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  1. I love this piece!!!!! Have actually gotten away from teaching about it. :-/
  2. Sort of gave that up. I'd like to finish it. But I have a sore spot for cheaters
  3. No I'm still in VD but almost through the third season
  4. I told you to watch red October!!!! it's great!
  5. I just booked the Revere -looks super great - one of the "cheaper" ones.
  6. It is impressive to me when someone can eloquently capture the essence of a time in a score. And not in a bombastic way. Very understated.
  7. Coming from someone who hasn't seen ST yet. Do you think perhaps because we aren't seeing these characters weekly in a tv show and Frakes isn't in the inner circle on the creation of the movie, Abrams is missing the "ST" connection we were talking about earlier?
  8. Getting excited. Going to book the hotel tonight. Any recommendations?
  9. I used to, but decided to live in the now
  10. Looked at hotels. Seem to be hovering around 200-250$. Wouldn't mind reminiscing at the Boston park plaza again but will book something tomorrow.
  11. Ren


    (Grabbing popcorn)
  12. I can hardly wait. But your pictures better make me look thin lol
  13. I am so excited for this. But unfortunately I don't have bbc. How long will I have to wait to see it?
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