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  1. Listening to "Something for Rosa" album version right now. God what a dream to have lived in LA. I was watching an old Mickey Rooney movie the other day set on Catalina Island. What a great life it must have been to be part of Hollywood in those days. Just a forlorn dream for me stuck in Scotland. I defo want to go to Catalina for a holiday one day.
  2. Yes a good innings of 99 years of opulence and luxury. I hadn't heard of Williams' Fanfare either. Strange that the Maestro confines himself only to writing Fanfares or Concerti with the odd Overture.
  3. I guess it's not their fault they were born into a hangover from Feudalism but I agree with you.
  4. Herrmann's Jane Eyre is wonderful.
  5. Can anyone tell me if the previously unreleased tracks (#14 #20) on Disc #1 of Inferno are now true Stereo even if they were built up from Mono sources? Would they have been created the same way the scores for Jaws and Earthquake were assembled? I mean from separate Mono stems now remixed to Stereo? Because they sound Stereo to me. Would the treatment of these Mono tracks be similar to the way old LPs in the 70s presented Mono as "Fake Stereo?
  6. Thanks again Jay. I cannot believe you've never seen the film. Give yourself a treat and watch it sometime.
  7. Can anyone tell me which tracks which were previously combined on the old FSM release are now separate tracks on Disc 1 of the Lalaland release?
  8. I'm listening to Towering Inferno and there must be something wrong with my ears because I can hear very little sonic improvement from the old FSM release. But that's by the by. What I can hear is placing of the strings (basses on my left speaker) as opposed to the right. Does this just reflect the way the score was recorded?
  9. I'm currently listening to Poseidon again. Marvellous score. Can't understand what is meant by "Partial Mono Source" for the Main Title though. Surely a track is either Stereo or Mono?
  10. Perhaps. I guess also the money made would be trifling.
  11. This is one of the great mysteries for me. Why music publishers have never released miniature scores of film Soundtracks. I'm sure they would sell more copies than any contemporary composer from the past 30 or 40 years with the possible exception of Reich, Glass, Adams, Part etc. It would be my dream to have minuature scores of my favourite film music.
  12. I think it's much more pertinent to ask which actual Film Composers influenced Williams. I think Previn and Mancini were his primary influences. You could mention Stravinsky Prokofiev Holst Elgar and Walton in relation to many other film music composers. Also the temp track thing is so important here. Its about asking which senior film music composers influenced Williams when he was starting out. Not Classical Composers.
  13. As a singer I would definitely recommend this Disc. His Book of Proverbs for Chorus and Orchestra is excellent. Torke is a composer like Mendelssohn, Bruckner or Walton in the sense that he established a style but has never really moved beyond that. Which is fine. He is also one of a handful of composers working today who's voice is immediately recognisable after only a few bars. To me that is quality.
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