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  1. Which is kind of peculiar, as the box office told me on the phone several weeks ago this concert wouldn’t be part of any subscription.
  2. Happy 90th Birthday, John Williams!☺️🎉9️⃣0️⃣🎉 A little tribute I painted to the Maestro and his music, which means so much to all of us🙏🏼
  3. I may have some tickets available. See the marketplace thread.
  4. I agree with a lot that has been said already. Trademark Williams orchestration, great violin writing, and passionately performed. Williams’s classical music always feels like a fresh breath of air to me, while giving a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of the Maestro’s mind. The leitmotif from the 2nd and 4th movements (my favorite ones) indeed echoed the Moonlight theme from Sabrina. JW performed his arrangement of Theme from Sabrina last year in Vienna, at that time he was reportedly already writing the new concerto. Vague memories of the original score might have crossed his mind. Overall it’s a wonderful addition to his already impressive body of concert music. We are fortunate to be witnesses.
  5. Actually the subscriptions can be bought from €136 ($164) upward…I added that in my earlier post. Indeed from seeing the floor plan many seats are blocked from subscription but those are generally not the best seats.
  6. The Saturday concert is in a different series called Guest Concerts, which seems not yet set in stone. Probably the concert is earlier in the evening because JW will supposedly leave right after the concert.
  7. As some of you pointed out already, the only way at the moment is to buy subscriptions in Series K (October 14) and C (October 15), at €135 (about $164) up to €432 (about $542) per series. Call +49 30 254880 and ask for the “abo service” if you want this. Separate tickets go on sale only from August onward, also counts for Saturday the 16th (no possibility for subscription).
  8. Glad to see Sabrina has gained popularity over the years. It has been my favorite JW score since 1996.
  9. So yesterday (May 11) I watched the live conversation “horn hangout” of Sarah Willis and Stefan Dohr from the Berlin Philharmonic and questions could be ask by the viewers. So I (and probably also other people with me) asked whether the orchestra would consider inviting JW to conduct his music with them. She replied: “we asked him, but unfortunately he doesn’t....well, it didn’t work out. So we’ll keep asking!” So at least any rumors that the orchestra is too traditional for such a collaboration are untrue. How wonderful would it be if this would happen one day... See her remark at 22’10:
  10. I can’t stop listening to this fantastic recording😄! I do agree with many people that it is probably the best recording there is, regarding control, phrasing, balance of sound and sound quality. Especially the unisono horn part at 2:32 (video) / 2:27 (audio) gives me chills. There’s just one thing that bothers me every time I hear it, small but audible, which is the second flute coming in half a beat early on the G5 of the ostinato counterpoint 2:25 (video) on 2:20 (audio). I checked the score and there really should be a full quarter note rest on the first beat for tutti orchestra except for the melody played by the horns and trumpets (bar 60). It doesn’t really affect the overal performance but once you hear this you cant unhear it (at least I can’t🙈)...
  11. Ah yes, but what you are linking to must be also his home then (look at the shelves). And the place below must be his Amblin office, am I correct? Either way he likes the set-up of his workstation like that😄
  12. It seems JW is not sitting in his usual environment. I think so because: - at his usual workstation there is no door at the left side of the piano, but windows with shutters; - he has build-in shelves with doors, different from the ones in this video; - normally he uses an adjustable drawing table at his left side and not an antique desk. So either the maestro has different workstations at home, but more likely he is in a different house.
  13. I compared the audio and the video. They seem to be the same recording. I think they indeed just re-recorded the parts that overlap with applause, or they edited them out. They did not correct tiny errors it seems as they are in both versions.
  14. And the cars, the uniforms, the merchandise...😎🎉 I honestly think John Williams is the only one who can satisfyingly finish this saga.
  15. it was not allowed to just go and sit there. People tried and were sent away. The management decided who got to sit there after the break. Apparently it had to look good for the Blue-Ray.
  16. Anyone else thinks it’s exciting to see the original color scheme returning? It might all look a great deal more like Jurassic Park! How great if JW would return for scoring...
  17. It was great being there with all of you guys. I will never forget the energy. These memories will last forever🎉!
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