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  1. D'oh... figures that no one used 'Lego' anywhere on that page ;-) Sorry folks.
  2. Treehouse Animation has put together a pretty cool animation of a Lego Darth Vader conducting his theme. (It can be found on the internet for download too, but I won't provide a link 'cause I don't know if they mean it for anything but online viewing.) [i don't think this has been posted before... I searched both stories and threads for 'Lego' and didn't see it. If it has, I apologize for the dupe.]
  3. I voted for option 1, but not so much because I think that it as I think number 2 would be silly. If he's just commenting that it's the same type of weapon, the first part of the quote is enough, so the second part is redundant. Of COURSE it is like his fathers if he meant it that way; there's no way it COULDN'T be. But I think he's just more taunting Luke than saying anything specific. This is why I voted for option 1; the Emperor could have completely ignored whether the lightsabers were similar and said it anyway to add to his attempt to show that he and his father are not all that differen
  4. <i>Now here's some food for thought...did Vader have Owen murdered? Was he trying to get to Obi Wan through the Larses? Was he trying to get to Luke? (Since he figured Obi Wan would probably know about his kid, since it was in his dream.)</i> No, it was just coincidence that they were killed. If Vader knew they were there, he wouldn't have waited until they happen to be going by two decades after Luke's birth, and would have tried harder after they failed. BTW, thanks for the info regarding the history of the Owen=Obi-Wan's brother idea.
  5. There is a door around the right side (stage left) of the Koussa-whatever* music shed. This is where a line always forms for it, and where they tell you to wait. BUT, I've been there three times with no success. * I can say it, I just can't spell it, and I'm too lazy to look it up. ;-)
  6. I was always under the impression (as Cerrabore mentions as a possibility) that Owen was Obi-Wan's brother. I don't know if Luke knew they were related or not.
  7. I have a recording of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos on period instruments that sounds fabulous. I'm pretty sure it's by the Boston Baroque/Pearlman, but I'm not 100% positive.
  8. Man, and just after I finally get the Bruno Walter/Columbia Symphony cycle. ;-)
  9. Me, but I will be soon and I have a Napster subscription that has all but I think the first and last tracks.
  10. I don't have the musical ability or the time to do it, but what's the reasoning behind not releasing the video until the end?
  11. Can I just suggest sometime you watch a foreign film with both subtitles and dubbing in your language at the same time? Just to compare. I saw the first few scenes of Hero (good movie BTW) like that, and the differences were rather striking, because the dubbed versions had to be length-matched to the original cuts.
  12. Okay, gotcha. That was sorta my best guess. You wouldn't happen to know if it's stored on the DVD as two separate audio stream or if there's a switch somewhere that can just tell it to use the same stream for two channels would you?
  13. Can someone explain what a 2.0 mono mix is? That sounds like an oxymoron to me...
  14. I watched the OT Star Wars DVDs last weekend. I must say they looked fantastic. I never quite got the OT v. SE debate. There are some effects that "I could do without" understates, but really, I'd still take the SE any day. This may be because I first saw Star Wars in the theatre when it was released as the special edition, but looking at some of the original footage is painful. My three biggest complaints about the DVDs are all about RotJ. The replacement of the Jabba music was silly. And the rancor scenes *still* look like they were done by the South Park people, just with fancier cutouts. A
  15. Thanks for the welcome. I'll try to be a regular over summer again.
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