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  1. I hardly consider some annonymous source over at chud to be an "insider." I remember a bunch of "insiders" saying that Batman Begins sucked too.
  2. Did we ever manage to debunk the youtube clip? There are parts that DO sound very Jurassic Park-esque. And yes it does lead into the Last Crusade credits...even with the same suspended chord. I mean, it definately could pass as a Williams cue, even an Indiana Jones cue...but I call BS
  3. It doesn't remotely sound like Williams Oh yes it does. The orchestrations are VERY Williams. And the action music sounds very much like contemporary Williams. There are also slight hints to the Raiders theme in the music. Not to mention, the choral part sounds a great deal like what was used in ROTS...almost Lord of the Rings sounding. Even if it doesn't turn out to be Williams, saying it doesn't "remotely sound" like Williams is just silly.
  4. Not to get anyone's hopes up...... But I think we have our first score clip online..... Empire Ford Video
  5. My point exactly. There should be a better term that comes around for that sort of music. Atonal, in my opinion, is a gross misrepresentation of the music. And in regards to the term "tonal" which was coined relatively recently in regards to having some sort of pitch center...I think this is a bad term for that as well. Modern musicians are in such a rush to correctly label and categorize music these days. What you get is one definition of music which actually is proven faulty in just a few years. I think we musicians need to be careful about what definitions we throw around and use. T
  6. To be honest with you, I really don't like the term "atonal" to describe music that just sounds less traditional. What does "atonal" mean anyways? Without tone. Well, all of Schoenberg's work uses tone. Any 12-tone serialism piece uses tone. In fact, it revolves around the concept of different tones. I'd say there is no such thing as an atonal piece of music. Perhaps a percussion piece...but even then with cymbals, the harsh sound is just because there are so many tones squished together. Therefore, every single piece of music is tonal. Some just sound differently than others, and use
  7. After watching it a few more times, I'd agree that the music is used as a red herring at the beginning. Great trailer!
  8. I really don't understand how someone could not be excited and thrilled by that trailer. Harrison didn't sound stiff in the lines at all. He says them the way Indy ALWAYS said them. And just because CGI is used (not NEARLY as much as the prequels as you can see just in the trailer) doesn't mean it's used poorly. The only complaint I have about the trailer is the use of Dune music when John Williams should have been used for the whole thing. It seems very very very out of place. But when it gets down to business...how could anyone possibly not be thrilled? I dare anyone to list things the
  9. Actually, I have always been interested in hearing a score for Batman in the style of the early detective stories. Even the modern Begins has some elements of Film Noir in it. Wouldn't it be great if we got a somewhat jazzy/orchestral score? Not jazz as in In The Mood...but some really dark shady type stuff. Mix it together with orchestral music like On The Waterfront, and I think the score would be great!!! This would work for both Burton's vision as well as Nolan's, in my opinion. What do you all think about that? BTW, I loved Begins. And Ledger's turn as The Joker is probably what I'm
  10. Try out "Danse Macabre" by Saint Saens Or if you want to hear some cool music that isn't specifically classica try this link: Online Halloween Radio Finally, look up a group called Midnight Syndicate. They do scores for a lot of Haunted Attractions across the globe. They have some really cool atmospheric tracks. If you can't tell, I'm very into Halloween. Actually, I direct/run/own/act in/write a Haunted House every year. It takes quite a bit of effort, but for my favorite holiday, it's worth it!
  11. It all depends on the size of your hand, I suppose. When I was younger I might have had a problem with it, but now I can reach a 10th with no problem. You must have smaller hands than I do, so you just have to improvise. You can either play the bottom note, and then a third up from that (which could sound muddy). Or you can split the notes between two different hands. We pianists can always find ways to make it work, when we reach physical limits!
  12. I like it a lot actually. If Batman really existed, I think that that's what he would look like. If Batman wore a "slick" suit then he would just get shot and die. If he wanted to make it past his first outing, he would have to be wearing armor, and that is what modern full body armor would look like. And I absolutely love the fact that they finally disconnected the head from the shoulders! I can't imagine being a very effective crime fighter without being able to look to your side. I don't understand why someone wouldn't like this...really. It looks absolutely awesome and unique.
  13. Oh would you guys lay off Zimmer please? You can like his music or not, but it's a style that's out there. Why should we, as music lovers, discredit any style of music? Just be happy that there is more stuff out there! Now, anyone who has been a film music fan notices that Hollywood tends to treat film scores in waves. The big classic "Hollywood" sound comes into style, with enormous orchestras and classical thematic material. Then it goes out with alternative types of music; including electronic. Zimmer, and Gustavo's popularity is a sign that we are on a little bit of a tide change fo
  14. I was told a few days ago that the music has been delayed (big surprise) until April.
  15. Um...I'm not exactly sure if you are joking about Short Round or not...so if you are I apologize for waisting everybody's time. But, I sincerely doubt he's speaking in Dutch. I'm pretty sure that's just his Chinese accent getting in the way of saying "Get out the way".
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