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  1. ok you got me. Yoda will help with the delivery of the twins (on Dagobah I hope). Ben will do as he's told and bring Luke to Tatooine. The odd thing about this scenario is that the Galaxy seems to understand that Leia is Organa's adopted daughter and that Padme is her mother. So how could Ben not know this?
  2. The ending of AOTC is the best part of the whole movie. Nothing can compete with The Imperial March over an army of Clonetroopers. Incidentally, the oddest thing about the 6-part series, when watched by future generations will be the strange disappearance of The Imperial March in Episode IV! (that, and a strange-looking fellow playing The Emperor in Episode V)
  3. Yes I agree. And the harpsichord is a brilliant touch.
  4. No No. It's really simple. Leia has the twins on Dagobah in hiding, with Yoda, Ben and the droids (pre-memory erase) as witnesses. Padme and Leia to Alderaan, Luke to Tatooine. Anakin is informed (lied to) about her death...that's his turning point. (It's very Romeo and Juliet really). He never has to see her die at all, he just has to think she's dead. Sidious can kill her later, after she's lived several years with Leia on Alderaan.
  5. Padme will have to be mortally wounded at the very least. Or stricken with fatal heartbreak. I personally would prefer death. It would make up for the Tusken Raiders we should have seen die in ATOC. EpIII has got to be DARK.
  6. Maybe so, but it works better here than in Hook.
  7. "Across the Stars," the love theme from AOTC sounded familiar to me as soon as I heard it, but I didn't know why. Today I figured it out. The first part of it is in almost exactly the same rhythm as the Star Wars Main Title -- 2 half notes then a triplet, soon followed by another triplet -- couldn't be an accident...it's a subliminal foreshadowing of the first trilogy. Also, the middle section which descends (no accident there either) is the same as the middle section of Anakin's Theme. To the person who posted that Across the Stars felt unrelated to the other Star Wars themes, I beg to differ.
  8. I hope that JW decides to score the birth of the twins with "Luke and Leia" from Return of the Jedi, and to use "Princess Leia's Theme" from ANH for Alderaan and Bail Organa in general. Ever notice how infrequently the Star Wars main title march is heard in EpI and EpII? It would be cool if it is heard in EpIII only in connection to the baby Luke Skywalker. That would solidify my feeling that the Star Wars Theme we know and love is really Luke's own, bridging the first trilogy into the second (or second into the first, as it were).
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