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  1. I was kinda hoping for something a little more definitive but if that's all you can offer then I'll take it. Thanks
  2. Does anyone have the timings for editing in the missing 9 seconds into Escaping The Temple? Does it go like: ???? - Escaping The Temple ???? - missing 9 seconds ???? - Escaping The Temple or ???? - missing 9 seconds ???? - Escaping The Temple
  3. Has anyone done a film edit of this at all? I'm trying to work out which tracks need to be trimmed for a Special Edition version
  4. I do. I can't listen to the score without it because I almost exclusively watch The Special Edition as that was the first version I saw at the cinema.
  5. Has anyone made a list for the 2CD LLL 40th anniversary Close Encounters yet? I'm looking to see which tracks are best to use and whether the tracks on the expanded Collectors Edition can be used.
  6. Screw that. I'll get mine from Sanity. That's just total BS. What the actual.....? Fuck that embargo shit
  7. Far from forgotten. We're screaming out for this to be released on 4K. The scene with the rat breathing the liquid were actually removed from the British release. Too many softies over there.
  8. Does anyone know the chronological order for Coco (FYC and OST) at all?
  9. Hi guys, sorry for the late reply here. I don't frequent these forums much anymore. As much as the score works in the film the edits are hidden under sound effects and dialogue so you don't hear just how bad or jarring the edits can be. So I decided to make my own version. It's still not film accurate but it flows so much better. I used the OST track The Sinking, added a short section from A Building Panic for Astor's Death then included Death of Titanic for a single 13 minute track. I think it flows together really well and adds the music from an key scene that was missing.
  10. The missing scene is only a very small cut of about 3-5 seconds and occurs immediately following Lex yells "Otis, do you want to see a very very long arm?" Lex then climbs out of the drivers seat and jumps in the back while Miss Teschmacher screams and leans over to grab the wheel. It then cuts to a view of the back of the Ambulance now swerving over the road and the doors swinging open, showing Otis leaning out the back of the vehicle and Lex over the top of him where Lex hits him in the eye. The scene is underscored by a short March of The Villains cue before cutting away. I've still g
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