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  1. I'd love for Whittaker to stay on. But at least (according to the reports) it was a 3 series deal and there's probably no hard feelings. I thought the new trailer looks promising, but that may be deceiving - it's mainly Whittaker being her brilliant Doctor-self and not much else. A series long story (that's the current info I believe?) *could* play to Chibnall's strengths, but another apparent comic relief sidekick sounds more like yet another emphasis of his weaknesses.
  2. He did forget the middle section… Or some adviser told him that he keeps mixing up the SW titles in his anecdotes and he turned it into a witticism.
  3. But sometimes. E.g. I think Varese added the info about the Matrix SACD after it turned out to be a FAQ.
  4. Neither do you, or you wouldn't have missed my "and that should be included in web shops too". Forget Amazon, just check the label's own page. That often has some technical information.
  5. TFA is one of Williams' best of this millennium.
  6. Which SACD are you talking about? Usually the fine print mentions whether or not it does include a standard CD layer, and that should be included in web shops too, I think. The risk isn't big in any case; there have been very few albums that I was interested that even had a separate CD release, and only one or two at most where the SACD version didn't include a CD layer.
  7. Please don't. I'd have to start watching the Marvel films.
  8. Why he *would* is easily answered: I'm sure he would if they asked him, even if they didn't allow him to work on the full score. That he wouldn't pass up the opportunity to redo the complete score if he gets it is a different matter (and he has indicated as much).
  9. I always want the final product to be of higher quality than the masters whenever possible.
  10. He also seems to confused Attack of the Clones with Romeo and Juliet. But he makes up for it by giving Mutter a metal umlaut, just in cases.
  11. As I always say: This was Poledouris' true mastery. And I don't think it's got anything to do with the performance or recording, because the same is true for Starship Troopers, Les Miserables, Red October - you name it.
  12. I've mostly wiped the Hobbit films from my memory, but I certainly think of the Nazgul whenever anyone mentions "the Nine".
  13. I like the DC - I'm not a big fan of deliberately not explaining something that is an essential part of a film's story/logic, to the point where you have to make up your own explanations when "real" ones do exist. And I found the DC to be confusing enough (or perhaps I'm just too dumb to pick up on that kind of narrative logic on my own). In any case, while it's not the greatest film ever made, I like it a lot. There's something special about it - the combination of its story, setting, narrative, and atmosphere. In one way (especially atmospherically) it fits nicely with Dark City,
  14. I don't have to, because it'll sound like I am anyway.
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