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  1. Just got here after a long day. Please PM me if there is a way to get this. Can't find it anywhere...
  2. Just saw the film. I think it was great! Haven't listened to the soundtrack yet, but the music that was used in the film, was very effective! In my opinion all of the material that was inspired (lifted, rehashed, or what ever you want or need to call it) by previous SW scores served a purpose and worked well in the film. All returning themes from TFA also worked well and were needed, and I heard many many variations of those themes. And the new music was excellent, for example Roses theme was very uplifting and fresh, and finally the music was LOUD in a positive way, so I guess that means the mix was way better than in TFA. I'm so happy, that the soundtrack didn't leak before I saw and heard this in a theatre, one of my best movie going experienses ever! --Snowster
  3. I found something on YouTube, I don't know it this is legit or not. Apparently Universal Music Africa (?) has uploaded a trailer for the soundtrack. Doesn't contain any new music, but I'm not sure about the video footage if it contains anything not yet seen in the movie trailers. The YouTube page also contains a weird link ("Download or Stream here") which takes you to another page where you can choose streaming between Apple Music and Google Play, but it seems (as of now) those links only take you to the place holder pages of those services. Maybe this was just posted too early, and there is nothing (except the trailer video) to see here, or even worse this is scam. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Trailer) Place holder page for streaming links (?) Edit: found another one: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Trailer), "short version, different music". Please forgive me if this turns out to be spam or scam etc. --Snowster
  4. Well, I’m puzzled. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But according to my 11 year old son, after our very first listen, “this is definitely John Williams”! :-D
  5. "Apple plans to create 10 new episodes of "Amazing Stories" alongside Amblin and NBC Universal, with plans to spend more than $5 million per episode. Spielberg is likely to be an executive producer for the new version of the show, according to The Wall Street Journal's sources." https://www.macrumors.com/2017/10/10/apple-steven-spielberg-amazing-stories/ What do you think, are they going to use the original theme? Is Steven Spielberg going to direct the pilot? Will John Williams create a new theme for the "new" series and/or will he score the pilot? --Snowster
  6. I believe it is actually 'Daydreams' by Abel Korzeniowski.
  7. Here is a link to the 'official' video: http://mlb.mlb.com/v...py_20774065&v=3
  8. I think you're still able to do it. You just have to select the correct sort column in list view. I actually tested it, and when sorted by album it works as it did for you before. However, if I sort by artist, I get your described 'new' behavior. -Snowster
  9. Well, the source isn't very reliable, but still... I don't know what to think. IMDB News -Snowster
  10. I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I found this excellent recording of a Swedish orchestra, that contains the following tracks (re-recordings): Star Wars Main Title Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Nimbus 2000) Star Wars (Phantom Menace, Flag Parade) Schindler's List Jurasic Park The Terminal Raiders of the Lost Ark Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (Harry's Wondrous World) E.T (The Extra-Terrestrial) Saving Private Ryan Superman The Movie Star Wars (Phantom Menace, Anakins Theme) 1941 Link Orchestra/Dir: GöteborgsMusiken/Alexander Hanson Produced by Naxos. -Snowster
  11. After having some sleep, I did some minor corrections to my post, which hopefully makes it a little bit easier to read without removing the original (unintended) comedic aspects from it. It doesn't bother me at all, if someone points out that english isn't my native language, and I actually enjoyed the discussion and joke that were seeded from that fact! Me arguing with myself was mostly because it was very late and I wasn't able to express myself correctly. I think I was close in post #5, but in a way messed it up again, because the question about similarities between scores was actually not the main issue I tried to raise, even if that too is interesting. I wish I had originally been able to construct my post in the same way that colinthomson was able to interpret it!
  12. Somewhat. Propably not actually arguing with myself, but doing some self precising (is that english?) of my original topic... - Snowster
  13. If this is the general opinion, I shall accept it. And even further, I actually think you are right, but I still think the topic is discussable. And to Mark: I think much of the thematic material of Elfmans Batman is lifted from The Asteroid Field (2:18-2:42). -Snowster But that wasn't my original point. In this context, the original question could have been, does JW regret not scoring Batman if you like. -Snowster
  14. I have to reply to my own thread. I want to sress and make it very clear, that I do NOT dismiss Silvestris BTTF, by claiming it a lost opportunity by Williams. Yet I do find it interesting, that his amazing stories falls not only in the same ballpark but also the timeframe than BTTF and at the same time is so reminiscent of it. -Snowster Okay now, my english skills are lacking... How could I clear your 'befuddlement'? I find the topic the most interesting one, and don't wan't the discussion to be limited because of an befuddlement... -Snowster After googling the befuddlement, let me repharase and split my original post: 1) Do you think there is a past score, that JW would like to have in his resume? 2) Do you hear any similarities in Silvestris BTTF and JW:s Amazing Stories, and which do You think was first? 3) What about the asteroid field in SW and Elfmans Batman theme?? 4) Your own example... - Snowster
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