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  1. Anyone know what the chronological order is of the tracks on the Munich soundtrack? I can;t seem to place them, and I do plan on seeing the film this week but would like to watch it and not try and pick out the cues. Thanks
  2. I haven't yet seen the movie, but I have the soundtrack, and I can tell right away that they are not in order. Does anyone know waht the correct order is of the tracks to the best of there knowledge? Thanks
  3. Larger trailer is up now, including ones in HD: http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/munich/
  4. The poster for the film looks pretty good as well: I like the tagline. Pretty chilling...
  5. Mark Hamill as The Joker? Wow, some people need to get off there Star Wars fix. It will be at least 2 years minimum before the next Batman hits theaters, and Hamill will be pretty old by then. I'm sure they would want a more familiar and marketable actor than him. He has only the Star Wars films to his credit really, and though he may do a good job, he deonst fit the persona of a psycho villain at all. It wiould be a very awkward and miscasted part, and I'm sure the majority of the movie going public would agree. (the public outside of this forum that is)
  6. Pretty simple if you ask me........
  7. Uh, yea, it "only" made $15 million on opening day when compared to the other films, but lets look at the figures: Heres how the past 4 films performed, in millions: Batman: Opening ($40) Overall ($251) Batman Returns: Opening ($45) Overall ($160) Batman Forever: Opening ($52) Overall ($185) Batman & Robin: Opening ($42) Overall ($107) Of course, this is just stateside alone. How does WB feel about it: http://www.variety.com/article/VR111792459...13&cs=1&s=h&p=0 Now look at past Wednesday openings, from boxofficemojo.com: Rank Title / Studio / Opening Day / % of Total Theaters
  8. Why not nominate ROTS while were at it? Its halfway through the year, no one has even seen it yet. I have a poll...... Are there too many needless polls around?
  9. A very good job in my opinion. The film version of Battle of the Heroes is well done in editing. Although some of the sfx do take over a bit in the opening the majority of the middle is free of dialogue and sfx, whihc includes some of the best music.
  10. Far and Away Born on the Fourth of July JFK
  11. "I Could Have Done More" - Schindler's List "Reunion" - A.I. How bout a few non-williams scores? Maybe a change of pace, but there are quite a few that come to mind for me...... "End Credits" - Glory and Braveheart "Crucifixion" - Passion of the Christ "The Grey Havens" - LOTR: ROTK
  12. I would say, and I am being generous: Visual Effects Sound Effects Sound Effects Editing No performance from this film could possibly get a nomination by a long shot, unless they killed off all other competition in Hollywood, and even then it would only be for the sake of holding an awards show. McDiarmids role was good, but far from Oscar worthy. I think fans are really over rating his performance and all to eager to heap praise on it. Villains typically don't get nominations simply because there acting is often too hammy or so over the top that it borders on just plain silly. Based on the ki
  13. Kingdom of Heaven.......... Just saw the film and have been listening to the soundtrack, and the film doesn't coincide with the current track listing. Anyone have any thoughts?
  14. A superb soundtrack, much better than Zimmer's work in Gladiator by a long shot. It doesnt have the bombast or recurrent themes that brought the music down, but instead uses much more variety in terms of themes and is more restrained than most epic soundtracks, something I rather enjoy after seeing Troy and Alexander. I also didn't mind the use of the Vide Cor Meum track during the death of King Baldwin in the film. It was well used and a rather emotional scene too. It was an opera, "Dante's La vita nuova" written by Patrick Cassidy so it isn't just exclusive just to that film. I have heard a
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