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  1. It's more likely that he's been riled up again by Fox News. They see every protester as a radical lefty and a danger to Trump's reelection.
  2. I don't but it would be terrible if professional hooligans are sabotaging the people's right to protest. You constantly warn us about the horror of police states but it has become clear that you champion it. People aren't happy? Strike them down with police and military force! You never even said "Hmm, those cops were out of line". Your incomprehension towards the root of the problem is advocating that no change is necessary.
  3. Peaceful protesters no less.
  4. There's no moral leadership, only the promise of more violence.
  5. Protesters need to protect themselves against the Trumpists who do bring weapons and trucks to kill them. Soon Trump will send the military to stop all protests (like they do in autocratic countries). They need to be prepared!
  6. Why aren't the protesters bringing their guns? They say there are more guns in the US than there are people and we know that Trump loves the armed protesters against Corona measures. So where are they?
  7. Trumpists tried to kill the protesters, some using bow and arrow, others by driving a truck through the crowd. Meanwhile their leader, who they think is tough, is hiding in the basement of the White House.
  8. One of the most bizarre movies I've seen in a very long time. Everything in this prize catch feels ultra realistic except for ... Toni Erdmann. Had to watch it in two sittings, because it's a 3-hour movie.
  9. I know. Always two there are, no more, no less.
  10. - Restaurants and cafes are back open today in The Netherlands. In Belgium they are still closed but they reopened the Atomium in Brussels (yeah-hah!) - UK Boris appears to have lost the support of 3 right-wing newspapers. His end is near? - George Floyd protests are a global thing now. - 2 more Atlanta policemen have been fired for tasing a couple and pulling them out of their car onto the ground. Apparently, the disrespecting of curfew hours means you can treat citizens like slaughterhouse livestock.
  11. The point is you (and your master and his orange master) never talk about the murder or the core of the problem. You rather complain about the looting because somehow that's way more important to you.
  12. “Kevin Reynolds is going to be the Stanley Kubrick of his decade." - Tarantino in 1994 That being said, I might not agree with both choices, but I very much enjoyed The Social Network and Dunkirk. "The best" is very personal and I wish his arguments were a little more insightful. Maybe he was mainly impressed from a director's perspective? Maybe their definition of a good movie is different?
  13. It's not okay, but I've yet to hear you (or your master) complain about the murder of George Floyd or police brutality in general. Why do you guys only care when it's about you?
  14. Would still go for the one in blue. The one in red is too much Sex In The City.
  15. Tarantino: "It's the number 1 because it's the best, that's all! It crushes all the competition."
  16. "It crushes all the competition." - Quentin Tarantino Second best movie is: It's no joke, Fabulin!
  17. If you go out, don't forget to wear a mask!
  18. South Korea was one of the first hit countries, they handled everything exemplary well, reopened the economy before anybody else did, and now they're having more and more new cases. If South Korea is our crystal ball, a sign of things to come, then it's not over yet. But we knew that, right?
  19. Their fires will kill the virus. At least they don't have guns.
  20. For a moment I thought this was a thread about string quartets playing movie scores.
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