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  1. Sun is shinin' in the skyThere ain't a cloud in sightIt's stopped rainin' everybody's in the playAnd don't you knowIt's a beautiful new day, hey hey
  2. A positive test doesn't mean sick/ill. It only means that you have the virus and that you need to be in quarantine to prevent you from spreading it around. How is that suspicious? What's the alternative?
  3. I only watched, didn't listen.
  4. As Margaret Thatcher, I think.
  5. No lockdown in the beginning (unlike the rest of Europe) and only social distancing on a voluntary basis.
  6. Funny, because you always took their point of view. Like Fox, you are always questioning the seriousness of the virus. It's why you hated the numbers. Numbers made it seem real. Numbers aren't a game, your constant 'undermining' is.
  7. If a government says: Nah, we're not going to listen to anybody (not the scientists or the WHO) and instead count on herd immunity, then it's telling the people "It's no big deal, we don't take this serious."
  8. That would mean I would read and believe your 'crazy' opinions, which I most certainly don't.
  9. Actually, they called it "herd immunity", which is the same. No protection, no safety measures, just let it rip. Maybe you have forgotten?
  10. I stopped watching during episode 5. Couldn't take it any longer. At a certain point one wonders: What's the point? I'm not getting anything out of this.
  11. It has more to do with being their 'survival of the strongest' theory and very little with 'they are against us'.
  12. And the music keeps on playin' on and on And the music keeps on playin' on and on
  13. What a show-off, right? Anyway, Jon Anderson is a big fan.
  14. singin' ... I love rock n' roll So put another dime in the jukebox, baby I love rock n' roll So come and take your time and dance with me
  15. Oh set me up with the spirit in the skyThat's where I'm gonna go when I die
  16. Just move on upMove on upBut move on upOh child, but just move on upBut move on upMove on up
  17. What happened to this song we once knew so well Signed promise for moments caught within the spell I must have waited all my life for this Moment moment
  18. I've never met anyone who thinks Jazz is poorly recorded. Would you like to explain what they are doing wrong?
  19. What about my headphone question? I'm not going to be be ignored, Drax!
  20. The A-S2100 has a dedicated circuit headphone amp. How do you like it? Or are you not into headphones? I love that 'Trim' switch!
  21. Even though there's nothing to figure out, one can always add to the conversation (I hope).
  22. I wasn't trying to figure out what you meant.
  23. At first I thought it had typical amp dimensions but I was surprised how much bigger it was. That's going to be a problem.
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