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  1. Your Top 5 JW scores. A.I. Prisoner of Azkaban Catch Me If You Can Munich Memoirs of A Geisha Your Top 5 film scores, regardless of composer. Other people compose music for film besides JW? News to me. Your Top 5 movies. Gravity There Will Be Blood Cache Weekend Brokeback Mountain
  2. I don't know what you're talking about. But it sounds like an honor. And now I love him.
  3. Chamber Of Secrets. I'm not sure if it wasn't used at all in the film. But the scope and breadth of it on the album is nowhere to be found in the actual movie.
  4. I remember when I made the original thread for this. Many moons ago. Good to be back. Anyways....Artificial Intelligence.
  5. If Lucas is doing the movies to satisfy his own need then let him do it. It's his movie, his universe, his creation. We shouldn't be at the top of his priority, let him make a film the way he sees fit. Our role is to judge the movie not make it, and if we are harsh then we are harsh, but it's his film. And NO ONE should tell him what to write, what to edit or how to make His movie.
  6. I just got back power! And its not funny Simon R. besides incovenience this is a major problem. But my fellow New Yorkers are acting civil thank god!
  7. Incarnations of immortality by Peirs Anthony. VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD READ!
  8. Ok the let me be specific. James Cameron Philip kaufman Ron Howard Sam mendes Stephen Sommers Robert Zemmicks William Goldman Steven Soderbergh M. Night Shyamalan
  9. You asked who i wanted to direct it and i posted a list of my fav directors.
  10. I would have: James Cameron Philip kaufman Frank Darabont Rob Marshel Baz Luhrman Stephen Dalory David Fincher Ron Howard Sam mendes Martin Brest Stephen Sommers Robert Zemmicks William Goldman Steven Soderbergh Anione Fuqua Jonathon Demme M. Night Shyamalan Why?
  11. i Think the Newell anouncement is another big dissapointment from the WB, first dissapointing choice was making Cuaron director. And i think the dementors should look like this.
  12. I don't think anime should compete with american cartoons when the very essence of anime is derived from the western culture. Considering that all the characters DO NOT look asian anime can be perceived as the japanese perception on western life. I have yet to see an asian with natural, red or blonde hair or have wide blue eyes. Plus anime has nothing on disney, at all. Disney uses state of the art animation that will change the form of cartoons for years. It doesn't mean that anime isn't good it just means that it's not better. And anime can be very repetive, they all ways have the same roster of characters. 1) The reluctant hero. 2) the suave villian with small eyes, a beautiful face who ALWAYS wears a snear/smirk/evil smile. 3) A hot head character who shoots first thinks later, either an eager child or an adult who acts like a child.
  13. HPFAN, who is also ignorant on conducting and was going to ask this question, and appreciates JoeinAr doing it first.
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