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  1. And now your legacy is Vosk, a Nazi alien from Star Trek! I hope you're proud! -W
  2. Hey, just remember who you're talking to! Me! Weebo! JWFan of the year! You're just some Nazi alien from Star Trek! For your information I have mailed out AI to Stefancos 17 different times over the years. It's not my fault the Dutch postal system is horribly inefficient. -W
  3. I take great offense to that remark! What do you mean by "supposed" and "supposedly" in the same sentence? Why are you even involved? -W
  4. Me too. I just went to the post office yesterday to mail them all out. -W
  5. And you have no proof that I use multiple log ins!
  6. They should be on my server later today. -W
  7. am i the only one who got the joke? I got it. Neil I got it, too. -W
  8. The 5 disc edition isn't bad, but the 7 disc complete is the one to get. It features 2 whole discs of chit chat! I'll put it on my server tonight and let everyone hear it. The usual rules apply. -W
  9. Then what the hell is on my promo album??? -W
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