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  1. Towering Inferno is already gone.
  2. Up for sale now are... Towering Inferno FSM CD Earthquake CD Poseidon Adventure LLL 2010 Release Acquire them now at reasonable prices!
  3. I would never ever listen to the same track over and over like that. 2 times in a row is extremely rare apart from “Helicopter” as I noted above. When I was really really young I would listen to things like Star Wars Main Title, TIE Fighter Attack and Superman Main Theme over and over again on my Dad’s turntable.
  4. Don’t know what you mean by “on repeat” but I usually listen to music in shuffle mode and when “The Helicopter Sequence” from Superman comes on I have to listen that one twice in a row.
  5. Thanks, I was about to post this. The symphony and the musicians agreed on a one-year contract through June. So, these concert dates should be safe. I do fear another lockout/strike situation in Fall 2020 though.
  6. I used to watch it in the 90s, I probably still have a few on tape.
  7. I reached out to the USCG Band directly and did eventually receive a physical copy of this CD last year.
  8. And it's official. Postponed until spring. New dates will be announced in the next couple weeks.
  9. If anyone here has tickets to next week's Empire Strikes Back LTP concert at the Baltimore Symphony, the musicians are currently on strike and the concerts next weekend are in danger of being cancelled or postponed. This sucks.
  10. BFG, it's solidly mediocre and listenable. The other two don't do anything for me.
  11. Good question, I selected "Probably not". It was through Williams that I discovered other film composers and classical music, etc. I don't see that happening if this kind of music wasn't presented to me in such a way via Lucas/Spielberg/Williams in the early 1980s.
  12. It's not an ideal release by any means but overall still enjoyable at the time for all the great music that was left off of the OST. I still have my copy of it.
  13. I most want Sugarland Express but voted Amistad, it seems like the likeliest candidate.
  14. I bought Jaws, Jaws 2, Superman: The Movie and Superman II/III. The extra STM source music on II/III was enough to make me buy it.
  15. Monsignor, Schindler's List Gold and the Slatkin/Mahler SACD are gone. Here is what is left: Stanley & Iris OST CD (Varese) Temple of Doom (Japanese) and Last Crusade OSTs Saving Private Ryan OST, AI OST, Lost World OST and E.T. 1996 Expanded CD all as one auction lot As I said before, I am willing to sell or trade. Also willing to break up any of the lots.
  16. Summon The Heroes, easily, what a kick-ass piece of music
  17. I first saw POTA on TV in the 80s when I was a kid, the music stuck out to me then. It's easily Jerry's best score, of the ones I have heard.
  18. Herrmann has always been my 2nd favorite.
  19. I own every legally released John Williams composition there is, my favorites are his great classic blockbuster scores specifically his 1975-1984 blockbusters, so I guess I just love great melodic symphonic film music. I like all of John's scores to some degree, the only ones I don't really care for are John Goldfarb and The Terminal. I even greatly enjoy his jazz/pop infused scores like Cinderella Liberty, Not With My Wife You Don't and Earthquake. In general, I'm always looking for new music, it doesn't have to be similar to something I already like. I'm on Spotify all the time looking for new (new to me) music but I find their film score/soundtrack selection to be lacking. Jerry has 60 or so soundtracks which is maybe a quarter of total film score output. Some of the Goldsmith CDs I got were cheap eBay add-ons from sellers I was buying other stuff from. Oh absolutely. I know a lot of his themes but with the exception of POTA I never listen to a Jerry score in it's entirety, unlike Williams. First Knight, The Mummy and Poltergeist probably come the closest.
  20. Wow, I thought you meant Twilight Zone the movie. I also do have a TZ show compilation CD with some JG on there.
  21. Buying them won't but listening to them might. I'm always seeking to expand my music knowledge and taste. I do have that theme on a Kunzel recordings!
  22. I like Jerry Goldsmith, but for as much as he is revered by some I feel like I should enjoy him more. Below are the soundtrack CDs of his that I have. Aside from the main themes what are some of your favorite tracks from these scores? Also, what soundtracks of Jerry's would you recommend I add to my collection? The Explorers First Knight Gremlins Gremlins 2 Logan's Run Mom and Dad Save The World The Mummy The Omen Patton/Tora Tora Tora rerecording Planet Of The Apes Poltergeist Star Trek The Motion Picture Star Trek V Studs Lonigan Total Recall The Wind and The Lion (All are OSTs except for Gremlins, Star Trek TMP and Total Recall)
  23. My combined continuous edit of Short Round Escapes/Saving Willie/Slave Children's Crusade/Short Round Helps.
  24. The 2007 Intrada release of Monsignor has been added. Monsignor 2007 Intrada OST CD Leonard Slatkin/SLO Mahler 2 Hybrid SACD Stanley & Iris OST CD (Varese) Schindler's List Gold OST CD Temple of Doom (Japanese) and Last Crusade OSTs Saving Private Ryan OST, AI OST, Lost World OST and E.T. 1996 Expanded CD all as one auction lot As I said before, I am willing to sell or trade. Also willing to break up any of the lots.
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