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  1. I can think of two that always leave me in amazement and awe: The Trumpet fanfare at the end of "Love Theme From Superman" and basically the entire final minute of "The Forest Battle" which someone at Lucasfilm thought was so good they used it in the "Attack Of The Clones" final Theatrical Trailer. Say what you will about the movie - but that trailer was brilliantly assembled.
  2. No, I think the person who puts the names onscreen did that on purpose, I think. But it's funny very often JW's name appears at a very good musical moment... like Memoirs, Schindler's List, The Patriot, etc. Temple Of Doom, Witches Of Eastwick..,
  3. 4 Stars. One can hear the similarities in The main Theme and the Main theme for "Star Wars". At least I've always thought so.
  4. 3 Stars. I like how John Williams' name appears on screen just as the music is in full swell. Think JW did that on purpose?
  5. 5!!! I think it's one of William's best non Spielberg/Lucas scores besides Superman and Harry Potter. The Ballroom scene music kills me.
  6. Merry Christmas from The End of Canada (NL).
  7. It's a good time to listen to "Toys" - and wonder why for some reason, did I love it as much as I did Xmas 1993 but now find it wretched.
  8. 1. Raiders March 2. Imperial March 3. Love Theme From Superman 4. Star Wars - Main Title 5. Short Round's Theme 6. Dance of The Witches 7. Schindler's List - Theme 8. Duel Of The Fates 9. March Of The Villians 10. Princess Leia's Theme I wish I had room to include "E.T. And Me"
  9. Desert Chase. It has everything. And you can hear it better in the actual film then you can Asteroid Field - which is drowned out in many sections because of the non-stop sound effects. I think Desert Chase wins because it's one example where music HAS to carry the story - considering the sequence in the film is almost entirely dialogue free - save for Belloq's "He's There."
  10. Even though it's a dark and often powerful and thrilling movie...Temple Of Doom is very, very funny.
  11. He really shouldn't wear glasses while adventuring...the glass could shatter and blind him. Imagine after a life of globe-trotting and narrow escapes, the one thing that does Indy in is a stray piece of eyeglass.
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