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    MrScratch got a reaction from The Illustrious Jerry in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - Live to Projection Concerts   
    Went to this performance last night with the Baltimore Symphony and going again tonight!

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    MrScratch got a reaction from Matt S. in Favorite Williams Olympic Theme?   
    Summon The Heroes, easily, what a kick-ass piece of music 
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    MrScratch reacted to Score in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    Try Alien, the "as-intended" version. Perhaps the best sci-fi score of all times. 
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    MrScratch got a reaction from Yavar Moradi in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    Herrmann has always been my 2nd favorite.
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    MrScratch got a reaction from Yavar Moradi in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    I own every legally released John Williams composition there is, my favorites are his great classic blockbuster scores specifically his 1975-1984 blockbusters, so I guess I just love great melodic symphonic film music.  I like all of John's scores to some degree, the only ones I don't really care for are John Goldfarb and The Terminal.  I even greatly enjoy his jazz/pop infused scores like Cinderella Liberty, Not With My Wife You Don't and Earthquake. 
    In general, I'm always looking for new music, it doesn't have to be similar to something I already like.  I'm on Spotify all the time looking for new (new to me) music but I find their film score/soundtrack selection to be lacking.  Jerry has 60 or so soundtracks which is maybe a quarter of total film score output. 
    Some of the Goldsmith CDs I got were cheap eBay add-ons from sellers I was buying other stuff from.
    Oh absolutely.  I know a lot of his themes but with the exception of POTA I never listen to a Jerry score in it's entirety, unlike Williams.  First Knight, The Mummy and Poltergeist probably come the closest.
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    MrScratch got a reaction from Fabulin in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    Herrmann has always been my 2nd favorite.
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    MrScratch reacted to Romão in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    I second this. I can't recommend it enough. One of the all time great super hero scores
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    MrScratch reacted to JoeinAR in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    One thing not mentioned (or if it was I missed it) 
    The ponytail, it is the source of Jerry's greatness.
    Btw its in Stefan's posession now.
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    MrScratch reacted to JoeinAR in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    No season 2 the Waltons. Possibly tv's greatest theme.
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    MrScratch reacted to TheUlyssesian in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    What an extraordinary theme writer
    Of the top of my head
    Raisuli Theme
    Star Trek Main Theme
    Ilia's theme
    Great Train Robbery Theme
    Imhothep Theme
    Mummy Love Theme
    Patton Theme
    Ave Satani
    The Omen Love Theme
    Chinatown Theme
    Russia House Theme
    Basic Instinct Theme
    Carol Anne's Theme
    Papillion Theme
    Such instantly memorable themes.
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    MrScratch reacted to Yavar Moradi in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    It would help to know what your favorite scores are, in general. What John Williams scores do you love? Scores by other composers? And what are your favorite cues among that collection of Goldsmith scores you do currently own? I will say that you own but a small number of my very favorite Goldsmith scores. I think Mom and Dad Save the World is quite underrated, but I don't think it'd make my Goldsmith top 50... and I'm one of the few people in the world who doesn't love Total Recall (The Shadow is much, much better IMO). Also, the Varese rerecording is definitely not the best way to go for either Patton or Tora! Tora! Tora! (or The Sand Pebbles). You'll want to pick up the Intrada and LLL editions of those, respectively, to be able to appreciate their full power.
    Logan's Run I've always struggled to like (particularly the synth heavy portions)... I enjoy Damnation Alley and its synths far more. And for someone just starting to explore Jerry's work, I'd recommend The Final Conflict over the original Omen. When it comes to his comedy scores for Joe Dante, The 'Burbs is my clear favorite over the two Gremlins scores...so yeah, need more info on your own tastes, I think. Mine might be different from yours. I really love some of his more obscure badass dark brass scores like Breakout and Contract on Cherry Street and High Velocity... I'd rate all three of those scores five stars, though I'm guessing I'm in the minority there. But I listen to those more than I listen to three quarters of the scores on your list, to be honest... (even Poltergeist, as brilliant as that score is...)
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    MrScratch reacted to JoeinAR in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    Specifically Season 2 Mr. SCRATCH. Or should I say

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    MrScratch reacted to SteveMc in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    The Russia House.
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    MrScratch reacted to JoeinAR in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    His Overture to the Twilight Zone. His theme to the Walton's is just pure magic. 
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    MrScratch reacted to Jay in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    The Explorers (it's just Explorers) - The Construction, Have A Nice Trip
    First Knight - Arthur's Farewell, Camelot Lives
    Gremlins - Late for Work, After Theater (with Silent Night), The Gremlin Rag (full version)
    Gremlins 2
    Logan's Run
    Mom and Dad Save The World
    The Mummy - My Favorite Plague, Rebirth
    The Omen - Ave Satani , The Dogs Attack
    Patton/Tora Tora Tora rerecording
    Planet Of The Apes - The Searchers, The Hunt
    Poltergeist - Twisted Abduction, Rebirth
    Star Trek The Motion Picture Main Title / Klingon Battle, The Enterprise, The Cloud, The Meld / A Good Start
    Star Trek V
    Studs Lonigan
    Total Recall The Dream, Clever Girl, The Mutant, The Hologram, A New Life
    The Wind and The Lion
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    MrScratch reacted to Romão in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    The OST's for Alien, Masada, and The Ghost and the Darkness were great entry points for me into his music
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    MrScratch reacted to Gruesome Son of a Bitch in What's so great about Jerry Goldsmith?   
    The Film Music of Jerry Goldsmith
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    MrScratch got a reaction from Bellosh in What is your favorite JW long film cue?   
    My combined continuous edit of Short Round Escapes/Saving Willie/Slave Children's Crusade/Short Round Helps.
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    MrScratch got a reaction from Yavar Moradi in Jane Eyre   
    Because of JWs beautiful score for Jane Eyre, I read the novel and have watched several film versions of the novel, including the JW-scored version. Its still for sale at ccvideo.com, just go here:
    JWs is, by far, the best Jane Eyre score that I've heard, even better than Herrmanns Eyre score, which is also terrific, but a little more darker and gothic than JWs. JWs is more romantic and longing.
    My favorite tracks are To Thornfield, Festivity At Thornfield (which I don't think was used in the film) and Trio-The Meeting. But really, all of the tracks are outstanding and really tell the story. JW captured the tension between the two lovers and the longing and the forbidden love. This is a must have for any JW fan, casual or completist.
    As for the film, its probably the best telling of the Jane Eyre story, in my opinion but still falls short. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the novel or other film versions, but the final third of the story (Janes "romance" with St John) always seems to be rushed through in ANY film version and never fully explained like it is in the book. This leaves viewers (who haven't read the book) uncertain of why St John is after Jane and why Jane wouldn't go for such a "great guy".
    The highlight of the film (besides the score) is, without a doubt, George C Scott. He IS Rochester. His is the most commanding Rochester in any film I've seen, but without seeming like a grumpy jerk like so many other Rochesters. Scott also fits the physical description of Rochester according to Bronte. Orson Welles was just too damned handsome, though he was fine otherwise!
    Also noteworthy is Susannah York. Though she is a bit aged to play Jane, in the book I believe Jane was 18 or 20. I suppose 20th century audiences wouldn't go for a romance between a 35-40 year old and an 18 year old. However, York is (and I'll quote Adam again) "very English and very pretty" like the JWs music.
    You must own this score and I highly recommend the film and the book. Check out Herrmanns Jane Eyre too!
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    MrScratch reacted to Matt S. in Just lucked out on a bunch of RARE original John Williams soundtracks on vinyl- including "Diamond Head"!!   
    Could be because The Missouri Breaks was 1976, after Williams really hit it big with Jaws, so his name was more marketable than in 1972.
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    MrScratch reacted to Quintus in Just lucked out on a bunch of RARE original John Williams soundtracks on vinyl- including "Diamond Head"!!   
    I absolutely love the music though. John Williams in dusty country mode is cool AF.
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    MrScratch reacted to radioflyer in Just lucked out on a bunch of RARE original John Williams soundtracks on vinyl- including "Diamond Head"!!   
    I have to travel to Fresno for work every two weeks, and while the drive is arduous, it's made up for after discovering a vintage record store that has an embarrassment of John Williams original pressings. I don't think they know what treasures they have! 
    I'm giddy and wanted to share with other Williams lovers!! 

  23. Haha
    MrScratch reacted to Jurassic Shark in New article: Williams "has so far written about 25 minutes of score in about a month" for The Rise of Skywalker   
    That would be the main title (2 min.), all occurences of the force theme (15 min.) and of course an extended throne room suite in the end credits (8 min.).
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    MrScratch reacted to TheUlyssesian in Best of these Recent Star Wars pieces   
    I think The Jedi Steps is the best but I do NOT like the concert version, so I went with the March of the Resistance. Han main theme is too simple though the Searcing theme is nice. Rebellion mixes kinda too unrelated ideas but I do love it a lot - but I give March points for presenting a single idea. And Scherzo does not debut any meaningful new thematic material.
    So March it is!
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    MrScratch reacted to Larry O in Best of these Recent Star Wars pieces   
    1) The Jedi Steps
    I remember when all the trailer music guessing games were going on with TFA and people spent a lot of time arguing back and forth over which piece of trailer-house score was really John Williams. And then that one TV spot dropped with some of "Jedi Steps" in it, and not only was it immediately clear everything else was a well-done imitation and this was the real deal, but that this was special, on top of that. The first comparison that occurred to me was, believe it or not, "Duel of the Fates." Not that they seem to have much in common, but it immediately sounded nothing like Star Wars to me while also being the most Star Wars thing I'd heard in a lonnng time. It's a neat trick (not as neat as spinning) and really, only Jedi Steps and Duel have pulled it off. 
    2) March of the Resistance
    It's like in an RPG when your character gets enough XP to level up into a new class or whatever - This is what happens to the Droid Army music when it finally completes its training and ascends to a higher purpose.
    3) The Adventures of Han
    I'm not sure that Williams' thematic work is even the best stuff in the Solo score (I'd put Chewie's theme ahead of it, really) but this concert piece is really, really fun not only in how many buckles get thoroughly and unapologetically swashed throughout, but because the sort of thematic development that usually takes a whole movie to grow happens in the entirety of this one piece. 

    4) The Rebellion is Reborn
    This is notable mostly for how it seems like the sort of very clever motif-mixing that used to happen in the end titles (before those became just post-production puzzles to be fitted together and glued down) but as its own separate suite. The fact the motifs are for two characters that never even see each other much less interact in any meaningful way makes it more of a pure musical exercise than anything. Like, imagine a suite that manages to blend Enfys Nest's theme with L3's. Something like that. I'm not saying it wouldn't sound great - "The Rebellion is Reborn" sounds great, too! It just doesn't quite resonate the way the three above it do. 
    5) Scherzo for X-Wings
    This has quite a bit in common with "The Rebellion is Reborn," except it's not quite as clever or interesting in how it re-purposes the new material and the old into a cohesive whole. It's very cool that Indiana Jones and Star Wars both have their vehicular scherzos now, and depending on which symphony/conductor are putting it through its paces (I've heard it a little punchier and up-tempo - faster and more intense if you will - and that really helps it out) but it feels like a taster plate on the way to being seated for a full meal later in the evening. 

    6) Galaxy's Edge
    This is being unfair probably, but really, it's only been out for a day and I've only listened to it like 3 or 4 times. Almost by default it's gonna sit down at the end of the bench until it becomes more familiar and more interesting things make themselves noticed and the whole thing settles in my brain for increased appreciation. It's not you, Galaxy's Edge, it's me. And unfortunately, I'm not someone like Frank Lehman or Doug Adams or David Collins, so it takes me a little longer to suss out why a thing is brilliant sometimes. 
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