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  1. And fortunately the great Henry Cavill makes us all forget about Christopher Reeve's poor performance.
  2. Amazing indeed! A movie that is almost all about expression and should be viewed like that in order to be fully immersed. A big budget art film.
  3. mstrox strikes me as a 1.85:1 or 16:9 guy. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if he took part in that violent ABB (Anti Black Bars) protest a few months ago.
  4. I thought Gone Girl was really absorbing during my second viewing which was years later. The Social Network, while I loved it the first time, didn't hold up as well when I rewatched it. It's his absolute worst, IMO. And it gets worse after each viewing. A boring video clip a la REM made a young Fincher who took himself over-the-top seriously. And no, I'm not talking about a lack of jokes, but of its self-important, pompous tone. Too American! Too Richie Cunningham. The docu was better.
  5. Paddy McAloon became too soft and corny because he wanted to conquer America. He even sang about it. Hey Manhattan ! Here I am ! Call me star-struck Uncle Sam. Strolling Fifth Avenue Just to think Sinatra's been here too These myths we can't undo they lie in wait for you We live them till they're true, Manhattan doobie doo. Hey Manhattan doobie doo.
  6. I always loved concept albums because the best of them transported me to different worlds, other planets. To me Eve was too earthly, just like women are, which is of course the concept of this album .
  7. Blow-up is good. I somehow put Peeping Tom into the same category, don't ask me why. Maybe it's a certain style of '60s moviemaking.
  8. You can say what you want, but when it comes to designing the world, Villenueve was true to himself. Empty sets! Just the way he likes it!
  9. Another attempt to create the next GOT?
  10. This never sounded as good as on my Lintons. It's like I heard it for the first time. Everything from ECM sounds ridiculously good.
  11. I only have affection for Edgar Alan Poe, I, Robot and Pyramid. All the rest are sell-outs, pressure from the label to be more radio friendly, commercial, soft, etc.
  12. I checked out Cowboy Bebop on Netflix. Kept falling asleep, it's not for me.
  13. How will Ridley Scott compete? Playing tonight in your local movie theater: - Captain America 4 - Indiana Jones And The Order Of Refrigerators - Kitbag
  14. The media seems to think Lady Gaga could win the Oscar, even though the movie (House Of Gucci) itself ain't that good.
  15. Apparently the movie is called Kitbag and is about Napoleon Boneparte. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/jodie-comer-ridley-scott-kitbag-1235054668/
  16. I just listened to it, because, it has been a while. But say, this is heavy sh!t. I getting to old for it.
  17. Right on the money, Edmilson! The strange thing is, the moment they arrived in the magical village, it immediately got boring somehow. It was almost a different movie with jokes that no longer worked, so-so acting, and a few very bad lines.
  18. So, in the end, Scott is right to blame the audience. Really, if it wasn't because of 007, it would have been another franchise, which is what many directors have complained about, that cinema is only reserved for the big movie franchises or the next big Nolan spectacle. It won't be long before the latest Ridley Scott movie goes straight to streaming (unless it's an Alien or Gladiator sequel).
  19. Ah, he's about to start filming Napoleon with Joaquin Phoenix. Another historic movie?!
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