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  1. I really liked Kylo Ren in this. I feel like his character is how I imagined Anakin Skywalker should have been in the prequels, but you know, with acting and emotion.
  2. This was my 13th consecutive year going, and while it's always a great time, I was really excited to see him have a little more variety than in the past few years. Having the choir play a few selections was a real treat as well which he hasn't done in years. I also enjoyed the fact that the film cut of E.T. he used didn't have the guns replaced by walkee talkies. Here are a few clips I got:
  3. i just got back from the saturday concert as well and of course it was great as always. i loved the bernard hermann feature. Seeing the Maestro up close was definately an experience but seeing as how i'm not rich uncle pennybags, it probably won't hold as part of the yearly tradition. I got some pictures but with the longer exposure time at nightand my not-so-stable hands most are kinda blurry, but i'll post some nonetheless tomorrow..er..later today. I also got some video (digital camera, not camcorder) of almost all of the superman march and from the raiders march to the end of the spielberg/lucas suite (including the cool rainbow effect at the end). As for the audio recording, I got a major mic upgrade the day before the concert so I didn't have much time to test and fiddle with it but, while the recording isn't perfect, it's fathoms beyond previous years recordings. And so I leave you with a quick mp3 cut of "Flight from Neverland" so you can get a taste
  4. i'll be there for the saturday show for sure. this'll be my 7th consecutive year and i look forward to it every time. we went all out and tracked down garden boxes this year. Figured we better do it once before we croak (because we all know Williams never will). Hopefully i'll get some good pics (and maybe a decent recording ) now. i think it's about $5, well worth it.
  5. I'll be going to the saturday show. this'll be my 6th or 7th year going now and yes, I will be bringing my recorder again :spiny:
  6. Thanks to Yoda Claus I was able to attend the premiere, and believe me I tried to record it but they were on top of things and I was not able to get my mp3 player/recorder in
  7. Once i get it all split up then i'd be happy to share, but right now it's just 2 huge wav files so i'll work on that.
  8. the chorus was also a great addition this year. they did especially well on the amistad piece. this is my 5th or 6th year in a row at the bowl and i enjoy it everytime. With all the encores he does you really get your money worth. and did I mention I record each years concert?
  9. I think it's "The Hunt" from Elfman's Planet of the Apes
  10. Looks like Ottman is confirmed: While i'm very happy that Singer is directing over McG, Ottman is going to have to step it up quite a bit. And more good news: 8O IF that turns out to be true, it just keeps getting better
  11. I just got back from seeing this film tonight. I have to say I agree with Trumpeteer for the most part. Seeing the trailer made me think it would be more like a romantic comedy, and I suppose there's an element of that, but it's not really the focus of the story at all and doesn't end up like one. In fact it seemed like Zeta-Jones didn't even show up until the second hour (probably less, but it felt like a long time). That's not a complaint though, after seeing the direction the story went I was glad it wasn't a "i love you and have to be with you but i'm stuck in an airport" story. It also took me a couple minutes to get used to Hanks' accent because...well, he's tom hanks and doesn't have an acccent, but you soon forget about that as Hanks creates a great character. The music is pretty much what I excpected it to be. It's nice, light, and not overbearing or cheesy in the comedic portions. I doubt it will be replacing Harry Potter in the cd player as far as heavy listening, but it's certainly something i'll be picking up and listen too when i'm in the right mood.
  12. Looks like Mr. Shore had a nice post-awards evening:
  13. Because Neo touched The Source in reloaded so he then had a connection with everything connected to the source (meaning pretty much all the machines). The Matrix is connected to the source as is the machine city which is why the oracle says the power extends beyond the matrix. It was about sacrificing himself to save everyone, man and machine, and thus creating a peace between the two. Smith, being Neo's opposite, wanted, obviously, the opposite: to destroy everything. the positive and negative cancel each other out and give the machines the oppertunity to delete smith and reassimilate neo's code so the matrix could be reloaded. The girl at the end, Sati, was a program created out of love of two machines. The problem is that she had no purpose and faced deletion, so her parents got help from the merovigian to save her and let the oracle take care of her. As to why she has control over the sun and who knows what else at the end is still a mystery, but i've heard some more of these questions may be answered in "The Matrix online" game.
  14. The other 2 disc's on the last one are the FOTR and TTT soundtrack packaged with ROTK. I don't think there's anything new about them
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