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  1. The definition of racist is generally characterized as assumptions of a race that deem it inferior or superior. Early film music such as in 1908 was not choosing "Chinese sounding" music as a reflection of their ethnic inferiority, rather a generalization of a culture of music that could be easily identifiable so to accurately portray a storyline without shooting on location or with many words. Back then the tolerance level of stereotyping was very high compared to now. And that's ok, so when teaching about early film history you talk about how the silent film composer needed to get across to a wide audience the general concept of a scene and how that stereotyping is considered unacceptable by today's standards. It is definitely NOT racist. That is a term that is thrown around incorrectly.

  2. We talk about the old Sam fox music which I have. They listen to some and we talk about why it's 1. Not "racist" and 2. Wasn't even deemed to be politically incorrect. So those are good points. Thank you for these ill make a spread sheet and share so you can see it a bit clearer.

    Examples of these cliches about which we are talking?

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  3. I'm reworking my film music curriculum. For those of you who don't know I teach middle school music and chorus. The students in the general music class are from all sorts of backgrounds- band drop outs, chorus kids, kids who don't like music, violinists/pianists, rock band enthusiasts....

    So it's my job to get them thinking about music in a way that doesn't take years of previous music studies.

    I have been having them using their GarageBand program to create an unwritten, fairly improvised score and foley track for a 30 short story that is suspenseful and is open ended. Creating the "sound of fear" by sustaining long low bass strings, descending half and whole steps, crescendos and decrescendos. As well as a high, violin half step trill.

    After years of doing this assignment and tweaking it here and there I really realized that the students enjoyed recreating the sound of something. We started looking at cartoon clips and describing certain cliche sounds. Such as a falling object in slow motion would have them playing a descending woodwind line in a way where they were just wiggling their fingers on the keyboard.

    What sort of cliche moments or thematic recreations would you aim to include? I have -

    fanfare: trumpets, triplets, leaps.

    Falling: descending woodwind line, free fall down the keyboard with fingers.

    Fear: trill, high pitched violins.

    Fear: low sustained strings.

    I'm looking to include love theme, action music, etc.

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