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  1. Didn't the multitude of clichés of Wonder Woman demonstrate a lack of respect too? That movie played like one big deja vu. To me, that's insulting! And I'm not sure if a lighter tone automatically translates to being more mature. Just look at Spider-Man: Far From Home. It doesn't get more juvenile than that! Anyway, you can bet your life that both Marvel and DC prey on kids as well as adults. Superhero movies are just too expensive to target only one segment of the audience, but it is their tone that makes them suitable for little kids and granny too.
  2. Isn't that usually what makes action movies either for adults or for teens? Their tone? What else makes a script either juvenile or mature?
  3. It's nothing new that Marvel/Disney screams family friendly. Even granny can join while knitting. "Oh my, Captain America is so handsome!"
  4. IMO, it's not so good, but it's not so bad that it becomes unwatchable. It's definitely closer to The Boys than it is to Marvel, but it has earnest heroes instead of corrupt ones (for now, that is).
  5. It was on the Belgian poster but none of us really paid it any attention to it. To us the movie was called Alien. We never used the Flemish or French titles, which we thought 'De 8ste Passagier' probably was. Belgian poster
  6. I have Something/Anything?, A Wizard , A True Star and Initiation on CD. I definitely listened to Something/Anything the most. Now that I've got new speakers, I will give the other two another spin.
  7. No, it's not. But I do notice that some prefer kids movies, even at a later age. They must nostalgic for that period in their life.
  8. That's the absolute favorite Todd Rundgren album of an old friend of mine and it's even one of his all-time favorite albums. But personally, I never got into his music, but at least I tried.
  9. Yes, but you're an exception, Joe. You always have been.
  10. And how old were you when you saw JP? I never heard it played once and it's because the main theme of SL is a soloist piece while JP is not.
  11. That seems like small potatoes compared to the murdering spree in Versace.
  12. That's what I did and that's why I prefer Schindler's List. JP has a poor main melody, it's why no street musician plays it, even though the film is ridiculously popular. Just play the melody on an instrument, Joe, only the melody, and you'll see it's not so great as you thought it was.
  13. ... at the right age. Just like all those that were at the right age when they went to see Potter. For the record, I was at the perfect age when I went to see Star Wars. Everything is nostalgia. Everything.
  14. Nostalgia for many, I think. They probably were at the right age when they went to see JP in theatres.
  15. What a surprise! This 'American Crime Story' is much better than the one about O.J. Simpson. It's very involving and this time I can't critique anything. Does that mean it's a show that will change you life or that raises the bar for other shows? No, not at all, but literally everything (direction, writing, acting) is of a high standard and nothing feels like you've seen it a thousand times before. Didn't expect that at all! Again, what a surprise! Even Ricky Martin was good! Are there more American Crime Stories?!
  16. From the creators of Asterix et Obelix? Eh ... I guess it's a show where the French make fun the the Brits?
  17. To save myself from too much info, I watched with the sound 'off', but even then I decided not to watch all of it. There's a heck of lot of shots in that trailer.
  18. What do you see in this hooligan?! Stop it and change your avatar!
  19. Perhaps that was the real reason why Firefly ended so soon, the cast couldn't take the abuse anymore ...
  20. Nothing will beat Snyder's Arthurian project ...
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