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  1. Speaking of trailers. I enjoyed the trailer for MOS and even liked the music for it. Too bad it didn't reflect the whole movie.
  2. It's probably been at least that long for me since I've seen it.
  3. I loved pulp! And at the time I never actually knew why. But I remember not caring about brains being splattered back then. Lol
  4. Monica Mancini was there at the pops in 2004 I believe.
  5. Yeah he said he was done with the sopranos
  6. Wow. That's shocking and sad
  7. Sigh this topic makes me sick. Cutting funding for arts is so backwards. Innovative thinking comes from artistic problem solving. When we have to work from bare bones for survival no creativity comes out. No forward thinking. Then you get no where and the cycle continues
  8. I agree with Jason in AWE. And I am shocked in myself that I actually have a hard stance on my dislike for MOS. I'm glad tho that there are others who share my sentiment since I'd worry it was just a wonky female perspective. And I'm still! Shocked Lee liked it lol
  9. Re quint: I actually disagree. I didn't feel one iota of soul for any character. The score was abysmal. And you all know I like Zimmer.
  10. The level of destruction in this movie is appalling, to the point where it drains even the trademark heroism from the comic world's most classic hero. I mean, I understand he's trying to save the whole world 'n' all, and it's small wonder there are some casualties along the way, but the death toll in Metropolis alone by the end of the film cannot be any less than five figures. The horror of that kind of mass annihilation just feels misplaced in a Superman movie. I remember when the franchise couldn't stand the idea of a busload of people getting hurt. Now we've got a Superman standing at a Hiroshima-scale ground zero worriting over the kinda guy he oughta be. The overall style of the film falls short as well. It fumbles around on a disordered timeline for so long I eventually lost track of whether I was in the past or in the present. A movie that feels it necessary to prologue (at length), backflash repeatedly, display an illustrated history, reveal plot through hallucinatory vision, and still feels the need to feed us great gobs of expository dialogue straight through is trying way too hard. And yet, with all that revelation going on, both the story and the characters occupying it feel flat, empty, and underdeveloped. So is it really that bad? I gotta say . . . yeah, it is. Aside from a handful of moments that kinda worked, it was far more disappointment and depression than it was worth. *1/2 out of **** - Uni THANK YOU I whole heartedly agree
  11. Yeah Lee. Casual nights out have been swapped with schedules and planning wayyyyy in advance
  12. Whilst these will no doubt be good, solid games; it's hard to shake the feeling that it's all over for the Wii U. When Nintendo's big E3 showing amounts to wheeling out the old reliables twenty years after they originally debuted you know something is fatally wrong. Exactly. I'm actually tired of Mario and Zelda.
  13. I love that one of Stefan watching JW sign his LP
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