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  1. That's even true for CDs. I guess Paul is getting old.
  2. Don't hold back, don't hold back, don't hold back, reach outTouch the sky with your mind's eye, don't be afraid to reach out
  3. Perhaps you are more interested to see a naked Caesar? Mark Anthony?
  4. Strange, I thought it was another weak one full of mediocre dialog (Marvel TV level).
  5. People just want to see Gal Gadot in all kinds of different exotic outfits, Richard.
  6. Come and talk to mePlease talk to meTalk to me, talk to meMr. Mystery
  7. I mean a second season about O.J. Simpson. His story ain't over. He became a kidnapper and a robber, for crying out loud!
  8. The Boys S2 E4: Meh ... but the Doppelganger scene (you know which one I'm talking about) with Homelander was funny. The conversations that these two lovebirds have is downright boring. Finished O.J. Simpson: While not particularly standout good, this TV series was so easily watchable that most episodes were over before they began. They should make a season 2.
  9. Didn't Rome build the Giza pyramids?
  10. Are we talking about the first series? Because the second series (different story) is up now.
  11. That was the sad tragedy of Cleopatra in the Liz Taylor movie, she was the Queen of Egypt and yet her life depended on one man in Rome. I guess they are going to reverse the roles in the new one.
  12. Gadot seems to think no one has done Cleopatra before.
  13. Hopefully it won't be Cleopatra as a superhero.
  14. Please release me, let me go For I don't love you anymore
  15. He's young so ... My son needs to be tested now, you know, the rules of contact tracing. Last Thursday Belgium had 6000 new cases on one day. A new total lockdown awaits us.
  16. A friend of my son has coronavirus and has already infected several people. Has my son brought the virus into my home?! Am I the first JWFan member who actually has it?
  17. The People v O.J. Simpson: Episode 9 I think David 'Ross' Schwimmer is actually doing a really good job as O.J.'s best friend who no longer can look him straight in the eye.
  18. See me, feel me, touch me, heal me
  19. Hold back the night, turn on the lightsDon't want to dream, dream about you baby
  20. One of these nights, one of these crazy old nightsWe're gonna find out, pretty mama, what turns on your lights
  21. Jordan Peele's movies start off good but always seem get out of control or zany towards the end. Kinda like Parasite. To be honest, I only remember one thing about Get Out. It's unbelievably simple yet extremely effective: I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds there. I'm curious for his TV series.
  22. Must be the steroids the doctors gave him after he got infected in the theatre. If that's the case, he should feel fine.
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