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  1. Now come on that should be the highlight of the Olympics! Can anyone at least confirm his name is Cian?
  2. naughty naughty! i got the DVD today too, I was a little depressed at the kiddieness but that's ok.
  3. I had to choke it down. I love cold skim milk though
  4. That's what I thought! *tisk tisk* Try a little harder next time
  5. yeah! boy do i feel better now! Ren~ glad her friends are talking to her!
  6. very very sad. I believe he might be studying for his O. W. L.'s
  7. because i'm freakin' crazy~! I'm just freakin' P-Oed I can't remember. Now Hector was that an informed answer to my question!?!
  8. Do you have an informed Freakin' answer??????? The boy who wore red and played the "child" from the fire within for the winter opening and closing ceremonies. . . WHAT WAS HIS NAME! Part of me tells me his name is Cian (pronounced Shawn) is this right???? Buggin' the schnikees out of me!
  9. that is insane! draco was as evil as I had imagined pity
  10. well I'm good! Thanks *wink* what's up with you!~
  11. i think they are on the same level i get sick on both of them!!! When I was in Vienna, I could barely eat that and the milk for the cereal!!! oh my, they serve milk warm there... try stomaching that!
  12. WOW- Dan I can't believe you went there either!!!!!! :twisted: Talk to me guys!!!! I feel left out! ~Ren, who is "sort of " joking
  13. I'm 24 but I dont' drink as much as it seems. I just like very specific stuff. I hate being drunk - it's no fun.
  14. i want them to make GOOD HP movies...not movies just to make a sequel.
  15. hmmm....a meal? what are the guide lines.
  16. I heard that they would split the movie in to two pieces also!
  17. I read book two in one day, and the whole time I was reading it I sort of played a movie in my head. I thought book two was good and I don't doubt it will make an excellent movie. I think that the weasley's need a theme because of the huge role they begin taking on. I also think that the Car scene will have very awesome music too. But I felt that book 2 was just a good book. I didn't expect things to happen in them, I just thought - oh that's neat and I went on. But for book 3! I was thinking OMG what can possibly happen next. Just the indepth thought that must have gone into writing it with the maurader's map, the whole plot unfolding with MWPP and Hermione's secret. I think this book has way more to offer than book 2 score wise and scene wise. I think it will be an EXCELLENT movie and I hope they can put as much time and effort into it as they did HP and the SS. I don't want them to make movies to make movies. I want them to make art forms. I hope book 5 and movie 2 AND 3 come out soon. Ren
  18. or what about a JW "drink"? Any suggestions?
  19. I have to tell you, I'll keep checking to see when the music comes out since I live SO CLOSE to a piano music store it's heaven. But probably by the end of summer it will be out.
  20. I can't munch on chocolate when I'm watching a movie.
  21. i hope to see him at tanglewood in august
  22. what did you like best about book 2 may I ask?
  23. I think that if and when HP 3 comes out that will be awesome! (in music!)
  24. I like to make my nachos at home! with lots of hot peppers
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