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  1. No one has mentioned an EMI Music for Pleasure release containing suites from E.T Close Encounters and Star Wars. Someone called Frank Barber conducting the LSO and National Philharmonic. I bought this on tape when I was 12 years old. It may not have been available in the USA. The album was released on CD by Cinephile.
  2. Thankyou v much! I cannot believe I never noticed this motif until now. I much prefer it to the Duel of the Fates.
  3. Can anyone tell me how many times the motif for Darth Maul appears in TPM? Only in the past couple of days has it come to my attention that a motif was actually written for the character. And this after listening to the score since 1999. Also is Shmi's theme actually a theme or similar to the use of "Baby" music in Jurassic Park The Lost World which is more of a thematic feeling which is alluded to?
  4. At the moment reading the breakdown of TLW by Incanus. Completely excellent and a great way to aquaint myself with this stunning music. The recorded sound is phenomenal. This score is as dense as a Bruckner Symphony and I'll have to listen 30 or 40 times or even more to learn it by heart. I hope there's a similar score analysis of Jurrasic Park coming soon.
  5. Can anyone explain why 13M2 was combined with 13M3/14M1 on JP cos its just a bummer they are not separate tracks. Or did they play out like this in the movie? Years since I've seen it.
  6. I thought these kind of session musicians could sight read anything?
  7. Am I right in saying the Danger Theme is just the four note motif representing the TRex etc. Or is there something more than four notes?
  8. Thi This motif appears in a few places in JP. There are a few statements before the big grandiose theme for the Brachiosaurs in "Journey to the Island".
  9. The best way to attempt. Score reading is just to follow the score with any YouTube video which includes the music. There are countless examples.
  10. It's hard to believe 5 years have passed since this fantastic set was released. I'm still not familiar with the unreleased tracks. On the Spotify side of things I find myself dipping my toes into all sorts and never really seem to get to know anything fully because there is such a glut of choice. What interests me about JP is how roughly a two thirds of the score could almost be described as low key. Its a different planet with the TLW which illustrates Williams' genius at scoring sequels. There has been talk on this thread of different motifs which I'm not
  11. Williams must know his Gershwin. This is the title of an obscure work for Solo Piano Gershwin wrote in the 20s.
  12. Ach Scotland is over rated. Its usually pishin doon wae rain and in the summer if your in the country then the problem is midges. Thankyou also Bruce Marshall. I visited LA in 1999 (in time for the premiere of Phantom Menace) and I loved every minute of my trip there. I even visited the FSM office to renew my Magazine subscription. 22 years ago wow.
  13. Listening to "Something for Rosa" album version right now. God what a dream to have lived in LA. I was watching an old Mickey Rooney movie the other day set on Catalina Island. What a great life it must have been to be part of Hollywood in those days. Just a forlorn dream for me stuck in Scotland. I defo want to go to Catalina for a holiday one day.
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