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  1. So, my Dad (who still gets newspapers, bless him) saved me the review of this concert from the Washington Post. It was the U.S. Army Herald Trumpets, per the article.
  2. Also needs mentioning: The Olympic Fanfare and Theme was a killer performance. The brass from the Marine Corps band (I think it was…?) joined the orchestra and they absolutely nailed it. Anyone get a picture of that?
  3. The Duel with Mutter and Ma was a back and forth between violin and cello, they made gestures towards each other throughout and at a couple points drew their bows at each other. It was pretty fun. Here they are after The Duel while the audience applauds. The crowd laughed at their sparring during the piece.
  4. The Superman March was played over a fantastic montage of stills and clips of Williams, some of which I’ve never seen. I hope someone got that, it was great. After Throne Room, all of the guests returned to the stage together to applaud Johnny. The orchestra started playing Happy Birthday and the entire concert hall sang to him. Then gold streamers and confetti shot out from the balconies. Deneve then handed Williams the baton and motioned him towards the podium. Williams conducted The Imperial March, the only encore.
  5. Daisy Ridley made an appearance and sang John a sultry rendition of “Happy Birthday”
  6. I figured he was somewhere in the audience, I was looking around for him. So cool to realize he was right upstairs from me. If my seats were a couple more to my left I wouldn’t have been able to see him sitting up there. I didn’t get any pics of him conducting, the ushers were quite strict with that. But I did snap these two
  7. Williams was sitting in the balcony right over our seats during the first half.
  8. “The Eleventh Commandment” has that biblical/resurrection vibe.
  9. I am so tempted to go to the JP LTP but I don't think I can swing it... please document all questions asked and answered.
  10. The Baltimore Symphony, Seeking Cuts, Locks Out Its Musicians - The New York Times (nytimes.com) Their contract was up and they couldn't agree to terms, the BSO was not in good shape financially and they had recently announced they wouldn't perform summer concerts anymore, which the musicians also disputed.
  11. In Baltimore, where I live. Those concerts were originally scheduled for 2019 but they were postponed twice, first because of a musicians strike and then again because of covid. So I have been waiting almost 3 years for those!
  12. Just bought tickets for this! I'm seeing JW in Pittsburgh in April and then again two months later at this in DC. Also in April and May, I'm seeing ESB and ROTJ live score concerts!
  13. My brain says Hook but my heart says Sugarland Express - which I ultimately voted for And for Indiana Jones, definitely Temple Of Doom
  14. Just got 2 tickets to this. This will be my 6th time seeing him in concert and I've never been to Pittsburgh so I will make the drive up there and also catch a Pirates game the following night.
  15. I’ve met him twice, they aren’t terribly interesting stories but here is the first time meeting him: I flew to Boston to see Williams conduct the Boston Pops in 1996, I was 20 years old. It wasn’t a film music concert or anything and he didn’t conduct any of his own music. I asked the Pops staff if it would be possible to meet him, and they let me go backstage to meet him (I can’t even remember if it was before/after the concert or during intermission). Keith Lockhart was back there too, though he wasn’t conducting that night. I said hello and shook his hand. I got to spend a few minutes with JW, I can’t even remember what I said, probably just fanboy gushing. I was nervous as hell. Williams was very nice and thanked me for coming all the way from Baltimore to see him. He signed my Star Wars Anthology disc 4, which I then got framed. I didn’t get a picture with him, but I would on my next meeting…
  16. By Request was one of my very first CD purchases, in fact I got that and the Spielberg/Williams Collaboration at the same time in the early 90s. Those two CDs were the first I ever heard The Cowboys, 1941, etc. and made me want to really start collecting all of JW’s stuff beyond the big blockbuster scores. I used to really dislike Liberty Fanfare but it’s grown on me somewhat, though I agree that it doesn’t belong on a ‘greatest hits’ album.
  17. I have this entire EAP episode on VHS, recorded off the original PBS broadcast.
  18. Not particularly, but I actually have 49 of his soundtracks now. I’m getting more acquainted with him.
  19. Just listened to the Legacy podcast, MM ponders how Williams came to score Eiger Sanction, JW’s working relationship with Eastwood, where/how the jazz elements of the score originated, etc. Why doesn’t MM ask these questions to JW himself when preparing the album? Is JW not up for interviews when approving these releases? Listening to his old scores must bring back so many memories. Would be great to get some insights/anecdotes from JW himself about these scores.
  20. Thanks! That's an improvement over what I had. I like this album cover, a lot. Simple, yes, but still bold with that main title lettering on the solid black background. When I was a kid I could hear the wooshes of the main title credits in my head as I blasted this record on my Dad's old record player. I'd like this cover better if the small white lettering was gone.
  21. Anyone here have a good hi-res scan of the cover for the Debney Superman album?
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