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  1. So was Imperial Attack originally two separate cues combined? I.e The War/The Escape Hatch. Is there a gap in the movie. I haven't watched it for years.
  2. I'm listening to this again on Spotify right now. I had the Album years ago but got rid of it because I hate Musical Theatre. I just find it artificial. Dahlings! Thing is there's great melodies in this work with typically early 70s Williams orchestration. Why did this Musical fail? Why do shows fail in general? Was the subject of Thomas a Beckett a, turn off? It would be great to hear a Thomas and the King Symphony. Something like Henk de Vlieger's Wagner arrangements where he just removed the singing and stitched together all the best bits without the annoying vocals. I guess at least the Musical Theatre singers 50 years ago had real individual voices. From what I've heard of Musicals recently they all sound the same.
  3. I'm not referring to Powell's tremendous score as mediocre. Not in any way. Only Williams kind of flaccid theme.
  4. I think I'll be shot down here but to me this new theme is passable at best. In fact it's in the same mediocre league as his music for Solo and Galaxy's Edge. I can't believe how almost everyone here is waxing lyrical like they've seen the second coming of Christ or something. Even Williams' music for (the doggerell that was) Episode IX wasn't his best. I also can't understand how this 4 minute piece can be compared to the vast orchestral frescoes of the gas giants Wagner, Mahler, Bruckner & Korngold (or even Schonberg in Gurrelieder). Sorry if I offend anyone here.
  5. I'm a Bruckner fanatic. But I don't associate what I just heard with Bruckie at all. It sounds nothing like Bruckner
  6. Can anyone A. Tell me the best way to order this set to avoid high postal costs as I live in Scotland. B. Provide a list of all the different themes/motifs with timestamps. I watched this great movie again yesterday after many years. Yes it's pure dairy product but great nevertheless. Ah wiz greetin like a big wean at the end!
  7. I must listen again. Thankyou for the info. I didn't realise Williams was planning to write a Piano Concerto. Amazing that at his advanced age he is still firing in all cylinders. Also your point about the Fanfare commissions makes sense. Cheers Raymond
  8. I guess it's a bit late in the day now to expect Williams to write a Piano Concerto. I must track down the Prelude and Scherzo you mentioned. As for the Sonata which I reckon is his very first concert work I'm guessing it'll be an atonal nightmare considering it was written in 1951 when the blind alley of serialism was really taking route.
  9. I bought this disc when it was released 20 years and I've hardly played it. To me Treesong is a lot more approachable than the earlier Violin Concerto which is deeply in the serial mould. I came away thinking it's a great shame Williams never wrote a Piano Concerto although I think he premiered a Scherzo for Piano and Orchestra with Lang Lang a few years ago which I haven't heard. Also many of the instruments he utilises don't work for me as Concerto instruments I.e Tuba, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet. I also find it curious why he seems to have restricted himself to writing mostly fanfares or Concerti. Still I'd love to hear his Viola Concerto but sadly there is no recording.
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