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  1. Here are some sonic milestones that I know of. The Natural . From the times when Randy Newman was an absolute must buy. The Phantom Menace. But only the Ultimate Edition, mind you. Cape Fear. The remake soundtrack originally by Bernard Hermann and adapted, arranged and conducted by Elmer Berstein. And it's Shawn Murphy who did the recording, ladies and gents. Alex North's Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Produced and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith. The Star Wars Trilogy. Performed by The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra. Alex North's 2001. Produced and conducted by Goldsmith. ---------------- Alex Cr
  2. Morn, what's up? ---------------- Alex Cremers
  3. CYPHER wrote: Your right with Jaws and once again Shawn boosts the bassdrum to high voltage levels making fine sensitive speakers crack. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  4. With so many of you regarding The Empire Strikes Back as his finest work to date I was wondering which recording you prefer. Is it the Original Soundtrack release or the one that Charles Gerhardt made. Is it the CD from the Anthology Box or the '97 two disc set. Hey, maybe you think MECO's disco version beats them all. So which one is it and why? Thanks. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  5. Yeah, his later recordings sure push the bass envelope at bit. Here are a few examples: The 1960's: The Turbulent Years. The bassdrum is able to nuke every woofer in town. Hook, Proloque. Again, the bassdrum hits at the superb ending are dangerously boomy at loud listenings. But who can control the volume knob with this track? Stepmom. Overall, the double bass pizzicato is way too strong. Is it possible that these albums are mixed in the same studio? If so, then the monitors are what's disorientating Shawn. They should be replaced. ---------------- Alex Cremers
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    I still would like to invite you to answer this question, Stefancos. Stefancos wrote: Ummm...read the thread dude, before you start asking dumb questions. I've read it. I don't see it. Maybe I'm too tired. Please, explain why you think I'm asking dumb questions, Stefancos, and leave the insults. Alex Cremers
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    Stefancos wrote: I've read it. I don't see it. Maybe I'm too tired. Please, explain why you think I'm asking dumb questions, Stefancos, and leave the insults. ---------------- Alex Cremers
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    Who said it wasn't? ---------------- Alex Cremers
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    If that's true, boy, he's the last one one my list I would have suspected. ---------------- Alex Cremers
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    Does anybody know which composer did the logo for Universal Pictures (the one with the planet and stars). There's like a touch of Williams in it too. Don't know if anybody noticed it. The bootleg of Blade Runner features the Ladd Company logo. They presumably thought it was part of the Blade Runner experience. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  11. The strings sound like real strings and nothing but real strings to me. Especially in The Suduction of Suki and the Ballroom scene. Maybe something is wrong with your copy since your not listening to the original CD. These strings do sound very real on my CD. But I admit, this must be the one of driest recording in the 80s. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  12. Luke Skywalker wrote: Since the farewell waving Jedi knights in Return of the Jedi I deliberately call them holograms. You have to understand that, for me, that corny moment wasn't a pretty sight. I think Roque Leader was being sarcastic, I know I was. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  13. Meanwhile Kneel before Alex, Stefancos! Kneel before... What? Well, well, well. Now Joe has joined forces with Stefancos? Kneel before Alex, Joe! You too Stefancos. Kneel and pray I won't be seeing and reviewing Superman II anytime soon. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  14. I hope you can solve the problem, Andreas. I know I can't help you much but I do think it's cookie related. I'm logging in for weeks now since I've deleted all my cookies. That should give you some sort of clue, right. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  15. As I said, in my memory, meaning, it's been quite a while now since I've seen them. But who am I? Just listen to the general consensus ( especially the devine professional critics) and your quite alone with your Superman II doubts, Stefancos. Most people think it's even better. Maybe I just have to buy that DVD box, to find out , huh. Why don't you give me yours since you're not doing anything with it? Anyway, kneel before Zod! ---------------- Alex Cremers
  16. My girlfriend fell asleep during Spiderman. I guess when it comes to filming Superheroes only The X-Men is being worthy for a viewing or two. I haven't seen the sequel though. And Superman I and II, of course. Whether they've dated (as some people say) or not. I don't care. They still rule in my memory. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  17. That's why DG should compile an album with other works, other styles, other composers. Then they attract modern, contemporary music lovers as well as John Williams collectors. By appealing to both small markets you minimize the risk. Better two then one. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  18. It's Armin Steiner. Even the mastering is done by our beloved Armin. BTW, why does it always have to sound a certain way? This is film music. Original Star Wars albums sound dry too. Listen to the penetrating strings of The Township of Eastwick. Wow! Me like! BUT... Why is everyone selling their bootlegs? Seems to me that everyone wants to ditch their expanded version of The Witches of Eastwick. Is there something wrong with the bootleg sound? ---------------- Alex Cremers
  19. If it's cheap you want, I guess you can always ask someone a copy. The issue here is a relatively rare Williams CD for $50. Even with isolated scores, I do not value DVD the same as CD. If it was DVDA, I might think about it. Or if you want cheap, wait for a rerelease. If you want cheap, download it if it's there somewhere. Afterall, you can't take it with you. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  20. It's worth twice as much at least. It's a bargain. Do it. It contains one of Williams's best tracks ever: The Tennis Game. You will not regret this. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  21. It shouldn't be a problem for DG to bring it out again on CD, together with some work from other composers to have a full interesting album. What are they waiting for. Sooner or later another company will. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  22. Something isn't very kosher here. Question. Is it up to us to adapt? ---------------- Alex Cremers
  23. It, whatever it may be, just doesn't want us, I guess. Could it be this it is Neil?!?! Wait......I hear something......Sun of a......Is that you Indyso...Noooooooooo!!! ---------------- Alex Cremers
  24. With me, time has nothing to do with it. Sometimes it's less then a minute. All the rest sounds very similar. ---------------- Alex Cremers
  25. And he got one lucky break and composed that Deer Hunter theme. But that doesn't earn him the right to be up there with all the major players in Hollywood. Hans Zimmer will soon show him his place. ---------------- Alex Cremers
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