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  1. It's funny that I always mix up Ennio Morricone and Segio Leone. I have the same problem with Vince Vaughn and Vincent D'Onofrio.
  2. Because it's only one instrument? I'm asking because a friend of mine doesn't like solo guitar or solo piano, no matter what music it is. I just noticed the guitarist is Enea Leone. The son of Ennio?
  3. Lucy, now that you're famous Lucy, you're still my dream Lucy, will you remember Lucy, oh Lucy will
  4. It's a God-awful small affairTo the girl with the mousy hairBut her mummy is yelling noAnd her daddy has told her to go
  5. I didn't know this year is the 20th anniversary of Almost Famous. What are the odds that I suddenly decided I should watch it again? Kate Hudson hasn't aged a day!
  6. If that's a problem then you better cancel Netflix and subscribe to Disney +.
  7. Yes! Lighthearted and self-aware fun! Isn't it interesting that this time we have more sympathy for his arch-enemy AKA Johnny Lawrence?
  8. He meant successful in its artistic undertaking.
  9. No, they had dinners that ended up in sexual orgies. A practice the Romans clearly took over.
  10. No Tea Cup ride for you, Gruesome!
  11. Great! The ones I always disagree with don't like it. There is order in the world after all!
  12. They did not. Remember, they stole everything. Sexual orgies go back all the way to the Babylonians.
  13. You and Quint need to work on your comprehensive reading skills. 'Watching something' doesn't equal 'being into something'. How times have changed? Not really, I watched most seasons of American Horror Story as well. It's watchable pulp for when there's nothing else on.
  14. Art doesn't have to say anything. Although one could argue Once Upon A Time In Hollywood says a lot about Tarantino. After all, they say it's his most personal film. We're seeing his view on Hollywood, not the true Hollywood one might find in a documentary. That means you love it.
  15. If you know a good docu about the dreams and disillusions of people, where you really feel the spirit of the era, and that is able to transport me into that world, then I wouldn't mind watching it.
  16. I love meandering, evocation and mood. All part of building a world where the characters live. Fail to create a world and you have failed as a storyteller. In the end, the world and its characters will be a part of my memory, not the story.
  17. What a strange thing to say. As if film can't be about a certain time period, its people, their lives, its social climate and the zeitgeist of that time. No explosions, no monster, no villain, no superpowers. I guess this too is a documentary. Sigh ...
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