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  1. This is amazingly really, really good. There is some fantastic Williams/Copland-esque moments.
  2. http://alexanderebert.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Ebert Very, very upsetting this group of nominees lost to this. From what I've heard of this score, it's very soundscape-ish and boring. Almost kinda fitting…maybe "all is lost" for good film music to win anything.
  3. Alright, on the drum topic: I'm a drummer and have been playing for over 2/3's of life. I was actually a bit excited after reading about the pieces on the score and am a big fan of most the drummers that were listed as contributors/players. Jason Bonham, Josh Freese, Danny Carey, Jim Keltner, Matt Chamberlain, Vinnie Colaiuta to name a few. The amount experience and recordings just this small list of drummers I mentioned have is unmeasurable. Now, sonically, yes, you can tell by the way a snare cracks and properly tuned drum sounds that is not a typical "drum circle." BUT, with the amount of talent that was assembled for this, all these drummers were greatly under utilized by some basic patterns that a small group average drummers could have done in half an afternoon. Greatly disappointing and a massive waste of some of the best drumming talent in the industry. On a larger scale, most film composers don't seem to write interesting drum/percussion parts. Most are just some simple half-note/quarter-note pounding. Now composers like Williams (those sections in the Chase through Coruscant are just brilliant), Giacchino and Brian Tyler (he plays the drums...quite well!) know how to keep their percussion sections moving and interesting.
  4. I actually liked it quite a bit. I did miss the heavyness of "Train of Thought," but that is one of the reasons why I love this band, every album has a different identity. As a drummer, I love Portnoy, but I did start to feel that his playing and patterns where becoming a bit repetitive, so I am pretty happy Mangini made the cut (Virgil Donati would have been amazing as well). Plus, I think Mangini's overall drum sound and tone are much better and richer—although not a big fan of the ride cymbal he used on the last album. I always look forward to a new Dream Theater album. Bring it!
  5. It was a fantastic concert! The set list was the same as above except for the addition of an encore from cellist Johannes Moser,which I recognized, but for the life of me couldn't place. The orchestra sounded great except for a couple of spots where the brass had some minor issues. I think Williams is finally showing his age a little bit. He had to be helped (albeit minor) on and off the podium. There were a few attendees that frustrated me a little bit. Apparently, so the story goes, that during the intermission, someone was really giving the San Diego Symphony CEO an earful about why was Williams playing this "weird cello music" and not his popular stuff. Just craziness. The Concerto sounded awesome and Moser did a fantastic job. The highlight for me was the Far & Away suite. I've always had a soft spot for that score and consider it one of his most underrated scores. So to hear it live and that he included it was spectacular. Even the "popular" pieces that we've all heard a million times over sounded amazing live. The Lincoln piece could bring tears to your eyes and the principle cellist performed the opening marvelously. I'm sorry I am unable to call out any differences between last nights arrangement and the album, for I was truly living in the musical moment. Even the principle violinist did a fantastic job on Schindler's List, even though it felt a tad bit rushed in the beginning, nothing major though. A great once-in-a-lifetime event for me and my 16-year-old son (who also thought it was pretty awesome. His first live orchestral performance). I kept wondering though, as I was standing in the lobby waiting to be let in, which of the attendees standing around me were fellow JWFan members. Hmmm...
  6. In all the anticipation, arrived a bit early and hanging out in the lobby. Gonna be a great concert!
  7. I'll be attending tonight as well. Really looking forward to this!
  8. HAN: Dude,really?! Did you really just fart? LANDO: He,he, he...smells like Colt 45...
  9. So, just because I haven't had time to listen to the entire set yet, does this pretty much render the 2 early boots (along with the other 3-4cd boots out there) obsolete? Or is there anything that needs to be saved? Film stems or not, having the entire Ultimate War is something I've been waiting to appear for a very, very, very long time. I've been living with ChrusherComix's & Takis' early rips for soooo long! It's nice to hear it SFX free...almost seems weird.
  10. There is also some of Shostakovich's 5th Symphony used in Patriot Games during the scene where Ryan etc. are watching the African camp raids via satellite.
  11. Here are some recommendations: Steve Vai-Sound Theories Vol. 1 & 2. Incredible live 2cd set recorded with the Metropole Orkest and some of Steve's best playing. Dream Theater - Score - 3cd live set, with 2 discs recorded with the Octavarium Orchestra (anything by Dream Theater is incredible IMO. (Six Degrees of Turbulence also has some symphonic elements, albeit with keyboards) Within Temptation - (2 albums) - Black Symphony (2cd live set recorded with the Metropole Orchestra) & The Heart of Everything. Symphony X - V: The New Mythology, The Odyssey & Paradise Lost. All 3 incredible albums. Progressive heavy metal with an orchestrated flare. Lead guitarist was heavily influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen. Kamelot - Ghost Opera & The Black Halo - their 2 best albums IMO. Nightwish - Dark Passion Play and although I'm not a huge fan, the band Epica falls into this style as well. Hope that helps a little bit. If I think of anything else, I'll update the post. Jamesyboy
  12. And I was there to see him waving politely to the crowd.
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