to some of recent tracks with as much amazement as some of the stuff from the 80's . Rebellion is Reborn, Revised Han Solo and the Princess, Galaxy's Edge Orchestral Suite and The Rise of Skywalker are now among my favorite tracks ever. Indiana Jones 4 is also a lot greater than some people say. Then there's War Horse, Tintin... And I think The Rise of Skywalker is the best of the Sequel scores and a shame if it was his last score
  14. lol, that's pretty cool . I watched all of it
  15. I have a crush injury on my thumb
  16. This score grew on my a lot. My only problem is the main themes don't really get exciting renditions in the underscore .at some point it sounded like sophie's Theme was going to get an Over the Moon moment but it just stops dead in it's track
  17. The brass sounds fantastic and smooth .I guess those valve trumpets are a good thing .I like the warmth of the recordings like War horse Jurassic Park...wow. One of the best version of the theme ever. Almost tops the OST but sound wise it does Further in.This c.d. sounds fucking amazing. Rebellion is Reborn is awesome I just wish he'd played The Rise of Skywalker too.That piece is just begging to be played by this orchestra. Or the revised Han Solo and the Princess is Anne Sophie Mutter playing in E.T.? I noticed a new violin orchestration. The performance mistake in Star Wars was fixed a bit? now it sounds like a small editing glitch in the c.d. Too bad because sound wise it's the one of the best ever
  18. at least 50 attempts if not more. I plugged in the controller for my last few attempts. Maybe wireless has a spilt second lag that was affecting the outcome, because the block deflect window is about 1/10th of a second or even less. I was also about to open up a brand new controller
  19. I beat the fight. Took me about 6 hours of trying. At least I'm a bit better at the game now
  20. not yet I got to the third phase of the stupid boss I'm trying to beat and I'm actually learning how to play the game . After a few hours of fighting him I can actually parry him and all that split second shit your supposed to do. The game makes no sense in that they encourage you to kill everything with stealth and then you get to the big boss fight and you never really practiced all the moves your supposed to learn. It's by far harder than Dark Souls. This is the "mid game" boss (supposedly before the game actually gets hard) I'm trying to beat
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