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  1. Turns out the guy doesn't want sell his speakers anymore because himself didn't get the speakers he wanted to buy. Goodbye, Harbeth SHL5 Plus, it was nice NOT knowing you.
  2. ARMY OF THE DEAD: Rated R for strong bloody violence, gore and language throughout, some sexual content and brief nudity/graphic nudity.
  3. Not me, District 9 started off good (though quite ugly looking), but became dull in the second half, when they went after the secret formula. Elysium was just overall bad. I stopped watching his career after that. I don't think more Alien movies is the answer. It just feels like franchise milking.
  4. I have the indestructible Yamaha S90 ES with 88 weighted keys:
  5. They have not arrived yet. Maybe tomorrow. It's a BBC monitor so it should sound pretty neutral. I expect audiophile recordings to sound amazing but poor recordings will show their weaknesses (and that sadly includes a lot of '70s music). Watch this review!
  6. It's stupid that Snyder had theaters in mind? I thought you guys loved cinema?!
  7. They had a few good grooves* but that Tron soundtrack was as uninteresting as the movie itself. *beats (for the youngsters of JWFan)
  8. No! BTW, I bought them! The Harbeths!
  9. It's only content, guys. And the next day we'll have fun discussing it.
  10. They cost 4000 +. Harbeth is like Rogers or Graham, they make BBC models.
  11. Harbeth Super HL5 Plus I offered 2000 Euro for them.
  12. I just did a fun bid on some very expensive speakers. Hopefully the seller will not accept.
  13. True. I didn't see that at the time. I viewed it as an Alien movie and wasn't pleased with the caricaturing of the Alien universe. But the last time I saw it (as part of my Alien Blu-ray box set), I decided to see it as a Jeunet joint, and yes, that really helped me to appreciate it more. I tried to do the same with Alien3, which should have been easy since I'm a Fincher fan, but it didn't work. I still hated it.
  14. Snyder is too progressive for JWFan that still wants to hang on to the Superman of the '40s. They don't understand that this naive version of Supes was the very reason why they let him die in the comic books. His ratings were getting lower and lower.
  15. I never understood why Alien is/was so popular. It's a very slow paced simple story with low key characters. And perhaps even more than that, the film is very focused on the artistic and design side of things, very much like Ridley Scott made The Duellists, which was actually the reason why they hired him. OTOH, Aliens is an adrenaline ride with a more complex story and sharply silhouetted characters. And perhaps even more than that, it's the foundation of modern video games.
  16. I liked Incantations back in the days when Oldfield was my god (indeed, multi-instrumentalists like Oldfield and Vangelis that didn't do the Rock & Roll thing were my gods because it's what I wanted to do) but now all these decades later I no longer see it as an essential Oldfield album. This week I listened to Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn and I enjoyed Hergest a little bit more but that's because I simply don't know it as well as Tubular Bells and Ommadawn. Not only do these 3 albums form a perfect unity, they are definitely his holy trinity, Richard, any pop/rock professor will tell you th
  17. Looking more forward to this one than Justice League.
  18. Jesse James is incredibly beautiful but Deakins doesn't do unnecessary camera moves or shoot from all kinds of angles for the same scene. Deakins and Villeneuve like 'emptiness' in their shots.
  19. Spielberg likes excess while Deakins loves restraint. It's actually a reason for these two to join forces.
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