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  1. i guess i really should go see Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln huh?
  2. i'm looking for some music to listen to - i'm actually sick of trance right now.
  3. i saw the trailer and i thought the music was over the top actually. in an almost good way.
  4. Yes It's all good here. Not gonna say more. Movie and trailers great all around.
  5. Ok. Just saw the hobbit. Drooling over Thorin loved the Star Trek trailer and superman. Yay!!!!!
  6. 1. HP PoA 2. HP SS 3. JP 4. ET 5. Superman 6. SW 7. Schindler 8. Jaws 9. Saving Private Ryan 10. Indy Raiders
  7. I don't know. I like a bad boy, with arrogance and selfishness. Although if it consumes him then I'm out. Just the 'tude is what makes it for me
  8. Is that the reason I'm attracted to cumberbatchs Sherlock? Arrogant and selfish? Lol
  9. It's good to know that you can branch out and retract
  10. I LOVE SFDF but am partial to Janet's songs as that's the character I used to play, soni love dammit Janet and over at the Frankenstein place Wait. Brad just sings that right. No harmony from Janet.
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