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  1. Are there any of those piercing fiddle sections like in Death Becomes Her?
  2. Don't know in this particular case, but Infinity War sounds brilliant in the film but feels like a chore on the album.
  3. I think around POTC or so Silvestri started sort of fading away and started to focus his energy on other interests, while the film music gig remained as that, a job. He had a sort of resurgence with Marvel but it's really weird that he scored the highest-grossing movie of all time and he doesn't get called for better projects. Hell, he isn't even doing Croods 2 I think he's just kinda taking it easy, enjoying life and writing music that works for the film and that's it. I'd be curious to hear him write a concert work, or band stuff. I'd love an original jazz album from him, for exa
  4. He was great in Apocalypse Now, coked up as he was
  5. It just keeps on buidling and building! Whoa, must have been tough for the choir members to come in and out and make it seamless! Really amazing stuff. Also, LOVE that synth at the end. Didn't even notice it was there!
  6. https://youtu.be/qzErut3CVZY Cannot make the miniature show for some reason, but Arnold discusses Godzilla at lenght
  7. Wonderful script, wonderful perfomances and a wonderful score. Wonderful all around, super recomended.
  8. The narration makes it seem like a movie adaptation of Everybody Hates Chris
  9. Could be, thought I'm not certain at all. Balto sounds like a good effort from Horner to my ears, like he was actually invested by the setting and story. But he could have handed the more silly cues to someone else and focus on the more interesting material, like the white wolf cue -which to this day remains to me as one of the highlights of Horner's carreer.
  10. Late to the party, but I know for a fact (though I don't have evidence) that Don Davis ghost-wrote cues for Horner on We're Back! and that he wrote "The Claw" from Randy Newman's Toy Story 3. If you think about it, Horner didn't really need to use ghost-writers considering how much music he borrowed and re-used xD Also, I think there's a factor we're not taking into consideration here. The production times have changed greatly in the last twenty years. Everything's much faster now, there's usually no time for a single composer to write 2-3 hours of music (not counting t
  11. Also, this. Always pictured pirates to this particular part with the horns Also, I can totally picture a swordfight to this:
  12. This always sounded extremely pirate-y to my ears
  13. For TLW: More use of polyrhythm. (I don't think there's actually any in the score but I could be mistaken) A cue dedicated entirely to the percussion section, like a mini percussion concerto.
  14. Totally! This theme *begs* for an epic trailer version
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