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  1. Hello all, I was just thinking ... Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was a refreshingly (and perhaps surprisingly?) enjoyable sequel after the awful run of sequels and spin-offs the last few years. Think of how many sequel/spin-off/prequel films there have been in the last few years that have ranged from mediocre to terrible, all of which started with an original that was at least decent (most were awesome)! I thought of a few since about 2000. * Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace * Jurassic Park 3 * Mission Impossible 2 * Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones * Star Trek 10: Nemesis * The Matrix Reloaded * The Matrix Revolutions * The Ring 2 * Ice Age 2 * The Legend of Zorro * Batman Begins (although opinions vary widely on this film) * X-Men 3: The Last Stand But on the other hand, there have been precious few sequels that were much better than their originals ... namely Spider-man 2 and X-Men 2: United. If anyone thinks of any others, feel free to share! The ones I listed above are only the ones that I've seen. God bless, Alex
  2. It would've been cool to have a heroic version of Anakin's theme during the battle over Coruscant, more of the love theme when he and Padme reunite (instead of that dark, unsettling, almost creepy music ... I don't get it ...), Darth Vader's theme during his duel with Obi-Wan (for HIM, not Palpatine and Yoda ... what was that about?!?), a powerful rendition of Palpatine's theme (like in the climax to Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi while he and Yoda are talking before battle. I would've liked to hear Luke and Leia's theme during their birth instead of the Harry Potter sounding celeste stuff ... but then again, who wouldn't have? (apparently JW :? ), and something other than two nearly note-for-note reprises of "Qui-Gon's Funeral" from Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace ... I have to wonder how much of this is because of George Lucas, Ben Burtt, etc. because there was an awesome rendition of Palpatine's theme as he fought the Jedi Masters that didn't make it into the film, and I'm sure that there must be other cues that JW intended to have used but were cut! Also, lots of great music was missing from the OST (as usual). The full original version of "Battle over Coruscant" (which I have now and it rocks!), "Another Happy Landing" (have it too), the music when Anakin and Padme reunite, the full original "Obi-Wan's Departure" (aka "Brothers' Farewell" etc.; have it), the music when Obi-Wan arrives on Utapau (have it), the piece when Palpatine reveals himself to Anakin (have it), the 20-30ish seconds of music during the mislabeled "Anakin's Betrayal" (I call it "Jedi Purge", JW called it "Lament" at some point; have it), the piece as Bail Organa leaves on the Tantive IV and Obi-Wan steals General Grevious' ship (have it), "Anakin's Dark Deeds" with the awesome percussion (have it), the extended "It Can't Be" (have it), the reprise of the lament on the landing pad, and the full duel music (have it) ... I have a handful of other cues but those are the highlights ^ ^ ^ There are many awesome motivic relationships throughout the score that I hear now! God bless, Alex
  3. Hello all, I can't believe that when I first heard the score to Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith I was disappointed and didn't like it very much (particularly "Battle of the Heroes" and Grievous' chase music)!!! I listen to it all the time now, and it is FANTASTIC music!!! I still don't think it's as good as it could've been, but it still rocks. There are tons of little motives interwoven throughout the score that either aren't on the OST or you have to listen a closely to catch, and I also have a lot of music not on the OST now too. Great score. God bless, Alex
  4. Hello all! Check out the "Within a Minute" documentary on the "Revenge of the Sith" DVD. John Williams and the music has its own section, and there are 52 seconds of awesome unreleased duel music!!! Also, the documentary opens with either an alternate and/or mixed differently (unmixed?) recording of "Anakin's Betrayal" (I call it "Jedi Purge", some call it "Order 66", etc.) There are bits of unreleased music all over the place, too!!! God bless, Alex
  5. Hello all, I've read all 6 of the "Star Wars" film novels, and a handful of novels surrounding the films (Cloak of Deception, The Approaching Storm, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, and Shadows of the Empire), not that the latter have to do with much, but this could be explained in a book I haven't read ... In "Revenge of the Sith", the Separatist council takes orders from Darth Sidious (he lets them know that Lord Vader is going to "take care of them" LOL ). It was my understanding (explained by Dooku in "Attack of the Clones") that Sidious used the Trade Federation to blockade Naboo and get him elected Supreme Chancellor, then he betrayed them and let them get arrested because he had what he wanted. They went to Count Dooku for help, not knowing that he was in league with Darth Sidious (and under his orders). Count Dooku formed the Separatist movement, so he and Sidious could lead the galaxy to war. He trained General Grievous, and the Separatist council was under his orders too ("Revenge of the Sith"-he told them to go to Mustafar). He was under Count Dooku's orders, and no one knew that Dooku was under Sidious except Grevious and the Jedi. Dooku was killed by Anakin, so the Separatists followed Grevious alone, not knowing that he answered to Sidious. Then Grevious was killed-so shouldn't the council be leaderless and decide everything themselves? Why the hologram in "Revenge of the Sith" of Sidious telling the Separatists to expect Vader? Why would they still be under his orders after he betrayed them at the end of "The Phantom Menace"? I could be seeing this all wrong, or there could be a really obvious answer ... but if anyone has any correction or solution, please let me know! God bless, Alex
  6. Hello all, I've seen "Revenge of the Sith", read the unabridged script, as well as read all six movie novels, but there are some things that STILL remain unanswered (formerly established mysteries, not plot holes in this thread): * Who was Jedi Master Sifo-Dias (I think that's how he was spelled), and how did he work into the whole story? "Master Sifo-Dias died nearly 10 years ago", "When MY master first contacted you?", "WHOEVER ordered that army did not have the approval of the council", etc. etc. * Who deleted the Kamino files from the Archives in the Jedi Temple? There was 1 line that seemed to hint that General Grevious did it in the "Revenge of the Sith" novel, but that was a stretch ... There were a few more but that's all I can immediately remember. God bless, Alex
  7. Hello all, The music in "Revenge of the Sith" that everyone keeps calling "Clone Army" music isn't!!! It's music from "The Arena" in "Attack of the Clones", the first 2/3 of the piece that was actually cut from its origianl film. If watching only the films, we actually haven't heard it yet (similar to the Podrace music cut from "The Phantom Menace" and used the Battle of Geonosis in "Attack of the Clones"). It fit ok but I'm sure Williams composed something more interesting. I didn't like the part from "The Empire Strikes Back" being used during the Yoda/Sidious fight, whether it was Williams' decision or Lucas'. I know it was a new recording and not tracked, but I don't consider it an original cue (although it is a faster tempo, and the 3 punctuated trumpet/brass notes embellishing the 2nd half of Darth Vader's theme are faster-maybe 16ths instead of triplets-, and the new last 4 notes). I heard some other quiet parts from "The Phantom Menace" tracked throughout the score, and at least one unreleased cue from "Attack of the Clones". More obviously, I heard "Escape from Naboo" and "Anakin Destroys the Federation Battleship" from "The Phantom Menace" tracked into the opening battle (which was brilliant in my opinion! And I mean the battle itself, not the msuic edits). I like the film version of the music that segues from the Main Title into the actual battle A LOT more than the soundtrack version (the end of the Main Title being cut short). God bless, Alex
  8. Hello all, I've listened to the score to "Revenge of the Sith" a few times now!!! I have been waiting for this soundtrack ever since I listened to "Attack of the Clones" for the first time. I got hooked on "Star Wars" when I saw "The Phantom Menace" came out, believe it or not-I in about the 7th grade! I got the soundtrack (even though it was butchered horribly!), and I fell in love with "Star Wars", saving up for months to buy the Special Edition 2-CD releases of the Origina Trilogy. I was a complete nut about it all once "Attack of the Clones" came out. I love just about every single note of the Original Trilogy scores, and the 2 prequel scores definately have positive points with me too. I can't sit and listen to the 2 early prequel scores straight through and enjoy myself as much as when I do it with the 2-CD OT sets, but many parts of them are excellent. "Across the Stars" is my favorite piece of all time. John Williams is one of my favorite film composers. I was so excited when I got a copy of this score early that I was about to wet myself. (Ok, not really) All that being said, I'm honestly a little disappointed with the score, as much as I HATE to admit it!!! Of course, I'm just disappointed with the part of the score that we get to hear on the OST release. Here's a summary of how I feel about the score: 1.) Star Wars and The Revenge of the Sith The same recording of the "Main Title" from the other 2 prequels, except the last few seconds are cut off as another piece just interrupts. That made me really mad. On the better side, there is some really cool hardcore action music for the next 6+ minutes! The Force Theme is used early on. This action music reminds me of the chase sequences in "Indiana Jones". 2.) Anakin's Dream This piece is GORGEOUS! It starts out with a touching harp and viola duet, with the Love Theme entering behind as a violin takes over. It's very gentle and loving. The only thing that bugs me about that rendition is that instead of a i-iv-i progression for the first few chords, it goes i-IV-i and to me unbalances the first few beats of the theme. The Love Theme ends, and the music grows more intense and, takes a break, then builds back up to a smaller climax. After a little eeriness, thick strings take over that remind me of "The Patriot". The first part of the Love Theme returns, and the rest of the track gradually grows dark and unsettling. 3.) Battle of the Heroes I love the first minute and 10 seconds of this track!!! It's huge and epic and tragic!!! The rest of it is just ok to me ... I was expecting something more like "Neodammerung" from Don Davis' score to "The Matrix Revolutions" or something, I guess. This piece starts out like "Everybody Runs" from "Minority Report". The Force Theme is heard about halfway through, a really intense rendition with orchestra and choir. I love the pounding brass and timpani near the ending! 4.) Anakin's Betrayal This piece is just ... wow. Awesome stuff. It's the most emotionally tugging piece on the score to me. It's very dramatic and heartbreaking, full orchestra and chorus used, but not thematically driven. 5.) General Grievous This piece is just kind of here ... some pretty cool action music, but it doesn't seem to have much direction. The neat percussion at the beginning reminds of "Dennis Steals the Embryo" from "Jurassic Park". About 45 seconds into it there's a weird cool rendition of the Force Theme, probably for Obi-Wan. 6.) Palpatine's Teachings It starts out with some weird ambience of a really deep male voice singing and some really high tones. Reminds me of some of the moments in "Seven Years in Tibet". Not a lot happens until about halfway through, and we get a really low rendition of Darth Vader's Theme. More ambient stuff until the very end, and there is a repeat of the triumphant Coruscant motif from "The Phantom Menace" as Queen Amidala, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin jump into hyperspace going back to Naboo. 7.) Grievous and the Droids More kind of cool action music, but not thematically driven. It's really busy, of course, because it's Williams! Nothing really memorable though. Upon further listening, I heard a rendition of the Main Theme/Luke's Theme buried in there!!! 8.) Padme's Ruminations This track is just weird. It doesn't sound like "Star Wars" to me at all, especially the first part. There are some weird electronic tones, and a female singer (either edited or synthesized) with a pulsing bass. The second half is dark and more mysterious. Again, nothing really catchy. And again, upon further listening, high above at one point I heard the first phrase of the Love Theme on some synths!!! 9.) Anakin vs. Obi-Wan I have many mixed feelings about this track and the last track too. It starts out fast-paced with the Battle of the Heroes theme. A rendition of Vader's theme that sounds heavily influenced by "The Empire Strikes Back" takes over, and the Battle of the Heroes theme comes back for 2 more great renditions. The last part of Vader's theme from "The Empire Strikes Back" and the swirly music following it from when Vader uses the Force to throw stuff at Luke and he falls out the big window ("The Duel" or "Clash of the Lightsabers", whichever you want to call it) takes over. It gets kind of busy for a while, then this entire renditions takes over again, with a measure or two left out between phrases of the theme. Instead of ending with the swirly music this time, Williams tacked on an extra measure that ends it like Vader's Theme (concert version) does. More fast-faced music, and the Battle of the Heroes theme returns. After a while, the Force Theme is heard. This piece doesn't have a slamming ending or anything, it just fades off ... This is a great piece, but I was expecting more new music. Half this track is note-for-note "The Empire Strikes Back". What I want to know is-this piece is 3:54. The duel is going to be about 12 minutes. Either there is lots of great music missing on the OST from the duel, only a third of the duel will be scored, or Lucas plans on tracking previously recorded music for the duel. Or any combination of those. Or maybe even all 3, knowing how things worked out with the other 2 prequel movies. None of that makes me happy. 10.) Anakin's Dark Deeds This piece has full orchestra and choir too. It's really dramatic, but not thematic. And not particularly dark. 11.) Enter Lord Vader For a track with such a cool name, the piece doesn't do it much justice. It starts out pretty quiet, then the low brass and percussion come in, because it's Williams More quietness, with a few swells ... a really "Indiana Jones"ish sounding section right in the middle, and we hear Vader's Theme about 3/4 of the way through the piece. The upper brass voices get kind of busy, and the piece ends with the first part of the Force Theme followed by the first part of the theme for Palpatine/the Sith/the Dark Side. 12.) The Immolation Scene This piece is wonderful! Very heavy, thick strings. Again, reminds me a lot of "The Patriot" (the last part of "Remembering the Wilderness/First Ambush" and the last part of "Martin vs. Tavington"). But again, nothing thematic. 13.) Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious More typical Grievous music, apparently. Not so much action music I don't think, but it's definately well-paced and militaristic. Awesome few moments with the choir about a minute into it. The music fades off for the latter 2/3 of the track. Sadly again, nothing much worth noting ... 14.) The Birth of the Twins and Padme's Destiny The first part of this track sounds otherworldly. Not Tatooine or Dagobah or Otoh Gunga kind of otherwordly, but more like the beginning of Danny Elfman's "Edward Scissorhands" kind of otherwordly. Starting with the low brass, "Qui-Gon's Funeral" from "The Phantom Menace" is reprised twice in a row, almost note for note. A fantastic performance, too! 15.) A New Hope and End Credits This track is one of my favorites, but a big disappointment to me It starts out with a sweeping horn melody that sounds to me almost completely ripped off of James Horner's score to "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" (after the Main Titles are over and the really high cellos play that sweeping, sad melody) We're then presented with Leia's theme, followed by a very gentle, loving rendition of Luke's theme in the upper strings. About this-up to this point, in all 5 other movies, we've never heard Luke's theme/Main Star Wars Theme played in its major mode in the string section. Maybe it works ok though because he's just been born and that's something that happens only once After this, we hear the Force Theme almost note-for-note as we hear it in Episode IV in "Binary Sunset"-the horn solo and strings taking over. However, 1 chord is different! It's like this throughout the entire CD!!! It drives me crazy!!! I hate it!!! It's ok in action pieces or when the theme isn't very tonally centered, but all the time just bugs the heck out of me. The different chord is in the second phrase of the theme. It has always been i-IV-i up to now, but the way he harmonizes it in this score is instead of going to major IV in minor mode, he uses the Neapolitan chord every single time. I hate it. An if-fy brass transition raises our spirits to the End Credits, which is a fantastic performance, and the first full performance of the OT (IV and VI) End Credits-the full fanfare, along with Luke's Theme instead of the brass whole notes and strings runs in I and II. The music fades off nearly note-for-note as in the End Credits to Episode IV and we hear, note-for-note, the second half of the concert version of Leia's Theme. This is taken over by "Battle of the Heroes", which is very good However, "Battle of the Heroes" just stops and the arrangement of "The Throne Room/End Credits" from Episode IV that the Skywalker Symphony plays just jumps in unexpectedly. And then, this piece stops and we go back to the film versions' End Credits, which in turn are taken over by the arrangement of "The Throne Room/End Credits" from Episode IV. This piece, while containing awesome music, doesn't flow very well at all, I don't think. It is really exciting to hear another recording of all this stuff though!!! This score really does have some awesome moments, and it's definately a must-buy for any "Star Wars" and/or Williams fans. Just don't expect another knock-you-off-your-feet "Star Wars" score, in case you were, or you'll get disappointed. There is no Yoda's Theme, no Anakin's Theme, very little new Vader's Theme, next to no Love Theme, only a little Palpatine/Sith/Dark Side theme, no discernable General Grievous Theme or Mace Windu theme. However, the performance is really good, and the parts of the CD that are good are REALLY good!!! Just love it for what it is A few days later ... this score has really grown on me. It didn't make much of a first impression, and it's still my least favorite "Star Wars" score, but I'm not quite as cynical about it It just took a while I guess ...
  9. Hello all, I'm sure many of you will be interested in watching Episode 11 of the "Star Wars: Clone Wars" cartoon series. Whoever the guy is that provides the commentary stated that he thought it was neat to finally do a battle or chase or something with only cool SFX "without the music getting in the way". As a hardcore Williams fan, and "Star Wars" being my favorite music ever, I am, needless to say, quite angry at this ridiculous approach. I thought the chase was great when I watched for the first time, but when I listened to the commentary, his comment just ruined it for me. Did anyone else pick up on this? God bless, Alex
  11. I have a few favorites .... *The climax (about 3:00-4:00) of "Across the Stars" *The wedding (AOTC) *The part already mentioned in TESB when Luke calls Leia with the Force, with the Force theme played so ... no word for it *"Where Dreams are Born" from AI *"I Remember" from HOOK, with the flying music that follows *"The Patriot" (whole thing, except the brass choir and ending) So yeah, great stuff, all of it is. God bless, Alex
  12. Perfect pitch is NOT a curse .... at least for me. I don't know if I developed it from years and years of piano and strings (I'm 17, been playing piano since I was 5, viola since I was 11), or if I was born with it, but it really is a blessing. I think it's cool to hear an elevator beep, or the sound of an electronic appliance (tea kettle, vacuum cleaner hum, etc.), and random backround music (video game music, Windows start-up music, etc.) and all that stuff. Then again, I'm a composer, going to NCSA (North Carolina School of the Arts) next year, my senior year, to finish high school, studying music composition, and I plan on being a film composer after college. Maybe that's why I feel differently about it, but whatever .... I'm very thankful for my gift. God bless, Alex
  13. Dunno how to vote in a poll, but I thought it was really good. God bless, Alex
  14. Hello all .... I wanted to get some opinions as to why Williams scored Anakin's search for Shmi with a new rendition of DotF. It had a great effect in the movie, but didn't make much sense .... UNLESS DotF, the theme for the battle between the Jedi and the Sith, represents the battle between the Jedi and the Sith within Anakin himself, who is a Jedi for the time being but ultimately succombs to the way of the Sith. Does that make sense? Other ideas would be great .... And also, Dooku's theme bears a STRONG resemblance to the love theme to AOTC. The 7-note theme is a dark rendition of the first 2 measures (without the pickup) of the love theme, slowed down a bit and the rhythm staggered slightly. Wondering if anyone noticed that. God bless, Alex
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