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    That_Bloke reacted to A. A. Ron in The Time I (almost) Met John Williams   
    Seriously, and no disrespect intended, that was a creepy thing to do. At least, I know that would have made me pretty uncomfortable, were I John Williams. You all remember the guy who broke into Spielberg's house?
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    That_Bloke reacted to Loert in The Mystery of "The Map Room: Dawn"   
    I've been listening lately to the ROTLA score (in preparation for the LtP concert on Saturday!), and of course I happily came across "The Map Room: Dawn", which is probably my favourite 'religioso' Williams track. It's just got a perfect build-up and dissolution:
    Anyway, one of my favourite bits from the track is the women's choir starting at around 3:22. The way it just seems to hover and then disappear into the air, like a ghostly apparition...perfect.  
    However, lately I've been reading up on counterpoint in music, and since the choir is clearly acting as a contrapuntal line against the high winds, I was interested in finding out what notes the women's choir was actually singing. Because they seem to fit so well and naturally with the main melody, and yet there's something...spookish about them. Something a little out of place, which makes it hard to figure out the notes that they're actually singing.
    So I decided to take a look at the original score...and what I found surprised me, to say the least!
    This is what the original handwritten score has written down:

    This is what it sounds like on piano: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18637418/maproom1.mp3
    Now, this is a classic example of a contrapuntal line below a main melody. It fits harmonically, goes in contrary motion to the main melody, is stylistically similar...all perfect. A+ goes to Mr. Williams.
    BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU HEAR IN THE RECORDING!!! You can tell this immediately from rhythm, because the choir at the Dm chord (bar 4) sings a single note in the recording, not two notes like in the score.
    In fact, THIS is what you hear:

    And this is what it sounds like on piano: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18637418/maproom2.mp3
    The choir part is singing an entire measure ahead of the orchestra! And, honestly, compared to the previous excerpt, it sounds horrible on the piano, like a two-legged cat walking across the keyboard. So how interesting is it, that when the choir sings these exact same notes against the woodwind and trumpets on the original recording, it doesn't sound so ugly at all? It actually sounds...kinda heavenly?
    I'm intrigued by how this came to be. My guess is that: the choir was recorded separately from the orchestra, and the beat counting got cocked up somehow, so when the orchestra and choir was put together the notes were out of sync. But I don't actually know if the choir was recorded separately... It is also possible that the copyist cocked up the sheet music for the choir, and had a bar missing somewhere.
    But surely Williams would've picked up the error, in both cases?
    So what if Williams instinctively suggested at the recording sessions that the choir should sing a measure ahead? Or somebody else with a deep knowledge of the orchestral score? Could he have predicted that the music would still sound so good, to the point that nobody would even consider a mismatch between the recording and sheet music used for the sessions, despite the fact that what the choir is singing doesn't go with the orchestra at all, tonally speaking?
    There is of course the possibilty that Herbert Spencer cocked up and misread Williams' original sketch, but that doesn't seem realistic considering that the choir in the original score appears to be a textbook example of a contrapuntal line in the first place.
    It's strange...and yet fascinating. If simply nobody picked up on it in the recording sessions, then I guess it's a happy mistake. But if this was a conscious decision on Williams' part, then I guess you could say he's got musical balls of steel...and that he's a genius.
    I suppose it just goes to show that, sometimes, musical theory cannot predict when the greatest beauties in music might appear.  
    What do you guys think? (and has anybody noticed this before?)
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    That_Bloke reacted to artguy360 in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    Morricone is a fantastic composer but TH8 is hardly a great score. This situation is like when Scorsese won for The Departed. Not even close to his best work but a very good late in life work that was awarded an Oscar in case he never got another chance. 
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    That_Bloke reacted to leeallen01 in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    No offense to Morricone, because he clearly has had an incredible career and you could see the emotion in his speech, but I find his Hateful Eight score graining, repetitive and averagely standard. I don't see the brilliance in it at all unfortunately. I haven't seen the film, so I'm guessing it may be one of those that works perfectly with the film, but as a listening experience, it doesn't do anything for me at all.
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    That_Bloke got a reaction from zaddini in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    I've heard the scores to both Hateful 8 and SW TFA. Williams had the better score. This was a sympathy vote. Morricone was right to acknowledge Willliams - the least he could have done
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    That_Bloke reacted to Ricard in Happy 84th Birthday John Williams!   
    Great shot, isn't it? It even includes Andrés Valverde's "controversial" John Williams sculpture.

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    That_Bloke reacted to Miguel Andrade in Home Alone being released on Vinyl   
    I wouldn't call it a vinyl craze, but I already have a few on my vinyl collection... And I couldn't resist and ordered Home Alone on vinyl when it was announced.
    Attached is a picture of my Williams on vinyl section of the collection.

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    That_Bloke reacted to Jay in Anyone have sheet music for "I Can Fly Anything"?   
    If it wasn't part of the official release, it ain't gonna be released
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    That_Bloke reacted to Richard Penna in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    It's always seemed weird to me that a producer receives the Best Picture award, because everything that actually ends up on screen is down to the director. Yes, the producer organises everything, but that doesn't creatively make the end result, does it.
    Stranger so, that a film can be the best film, but not be the best directed. They seem hard to separate to me, almost like there shouldn't be a 'best film' category.
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    That_Bloke reacted to TheUlyssesian in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    Most of his Disney's noms were as producer, not director. As head of the studio, he basically just put his name as producer on everything Disney made and thus got a lot of nominations.
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    That_Bloke reacted to TownerFan in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    A lot of Walt Disney's nominations were given to him mainly as director of animated shorts and as director/producer for the series of nature/wildlife documentaries he made between the 1950s and 1960s. So technically they were all individual efforts.
    About the split vote--contrary to what is generally believed, it's difficult that a composer automatically loses because he has a double nomination in the same category. Keep in mind that the ballot card has just the film title in the tech categories, so vote tendencies are generally mostly about the film. A category where the split vote is much more likely is usually the Best Original Song slot, because voters simply check the box with the film title and it can happen that there are multiple songs nominated from the same movie, such as musicals or animated films.
    FYI, Morricone already told to Italian press he won't attend the Oscar night because he recently had a small medical procedure and doctors dissuaded him to make long trips.
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    That_Bloke got a reaction from DarthDementous in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    More the once it's been mentioned that the score for Mad Max: Fury Road should have been nominated. I don't know if the posters are being sarcastic or sincere, but I didn't think much of the music. Actually I didn't think much of the film, though I enjoyed some of the stunt work and one or two sassy visuals. Vive le difference.
    I really liked Giacchino's Jupiter Ascending. I also liked the film (though I think I was the only one in the universe who did). However, given the film's reception, and Giacchino's high-profile with scores this past year, I don't think the score had a chance.
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    That_Bloke reacted to Indianagirl in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    I am so glad he got his 50th nomination with this! This score has really grown on me over the past several weeks since it's release. I highly doubt they will give the Oscar to him but I really hope they do. To my ears it is more enjoyable than the hateful 8 or the Bridge of Spies. Admittedly I haven't heard Carol or Sicario. 
    I could be wrong but I would like to think that if John Williams is on the fence about doing Episode 8 this could be just the thing needed to cause him to say yes. 
    So happy about this
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    That_Bloke reacted to Mr. Breathmask in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    If this does happen, I'd just like to go on record to say I called it here.
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    That_Bloke got a reaction from crumbs in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    Oh the irony should Newman win :-/ 
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    That_Bloke got a reaction from Damien F in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    Oh the irony should Newman win :-/ 
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    That_Bloke reacted to Marian Schedenig in John Williams Receives 50th Oscar Nomination for 'The Force Awakens'   
    Everything is proceeding as I have forseen.
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    That_Bloke reacted to TheUlyssesian in The Force Awakens Sheet Music from Hal Leonard   
    The Jedi Steps full version?
    I think it might be a full performance and development of the theme.
    For my bet, it is probably the best theme in the score so I would definitely love more of it.
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    That_Bloke reacted to Romão in The Force Awakens Sheet Music from Hal Leonard   
    Have you guys seen this yet?
    Williams wrote  Jedi Steps concert suite
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    That_Bloke reacted to Sharkissimo in The Force Awakens Sheet Music from Hal Leonard   
    We should be thankful that for the first time, the piano book of a Star Wars score isn't just the family-friendly concert suites, but contains really interesting stuff. Actual cues, with clusters! Shit, I'm getting emotional here.
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    That_Bloke reacted to skyy38 in The Force Awakens Sheet Music from Hal Leonard   

    Uh, is this only for "Digital Pianos" or will the transcriptions work on "Regular Pianos" as well?
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    That_Bloke reacted to crumbs in The Force Awakens Sheet Music from Hal Leonard   
    I was quietly hoping Snoke would be released, to decipher the cue musically. Disappointing.
    The rest of this sheet music is sensational though.
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    That_Bloke reacted to Zaralyyth in The Force Awakens Sheet Music from Hal Leonard   
    Thanks for sharing this! I was transcribing my own sheets but this will make things a lot easier for my future piano ventures. For a second I thought this thread was about the sessions sheets. Hah..hah...
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