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  1. You mean the Home Alone soundtrack, right?
  2. He's shorter than the leading ladies in Hollywood so that's going to be a problem for romantic roles.
  3. Movie wise they were pretty poorly directed but I think Daniel Radcliffe in Imperium could be a good actor if he had a good director. What I mean is he deserves something better. He is really short though ...
  4. Not an U.F.O. but imagine that you've never seen one of these before!
  5. It was too good and probably the last convulsion of the golden age of TV.
  6. It will break the box-office!
  7. 5. Unlike when it all started, the old and the vulnerable are more protected. The Old And The Vulnerable > The Bold And The Beautiful
  8. Technics (Panasonic) is back since a few years but only with high-end stuff.
  9. That's odd because he said something else on twitter. Studios and movie theatres prefer a shorter version because they make more money (more showings per day).
  10. Today I saw somebodyWho looked just like youShe walked like you doI thought it was you
  11. I agree but I don't think anyone is excited about Jared Leto's Joker. You think Snyder is an unreliable source?
  12. And while I like the Yamaha amplifier range with VU meters better in silver, this Technics amp ($2500) looks more beautiful in black. Probably because it has a more modern design than the Yamahas, in spite of the retro VU meters. The white background of the meters (and blue lighting) against the black front panel really looks good.
  13. My sources (Zack Snyder himself) say it's 1.66.1 and so it will have small black bars on the sides, just like Marriage Story.
  14. Again with the political propaganda, Gruesome?
  15. I think the reviews will favour Snyder over Whedon.
  16. Belgium's Deputy Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (45) lies in intensive care with COVID-19.
  17. Lots of Bernard Herrmann in the TV series Ratched: By The Fireside (Vertigo) Charlotta's Portrait (Vertigo) Two Dollars (North By Northwest) Hotel Room (Psycho)
  18. YesterdayAll my troubles seemed so far awayNow it looks as though they're here to stayOh, I believe in yesterday
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