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  1. Hehe, it's many a JWfan's favorite topic! Since the late 1990s, Williams has used a certain musical gesture in practically all of his scores, often in action scenes. The clearest first usage was from The Lost World, the track "Ludlow's Demise" in particular (though its elsewhere in the score too). Hence the nickname which I think originated here on JWfan. In technical terms, it's usually a repeated note followed by some kind of staggered ascent to either the fourth or fifth of the scale, and back down to the tonic. So, in C-minor, for example, it'd be something like C-C
  2. Great catch, @TheAvengerButton. It's not the only time we get an accidental sneak-preview of a later theme. The "Proto-Imperial March" I think you're talking about in ANH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuTLkt2wlUk&feature=youtu.be&t=54s&ab_channel=SoundtrackStudio Kylo Ren in Revenge of the Sith?: https://youtu.be/Qc1xGKe11hg?t=47 Ewoks during the Sail Barge battle?: https://youtu.be/n8gcMBhMkIY?t=148 Anthem of Evil in TLJ?: https://youtu.be/-XTGprLB8Vs?t=23 In the case of the Anthem of Evil, the explanation I'd go with is this is an *extremely*
  3. Depending on how you count, there's between 9 and 11 statements of Jabba's theme in the ROTJ score. https://youtu.be/XVzECYBfVTY?t=20 https://youtu.be/XVzECYBfVTY?t=59 https://youtu.be/XVzECYBfVTY?t=107 https://youtu.be/S68MG3KcZTU?t=168 https://youtu.be/S68MG3KcZTU?t=209 https://youtu.be/izJnYJo329c?t=98 https://youtu.be/g0oNCRe11qY?t=32 https://youtu.be/g0oNCRe11qY?t=167 https://youtu.be/g0oNCRe11qY?t=181 https://youtu.be/n8gcMBhMkIY?t=108 Plus the Concert Arrangement
  4. Hah! I guess it's just a matter of taste. I think it's a really striking & luscious sound. Kind of just encloses you in, it if that makes sense. Not sure what it is about the timbre either, but there is something different about it, even relative to the way horns sound in the other PT recordings.
  5. 100% agree. There's something about the horn playing and recording in AOTC in particular that is just unmatchable.
  6. Williams just gave a ~10 second snippet about the value of the NYPhil amidst a quick succession of other talking heads like John Lithgow, Katie Couric, and Michael Bloomberg. Nothing essential, at least not so far. Viewable here: https://nyphil.org/support-us/additional-support/virtual-gala Seated on the same couch, next to those bound copies of ROTS score as the RSA award vid yesterday.
  7. Time to relabel "Beckett and Crew" theme to "The Gang" theme! It's that "others" one that's going to keep me up now. Though we've already picked out a new motif just in the past few hours.
  8. By the way, can we all acknowledge what a pitch-perfect parody "Empire Recruitment" is of the Elgarian nobilmente march, down to very subtle choices of voicing, bass-line, harmony, and orchestration? "Edwardian Style, Tempo di Sithio" indeed. This makes my day. Things coming around full circle in a very pleasing way, considering this (possible) model for the Imperial March in the first place.
  9. Fantastic! I'm not hearing it in Card Room, but the other three are slam dunks.
  10. Nice! Time to add a new incidental motif to the list. Wonder what other motivic discoveries await. I'm sure there are more thematic easter eggs in here, aside from what's been hearable for a while now on the OST (ESB Droid Motif, March of the Resistance, Imperial Motif in numerous places, etc...)
  11. Very nice to wake up to all this good news! Can't wait to dig into this. I don't suppose there's a more detailed set of liner notes or credits than what's offered in the iTunes artist column? I'm gratified to have near certain confirmation for our shared belief that Williams was behind "Parting Ways" and "Family Stories," but I'd like it be 100%. (I'm also curious if orchestrators, arrangers, and such are also given due on a cue-by-cue basis)
  12. Two more to add: "The North Star" from The Patriot and "Grave Trampling" from Dracula (and all the other cues that use that theme, totally absent from the Dracula OST.) Most perplexing for me is still the excision of the best part of "It Can't Be" from ROTS. Baffling.
  13. Woah, cool -- never seen JW conduct music from Jaws II in concert before this. A real treat, thanks for sharing @Steve
  14. This is an interesting and quite complex question that requires a lot more than a message-board post to address adequately, but @Score and @Datameister both hit excellent points. There's the idea of the "15 second rule," from the early theorist of film music Sabaneev, that after a gulf of ~15 seconds without music, key relationships between cues no longer matter to the film-goer. Whether or not this is an actual perceptual principle or just a pragmatic one is a good question, but film composers have generally followed suit w/o much worry. In general, Williams is not at all systema
  15. Yeah, I'm not really hearing it as a thematic recurrence either. Similar texturally and in terms of mood, but the melody isn't there.
  16. Well done, @Albus Percival Wulfric! I'm 100% with you in hearing shards of the Force Theme in that interesting composite melody at 2:19 and 2:28 -- very similar to a comparable pair of moments in TFA's "Torn Apart" at 2:32 and especially 3:02 of that track. Williams really knows how to nail these moments of shattering realization, doesn't he? -- the most obvious counterpart being "Losing a Hand" from ESB, of course.
  17. Close tie between War Horse and TROS for me. Chose TROS because it's fresher and, well, you know, it's me. But they're all great in their own ways. Only The Post I'd consider an inessential or minor Williams score. Why not offer superlatives for all of them? Tintin: Best opening sequence ("Tinker Tin") War Horse: Best overall listening experience Lincoln: Best concert suite Book Thief: Best theme (Main Theme) Force Awakens: Best themes BFG: Best orchestration TLJ: Best big musical set-piece (Holdo's Resolve for me, but quite a few options) Post: Best tens
  18. Good catch! -- I'm not quite ready to call the Anthem of Evil a concert arrangement, since the album version really sounds like a fusion (sometimes rather inartful) of several discrete cues. We'll see if the theme ever gets expanded/refined/arranged...
  19. In case you're really looking to get into the weeds here, this is a nice reference:
  20. Second @scoreman36 that the Lydian quality is what might be catching your ear here, D-lydian in this case, after a big cadence off of a bII/^5 dominant. Both very *Star Warsy* sounds, especially in conjunction with one another at a moment of victorious climax. Another example of this exact same harmonic gesture bII/^5 => I(lyd) is the end of Battle of Endor: https://youtu.be/RT1763QZQvI?t=323
  21. One of the most inexplicably excised sections of a cue on a Williams OST. Up there with two other notorious cuts, from ROTS "Lament" and "It Can't Be." Can't think of any others quite as egregious.
  22. We'd love to help @mxsch, but like @Jay says it's hard to know exactly what you're thinking of without more examples, or more specificity within the example you're citing. It could be a cadence, like @Jurassic Sharksays, but that's a pretty foundational aspect of musical organization. That said, if you're curious, you might get a kick out of this: https://mtosmt.org/issues/mto.13.19.4/mto.13.19.4.lehman.html...
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