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  1. HARRY!!!! can I ask you to do a favor for me?
  2. where did THIS thread come from!!!!
  3. *pat on the head* DON"T GO THERE!!!!!!
  4. ha ha! i think this topic is digressing
  5. isn't the goodbye kitty way cuter than the hello kitty wizard!
  6. yeah, sometimes i wonder. if they paid every teacher the same salaray as the person/people they've greatly influenced in their lives, we'd be WAY richer that Gates! Think about the actor's who are doing what they love because a teacher helped them!
  7. a very poor profession. . . but hey, it's not all about the money right!
  8. what if it doesn't go through to your yahoo?
  9. oh that's sad. i miss it where do i find a free image program where i can reduce my image file sizes?
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