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  1. Full partituras/scores as a book, on real paper, are amazing! OR a downloadable pdf for half the price, available worldwide, would be nice to have it for educational purpose. My wishlist? Well at least everything by Korngold and Williams. And Goldsmiths "Star Trek - The Motion Picture" and Horners "Wrath of Khan".
  2. In US &Canada only! WTF!!!! Grrrr..... Why not a downloadable pdf for half the price, available worldwide!? Anyway I would die for full scores of Goldsmiths "Star Trek - The Motion Picture" and Horners "Wrath of Khan". Oh well...
  3. - Main Title from Jaws - Star Wars: Throne Room and End Titles - Adventures on Earth - Raiders March - Flight to Neverland
  4. @MovieMusicMaestro: Thanks again so much for your efforts, it was truly an amazing experience! I was 1996 in the Barbican, where Mr. Williams himself conducted a programme of his music with the LSO. That was great but your performance with the LSO was equally good! If there will be another concert with JW music in the future in Cologne or elswhere in Mid-Europe, we should really consider a European-JWFan.com meeting with the fans AND the conductor!
  5. Would you be able to list the complete programme please, JanBing? It would interest me to see exactly what the LSO played. I am glad you enjoyed it. However nice it is to listen to our favourite scores at home, nothing beats seeing them played by a live orchestra (especially one as good as the LSO). :spiny: It was AWESOME!!!!!! Programme, quick & dirty copy/pasted: Kölner Philharmonie Meisterregisseure und ihre Komponisten 1 London Symphony Orchestra Frank Strobel Dirigent John Williams - Steven Spielberg John Williams Auszüge aus: Jurassic Park (1993) The Shark Theme aus: Der weiße H
  6. Thats fun! SW: orange ESB: blue/white ROTJ: green :cool:
  7. @Eric_JWFAN: Man...this is awesome! Thank you for this! I must immediatley remove the dust from my Walton Cds.
  8. Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best and most of all good health! We need you (and your music)!
  9. Working on a new filmscore right now, adapting some "volkslieder". As usual, time is running short so...busy, busy, busy! ;-)
  10. OMG!!! Thank you so much for this link. And thanks to the people who put this on youtube. Great stuff!
  11. I recommend that you get the Signature Edition "Flight to Neverland" from HOOK. It is marvelous to read and there are runs in multiple forms overall the place. I could imagine that It could serve as some kind of "model" for runs and texture writing in many JW pieces.
  12. One word: Amateurish! It sounds like the Midi- Mock- Ups were 1:1 translated to the real orchestra. The overall sound is so... small. Like a TV Show or something like this. The melodies are sometimes nice, but where are the background structures that even Doyles Score have? I'm not talking as a JW fanboy here. Imho, the music ist just so simple (sometimes good, less is often more) but it is kind of holllow and superficial.
  13. Very good work! Sensitive and haunting beautiful. Kudos! You'll make your way. All the best Marcel
  14. OH NO....whats happening here? Another one of my favorite inspiration-givers is gone. The last years were very devastating for filmmusic. Not only the forthgoing decline of quality but at that the series of suddenly deceases. R.I.P. Shirley Walker!
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