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  1. Don't throw your masks away on the sidewalk, Drax and Gruesome! More and more masks are endangering life in the sea.
  2. It's just a teaser for the trailer. The trailer itself might contain an explosion or two.
  3. Teaser for the trailer of The Midnight Sky, a sci-fi movie with George Clooney and directed by George Clooney:
  4. I think literally everyone in the music industry (even Thom Yorke, even Brian Eno) admires John Williams as a composer (his talent, his knowledge), but not always the direction he has chosen.
  5. As in ... they need each other? Individually, they can't stand on their own feet? Interesting!
  6. I only saw 2 1/2 episodes. Bad, bad show! Everything about Mars seems to be doomed, but this one really takes the biscuit.
  7. All I'm saying is you care more than you want us to believe. Hating is also caring.
  8. Nothing's good the news is bad The heat goes on and it drives you mad
  9. Your efforts here say you do.
  10. Young children and culturally immature adults.
  11. To be honest, I experienced the same thing. I thought they were all okay, with ups and downs, but Wonder Woman was nothing but 'downs' for me. It's like that movie treated the audience as if they've never seen a movie before.
  12. But watch it with friends and suddenly it's a good movie. Or so they say ...
  13. Well, he has an experimental approach to Rock so it's no surprise that he's not much into Williams' safer, more old-fashioned scores.
  14. If Williams had scored Batman I would have had one more CD in my collection. And I would be able to hum the theme today.
  15. It's the show. Stop watching while you still have your dignity.
  16. (Losers!) The look of love, it's saying so much more than words could ever say
  17. Barbarians Episode 1 If anyone wonders what kind of series it is, it's comparable to Vikings.
  18. Once he made clear it's a different movie I wouldn't be surprised if we see posters that have a different emotion to it. Of course, It's entirely possible that it's a goofy movie with no sense of danger from start to finish. We'll have to wait and see. I hope it's a mix like Galaxy Of The Guardians Vol.1.
  19. Winter is coming. Oh wait, it's Australia! Summer is coming!
  20. The poster looks intentionally goofy. Not only does James Gunn love to pay with the genre, he also wants to make clear that this is going to be a different movie than the Suicide Squad of 2016.
  21. You mean the Home Alone soundtrack, right?
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